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A Letter To My Boyfriend
April 2, 2017

How ive been feeling lately?

Well, I don’t flirt or delete convos or hide things. I don’t do anything that would possibly ruin what I have. I am just a simple girl, who treats my relationship with loyalty, honesty and respect. I just expect the same in return. I feel like I’m in competition with your chick friends who are like “sisters” or “basically your best friend” or the ones who have always been “really good friends”. Yes, you still come home to me but I don’t feel like I get the same kind of attention that they receive from you. You’ll ask them how they are doing, and you feel like you HAVE to be the one whos always there and comfort them and try and solve their problems, but what about me? what about how I’m doing? Or how I’m feeling? what about us? what about how were doing? what about our problems? Your always there for them and make an effort to ask about their day or go see them when I barely get to see you as it is. I feel like I’m sharing you. I feel like I’m sharing my heart. I’m having to struggle just to get your attention. I don’t ever have it fully. I feel like you are more worried about saving your “sisters” or your “bffs” rather than me. What if I need you? What if I’m the one who needs saving? I try and talk to you, and you hear me but you don’t actually listen. You don’t hear how depressed I am because of all of this, you don’t really hear how much I actually miss you because it has basically become just a routine for you, you don’t hear how lonely I’ve been even when your home because it doesn’t feel like you are here even when you are. We haven’t gone on an actual date since we started our relationship. You make more of an effort for these girls than you do with your own girl and I don’t know how to react anymore. I don’t feel like you even want to be here with me anymore because you are just always gone. The only time I get alone time with you anymore is when we go to sleep. I don’t feel like I’m good enough for you anymore. I don’t feel like I’m pretty enough, or thin enough, or funny enough, or smart enough. I just don’t feel like I should anymore. Maybe its the hormones, or maybe its just me. I just know I shouldn’t be feeling like this and I don’t know how to fix it. Do you even want to marry me? or are you just saying it because you don’t want to spend the time to look for someone better and I’m better than nothing? You wanna know how I feel, this is it. This is how I can put it all into one piece to be able to make any kind of sense to you.

February 8, 2017


Do you know that laziness kill talents? If you are very lazy, to know your talent will be difficult, peradventure you know your talent, to develop it will be hard.

Laziness profits to nothing.

Laziness makes people poor.

Laziness leads to dirtiness.

Laziness can get you sacked.

I have put up some signs I feel lazy people portray, you can add yours at the comment section below:

  1. When you find it so hard to wake up early in the morning: the acts of lazy people begin very early in the morning. Industrious people wake up early to do their chores but the lazy ones sleep until the school bell rings. By that time, they complain the hour of the night is too short, that they wish it is extended.


  1. When you procrastinate all the time: procrastination delay things, what should have been done since a year may be lying waiting till now all because of procrastination. Lazy people are fond of procrastination, they never finish what they started.


  1. When you sleep too much: lazy people love to sleep, they can sleep anywhere, be it in the office, church, class and the likes. Even while walking, they can be sleeping.


  1. When people always tell you what to do: lazy people are not only lazy in the external but also on the internal. What do I mean? Laziness can also affect the brain in the sense that people always tell them what to do. Lazy people don’t have time to think — they don’t think.


  1. When you complain too much: lazy people can complain on anything, give them an assignment, they will give you one trillion reasons why the assignment could not be done, or why the assignment has not been done. So watch out, when you complain too much.
February 6, 2017


Often times, we categorized failure has not getting what we want.

We measure our success by the speed of another person. Once we don’t meet up with that speed, then we will end it up has a failure.

One can fail exams-that is when you didn’t meet up with the merit.

Get this: Failure is a thing of mind.

No one like to fail, as a matter of fact, I hate failure.

I could remember in the college, I failed an exam, to my friends, I just pretended as if it was my lecturer’s fault- and something like “I will call for my papers”- but in closet, I cried my eyes out…. Reason was that- if I could think I have deceived the whole world, I can’t deceive myself BUT..

We still deceive ourselves? WHY?


The only reason why we fail is simple.– EXCUSE. That’s all.

We have two types of ‘excuse’.

  1. Reasonable excuses: these are the excuses we believed its genuine. Something like — “I was unable to get education because I lost my parent in a plane crash”
  2. Unreasonable excuses: these are excuses that we wander about and then pick in the sky– just for people to pity us.


Excuses, whether it is reasonable or not is still an excuse.

if food is not ready on time- we make excuse.

if we come late to work, we make excuse.

if we fall, we tend to hang it on something else.

Making excuses has tamed us not to excel in life. Not until we face it, we’ll continue to walk in a circle.

Face it!– accept the fact that you have failed and it is your fault- not anyone’s fault.


Stop making people pity you. For how long are they going to pity you, accept this fact– people fail, I have failed in a number of times before, you have failed before, we all have in one way or the other failed before…. Then accept it and move on.


Conclusively, because you have failed before does not mean you will continue to fail — just accept your blame, try again and you will be there.



Please run, it kills, again, it kills……
February 5, 2017


Sin is transgression against the law.

Sin kills

Sin is like a beautiful parcel, well rapped, but blows up when opened.

Sin is like a well prepared meal, that contains poison, you are fully aware it contains poison, but you chose to eat it.—- fleeting pleasure.

Sin is like a trap that caught a rat, the rat saw the food, went after the food and got caught up. —ate the food and was trapped. “there is a way which seems right to a man but the end is death”

Sin is like a virus – it enters anywhere little, destroys gradually until it damages everything.

Sin is easy to overlook, because it seems unrecognizable, so minute at times, but the prize is high.

Sin-when you call it the right name, is an ugly evil.

Sin coated well can be sensible.

Sin is rebellious.

Sin is very sweet in the mouth, bitter in the stomach,

Sin is enticising

Sin is fascinating, beckoning to you, all the time to come and see.

Sin is damaging

Sin is deceitful

Sin kills, again it kills.

Sin kills, again it cannot anymore.


JESUS stopped it.

You cannot run from its consequences.

The consequences hunt, oh! It hunts.

The consequences hunt like a wild animal pursue, it pursue till it overtake, it overtake and kill.

Sin kills, don’t taste it.

Sin kills, don’t make it a friend.


A Christian life is like climbing a tree, while the aim is to get to the top of the tree. When you commit sin, you have fallen to the ground no matter the stage you find yourself.

When it happens like this, ask God for the forgiveness and start climbing again.

Never accept defeat.
When you stay fallen, when you give up, then you accept defeat. Continue to climb don’t give up and you will get there. Remember that the righteous may fall seven times but he will rise again.


Remember, it kills, run away from it.

December 15, 2016
When Children think they are Special_THE JOY OF MY EARLY STARTERS

I started adventuring into businesses and enterprises immediately after my secondary school education. AT a young   age, I worked with Mrs Adebusola Wale of God Real; I was in charge of running the business. We were into frozen food and other related stuff. Venturing into the commercial world at an early age was rather for me a matter of supreme necessity. And from that time, I had always been enterprising and industrious.

So it has been that with much passion and good conscience, I have conducted myself diligently, not quantifying my worth in how much I was paid but in my service to my employer and their recommendation of me. I would not say I had a bad report working even in my first business environment, because few month after I stopped working for him, he invited me to join him again, which I declined due to being already engaged with computer training programme.

The joy of starting early in life is awesome. Can you imagine that Tiger Woods started playing golf at 4; Michael joined his first at age 2; Bill Gates started at 19; Farray Gray who became a millionaire at 14 started at 9? It reminds me of the story of a great, highly celebrated American soccer player, whose father asked him when he was 5 years old, ‘’Son, what do you want to become?’’

He said, ‘’ The best American soccer player.’’ The next day his father went to him at 5am and tapped him to wake up, but said, ‘’Daddy it is too early, Didn’t  you wanted to be the best, so wake up and we would go jogging that every morning until he was 18. One day the boy became the best American soccer player of his time. When he said, ‘’I owe it all to my dad’’ and then he shared the story. Starting early in life is the fastest route to becoming the best at anything in life because people who think they are too big to do little things are perhaps too be asked to do big things.

December 10, 2016

You should decide to give yourself to self development, more and more. Everyday, seek ways of improving and developing yourself, make yourself better and better. You should pursue it and sincerely do it, pay the pries for your development. There is no limit to self development of a human being, every opportunity you have to acquire more positive knowledge , do so.

There are three things that everybody will ever have: your talents, you are born with it. The skills that you acquire as you walk through life. The gift that you get when you get born again. For a born again person, a dangerous discipline must develop all these three.

It is possible for you to be an engineer or a lecturer but it might be your talent of music that will make you a star in your generation. You have inborn talents transferred by your parents. Find them and develop them.

I am a good barber, for instance, but I didn’t go to the school of barbing. it is part of my talents. When I got born again. the sister that preached to me said what gift did you have? I said I have ability to convince people, she said that she did not know if God can use it for to become is worker.

Now what talents do you have? Which area of your concentration you can perform best? You need to search yourself and find it out for betterment. Have you ever think just for a day or sometimes about being locate yourself and developing the unique skills created by God into your life?

I challenge you today as you are reading this blog, develop your personality. God that created us, He created us with different things and He want us to make us of what He has created with.


How to Write Pop Articles with the Support of SEO
December 3, 2016
How to Write Pop Articles with the Support of SEO_Key Words Matching Pattern_Selecting Right Key Words for SEO_Selecting Right Key Words for SEO_Keywords Viscosity_The Importance of Back Links_The Significance of Good Contents_Site Promotion for more Traffic

New writers do not know what SEO is and how it works on the site articles because most of the newbie writes articles and display on the sites and after sometimes the result becomes zero no traffic no fame and popularity but just ignoring SEO trick in the articles. Now I will guide my humble readers step by step to teach how to write SEO article.

  1. What is SEO?

SEO is man made software that works according to Google fed words from the dictionary as popular terms, phrases, idioms, proverbs, verbs and phrasal verbs…when someone searches in writing in Google SEP (Search Engine Optimization) traces in the first paragraph key words according to SEO Pattern. The article that is written according to SEO pattern comes anon up due to key words matching it is the mystery and nothing else. Thus traffic increases of the site due to be on No one in Google search.

  1. How SEO Performs its Functions?

When we write some words in Google to trace the concerned articles first of search traces just key words ignoring videos, pictures…but follow the instructions taught it by its designers that is why it brings out before you on the first page key words matching article knowing not who is its writer and where the writer lives. If in your article there are no key words matching terms the SEO will visit your articles good or bad.

There are several search engines as Yahoo, Google, Bin…these search engine change their searching pattern every year and time to time to destroy fake and illegal sites from the search engine optimization.

  1. Key Words Matching Pattern

The first and foremost element of SEO is key words because SEO just searches key words and nothing in the first paragraph your article. For example: you write an article name, “What is SEO?” I say start your article from the word SEO as part a parcel of the first sentence of the article as see below:

“Everybody wants to know about what is SEO because

it is used most on internet therefore man’s curiosity

increases to know about SEO.”

  1. Selecting Right Key Words for SEO

The words you award to your title and its main key word must be used in the first sentence and in the whole article four or five times with different key words carrying the same meaning or use its synonym thus your article will be hit with the passage of time and Google will display your article on the first page on the number one.

For example: if your write an article on “Beauty” do not use the word beauty several times but use the word beauty as,”Beauty is Deceptive,” The Beauty of Nature” The Attraction of Face Beauty”…or you want further details to clarify your minds’ doubts you may use “Google Keywords Suggestion Tool” that will help you in using keywords in the article.

  1. Keywords Viscosity

Keywords viscosity means you must use the main key word in your article of 300 words thrice to five times. If you use your main key many a times in the article of 300 words it will be called cheating in the term of Google assessment. Pondering at this condition SEO understand that the write cheats SEO. I say use the main key words in every paragraph changing its shape as I have told you in the beginning will bring good result and thus will increase your traffic on the site.

  1. Where to Use keywords

The first place of using keywords is the title, the first paragraph, the headline, because SEO search knows and reads the keywords sued in the above mentioned words. In the headlines and in the titles you must use powerful and energetic words

And full high notions. Using useless and powerless in the article leaves a bad effect on SEO.

  1. The Importance of Back Links

The back links of your site are most important for the popularity of your article all over the world. Its main reason is that Google appreciates the sites that have powerful back links because the more your site will have back links that sooner it will be tracked by SEO.

  1. The Significance of Good Contents

Good contents are the soul of SEO due to be powerful words and sense varying with meaning but changing words carrying the same meaning. A good content has three main characteristics as

  1. A good article presents latest mind engaging information
  2. Boosting search engine ranking
  3. Attracting other site links quality

Always write real and genuine materials providing different types of pieces of information to the readers. Try to write on the topics that most important but presents them before the readers with its solution with arguments and logic. Google changes time to times its algorithm in it Google does nothing but change its fed key words so that other sites may swim on the front page just for the readers guidance.

  1. Using Duplicate Content Spam and Filter

I have observed many times Google rejects duplicate articles and cheated materials and copy and paste materials or software shuffling materials and throws the site at the bottom. I use fresh materials in my all articles on Health Forum, Health New Vision, JH Sayyar’s Sonnets, JH Sayyar’s Classical Urdu Poetry, JH Sayyar’s Classical Odes and Songs… I got countless traffic within one day.

Thus I come at this conclusion thus people read fresh material not cheated and copied. Shakespeare got everlasting fame using the past writers’ material in the ne style with his powerful God gifted imaginations.

  1. Site Promotion for more Traffic

Ruminating over the main function of SEO is to increase your site traffic displaying it on the first page if your material is fresh and latest and full of information. The more your site articles will be read the sooner you will be gain popularity among the people and all over the world.

How to Change Text Color in Facebook?
November 19, 2016
Sans titre_How to Change Text Color in Facebook_ How to write post in different colors in Facebook

How to write facebook post in other color?
HI Guys I’m Dinesh MC. I have tried to give the information that is necessary and you want in any where in any place. Today I have tried to write this post on the technology to write a Facebook post in different color or in your favorite color .
How I interested to write a facebook post on different color? One day I was using facebook in my home , and reading news in news feed menu, and a notification came to my mobile on facebook light. This notification was a group post in this group I had joined.

And the Title of this post was written in green color and I became amazing by looking this post and My interest went there How can I also write post in my own favorite color ? But I could not guess about this. Next day I opened facebook in Opera Menu browser, recently I saw a new notification that had come in previous day and open this , and this was like. MY favorite group posted a post ………………………. . and I again open in facebook light and saw in green color. And I tried to write my post to write in my own favorite color.

How to write post in different colors in Facebook?

We can write any post in different color in facebook like red, green , yellow white light etc . but How? Same way to write for color tag in post: The way we can write a tag in every color is same but something different . Please look below to write different words text in different color. The color style can change by 00 or bb like letter, and we should write this 000bb0bb (eight characters ) between( ) sign.
How to write post in green color? Just type
and write your post …………………………………….
How to write post in purple color? Just type type your post here……………………………………..
How to write post in silver color? Just type your post ………………………………………….
How to write in red color? Just type and write your post ……………………………….. if you want to write another word or sentence in other color just type and write here. You can change the character 0 or b for other color to check what color may appear on article you can post any article from facebook light where you can check before post your article .

Please at first copy the below’s italic paragraph and paste it in to your facebook news post and post it and look. Start copy from here

The earth is round it revolve around the sun. if the earth stop torevolve the importants of man in the world would have lost. I am also a human I m living in Earth . I would like to live long time in earth. End copy from here. Thanks

Any question

Note: You can’t see the color of the text in your opera or in any browser But you can see in the facebook light and Facebook application. You can see the post with color change in light and Facebook application but you will see the post as in the above text.

A Guide About Tarot Readings
November 12, 2016
A Guide About Tarot Readings

A lot of people go to tarot readers when they have problems or stressed about a situation they need answers to. Tarot readings are not to be taken lightly and contrary to some belief’s they are not a game. I’ve been a tarot reader for many years.


When you get a tarot reading it is not meant to control an outcome but perhaps more often than not it’s meant to help you avoid a bad outcome. You can always change by listening to the reading and get a clearer understanding as to what  choices you must make and how or what you need to change.


Tarot readers all have their own ways and methods of how they read and interpret the card for you. I am no exception to this as I have developed my own style as well.

~Let’s talk for a minute about choosing the right reader~

When you are looking for someone to read for you there should be some sort of connection between the two of you. It’s hard to explain it in writing but you will know if you chosen the right person. The reader should be able to easily pick up on you without giving them much information about yourself or your concern your hoping to address.  All too often people without knowing give to much information to the reader.


~ Next up let’s talk about the cards and the spreads~

There are many different kinds of tarot cards so depending on what kind of cards your reader uses so it may look different but you should get accurate information regardless of what kind of cards or how the spread is laid out.

There are many kinds of spreads that reader’s will use. One of the most popular one is known as the celtic cross shown below:


For myself when I read I use this spread when I need detailed answer’s as using this spread allows you to go into the heart of a situation or problem.

Another one that I use a lot is a simple 3 card spread I use this for yes or no questions or an answer going into only a few months ahead:




The Problem Of The Opening Sentence
contract-The Problem Of The Opening SentenceImage credit pixabay.com

You have the topic for your post ready. All the subtopics you will use in the post are already on the Draft. The keywords you will use in your post have already been charted out.  Now you want to begin writing your article.  How do you get the opening sentence?


An opening seems to be the introduction of you, the writer and what you want to write. It May be catchy and attract readers to your article. Or it may be boring and Draw readers away from your post. Is your start sentence a magnet that attracts or a stench that repels?


How are the choice of words? How do they marry together? The words must be right. Here is one opening sentence that I read some years back in a James Hardley Chase book.

He found himself staring into the muzzle of a .45 automatic riffe.

Here you are gripped to know very many things. You want to know who the man staring into the gun is and what he had done wrong. You want to know the gunman and what he is up to. You want to know what will happen next. You will be forced to read on.


It is a big mistake to have a great opening and disappoint the reader on the way. You must keep the flag flowing to avoid premature exit of interest in your article.


Good opening sentences are like courting words, they should be sweet.


I have always looked for good opening sentences. Am sorry that I have not got them. Have you?