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The bright rough road. Our journey with God

God never says that the road to salvation will be easy, but he does say that it will save us. He provides us with the necessary education required to maneuver the obstacles on the road and the strength to stand up to the oppresser who will seek ways to stop us in our tracks or direct us along another path away from salvation and God.

Whether we are rich or poor it does not matter. All persons who desire to live in heavenly paradise are required to travel the rocky path. We will not be alone, but we must have love so profound that we imitate the one who guides us, Jesus Christ. Being poor physically doesn’t excuse us from living the Christ. There are many examples of individuals who are poor in the Bible and their reqind was the greatest. Take the widow who gave her last penny, Jesus said she would receive a great reward because of how deeply and generously she gave. On the other hand Jesus warns us about how we become attached to riches. In the story of the rich young man, even though he followed all the commandments he still was not able to enter the heavenly paradise. Jesus told him to go sell all you have and gave to the poor, and what did the young man do? He went away sad for he had many possessions. He was too attached and so missed the invitation Jesus was giving him to journey with him on the road to salvation by growing closer to him.

Dying to self is essential when travelling on the bright rough road. This means that things of the flesh do not consume us so that we become dark. Our Good God, though the road is dark and rough, gives us Christ as our light to brighten the way. As such he teaches us through his word in scriptures and the tradition of the apostles and those who came after. Living as an apostle means to be responsible and accountable; not just for ourselves but for others.

During our lifetime we will experience trials, temptations which sometimes may seem as punishment from God. Nevertheless, though these may be dark times, we must never cease or be discouraged from expressig our gratitude to God. After the storm comes the sun and through the darkness there is light, so also when we persevere through temptations we become healed.

On the journey on the bright rough road we have to be consistent and persistent is nourishing our souls. We must have food for the journey, if not, the road would be lonesome; a wilderness. Therefore prayer should not be something we do occasionally, instead it should be a necessity as it is the basis for nourishing and rejuvenating our souls, and it provides conversational companionship for our journey.

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    1. God made the decision to put man out of the Garden of Eden. And after having driven the man out, God posted cherubim and a flaming sword that kept turning at the east of the Garden of Eden to guard the way to the Tree of Life. (Genesis 3:24)


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