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Limit the Time Online and There’s Many to do so

Being online can be rewarding but is also a pain when dealing with a lot of the drama. I’m way too determined to be consumed with the matters in which so many continue to try and crate. There shouldn’t be any time to be concerned with the issues which some aren’t willing to deal with. If any person expects to go further then they’ll have to find a way to get through the crowd. Yes, there’s a lot of people who are very spiteful and will try to cause problems for others, especially the ones who are trying to climb higher. On the journey one will find out who is friend or foe.

There is certainly a lot one may have to deal with when they’re online for many hours at a time. If there are problems that aren’t being addressed and the person has tried to address some of the problems on certain platforms then it’s best to do what needs to be done and then move on. No need to engage in the drama because the drama will only offer setbacks. Some have incurred many setbacks because of trying to engage in the ridiculous matters. There are some p0latforms which offer protection to users and others simply allow the behaviors to get out of control.

For some, perhaps the drams is a way to gain more views and ratings, but I’m not in tuned with the hoopla. Some aren’t even considering how their actions can not only cause damage for others but could also cause damage for themselves. It’s better to try and progress then to deal with all of the chaos which can and is continuing to0 take place online. For some the drama is occurring in their devices. Oh yes, perhaps some have experienced breeches, that’s what I’m going through right now. My phone is riddled with all sorts of messages from some of what appears to be as insane individuals.

No time for the antics taking place. I’m just trying to excel and trying to discover. Getting from here to there. That’s so Right. If they’re trying to pull down no matter where the location is then the person or persons are on the right track. Yes indeed I’m on the right track. No matter what has occurred online I’m not discouraged at all. Some may have given up by now. Imagine having threats and all sots of madness coming through devices and it appears as if there are no laws. I’ve faced some of the most cynical people but I’m still continuing on for a reason.

Persons who are busy living of others aren’t very happy people. There should be a desire to create a more stable economy but if they are busy trying to pull others down then we’ll continue to see a decline. There are times when one would need to just shut all of the technology down and engage in other activities. If there is work to be done online then perhaps consider doing what needs to be done and then log off. That’s my plan. Not going to be consumed with matters which cause stress. There is enough to deal with.

Some may choose to cease all their goals because of the heckling which will take place no matter what one tries to do. If there’s no progress then there will be complaints and if there’s too much then there will be anger. Being online is a choice and if there’s no positivity at all then perhaps there should be little time spent online. Some area will have more chaos on the platforms and others are such a pleasure to be on. No matter what some decide to do online or offline. I’m going to continue to more forward. “I’m the Writer, Blogger, Founder and Advocate and I’m Still Encouraged.” By: Teep11

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    1. That was a very powerful message that you explain..Your a very powerful writer and you have me thinking different now.


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