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Let us live in the awesomeness of God

Our Almighty God does not rush us. He patiently waits for us. Sometimes, he takes us into the desert (actually and figuratively), so we can discover or rediscover how awesome and important he is to our lives.
He is always calling us to come into his fold, but he does not rush us or manipulate us. He always has a mission for us but it is up to us to discover and come to terms with what that mission is. Whatever our mission for God is, he assures us that said mission would be a fulfillment for us. He gives us the tools we need to understand our mission and waits and guides us in the ways how our mission will fully possess us.
Through God we came into existence and our dependence should lie on him alone. Without him we are nothing and we need him for our survival.
In him we have freedom and he activity and continuously frees us from whatever bondages hold us down. He calls us to be persons who live in truth, in him, for he is the ultimate truth. He create the world and gave it to us; not to exploit, but to care for responsibly.
There are some people who believe that to be a true Christian requires over zealous gestures, such as lying prostrate on the ground, speaking in tongues or the constant loud shouts of “Alleluia” and “Praise the Lord.” Don’t get me wrong, these are indeed good actions. But not everyone is blessed with these graces. Worshipping God takes many forms, the above examples are some ways. But quietly approaching God in a quiet corner is also worshipping God and a sign of a true Christian. Worshipping God should be a freeing experience, not something that is forced. Through our experience and encounter with God we should be strengthened in turn to go out and free others.
To be free entails more than material help or political change. Sometimes not even prayer is sufficient because the key ingredient is missing. That key ingredient is God. He does not just want words or action but a complete conversion of our hearts towards him. That is how we will a live salvation history.
God would not be God if he did not care about those who still do not know him. He continues to save his people day by day especially those who are on the margins on society, those seeking liberty. To seek salvation is not suppose to be seen as a mere washing of soul but as the restoration of the human person holistically.
Therefore we are to seek God’s grace, his power to heal our spirit, to help us to believe and resonate with this truth, so that we express his love in real and spontaneous ways. When we receive God’s garce we will live his truth and blossom on earth.
Jesus encourages us to reap what is good and we can only do that if we sow what is good. Reaping and sowing goodness allows us to enjoy the fruits of God’s kingdom such as social peace, justice and happiness.
Not because we are made in God’s image means we automatically will enjoy his fruits. Our humanness make us faulter and so to enjoy God’s goodness requires sincere and contemplative actions on our part. Accepting God means accepting his rules and abiding by them so his plan for our lives can be fulfilled.
The Spirit of God gives life to us and if signs of the spirit acting in our lives cannot be seen, then saying that Jesus lives within us is quite contradictory. The Bible as the word of God helps us to recognize how God speaks to us and how he helps us to achieve our goals individually and collectively.
As Christians we can alienate ourselves from our communities. Yes we should live lives separate from a worldly one, but shutting ourselves away from each other is not the answer. Remember we are interdependent on each other and through interacting with each other we discover new meanings to our lives.
God created us in love and he wants all of us to love him back. Because he loves us he constantly saving us and yet some of us refuse to get to know him. Our intellect as human beings continue to show God’s amazing power. Our creativeness which we receive from him continues to impress us. But our genuiness should not make us build attachments here in this world for we will leave all behind at the moment of death.
Some of us are so unsettled in our belief that we ruin and flutter from one congregaton to the next. We will only be settled like the woman at the well when we drink from the well of Christ, the living water himself who is the Rock of Salvation.
Let us open our hearts to the will of God and be dazzled by his amazing and undying love for us.

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    1. The serpent was and is said to be the worst crafty of all the wild creatures that Yahweh God had made. We hear sayings such as “slippery as a snake”, signifying how mischievous an individual can be.


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