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We can not forget our first love
March 24, 2017

There is no love like the first, they say. Falling in love is truly great thing that lot of the people have experienced for once in their life.

And It is your first love that is very difficult to forget, and it is a feeling that can still make you giggle every time you remember experience. Indeed, the first love will never die.
Get the hold of anyone in an honest moment, and they will tell you that the their first love was unforgettable. No matter at what the stage of life you are in, that the familiar song playing on television, and the smell of that old perfume or the memories from that perfect evening, and the many moons ago, when you were the just 21 can still catch you just unaware.

Why is it so special? And Why does it make such an impression on heart? First of all, it only happens once. After the much thoughts and the soul searching, people to realize that, first love is special because it is a first. Like most firsts, it will hold place in your personal history. It marks beginning of your articulation of romantic feelings.

And Secondly it changes you forever. With marriage and the kids under the belt, people have greater respect for the firsts. Reason is for the most of us, our first love is a person we leave behind for hundred different reasons, yet they shape how we can view love for rest of our life.

In my view holding on to those memories of our first love can be the beneficial. doing so the helps us remember how surprised. open and receptive’ we were the capable of feeling and it is really the encouraging for us to the bring that state into our current relationships.
However, the concept of first love with a pinch of salt. I think those people, who pine after the their first love are probably the doing so because they are unhappy about the something in their current relationship but are to be afraid to confront it.

And That means when we are lonely or unsatisfied in relationship, we tend to look back at our first love and the indulge in enjoyable recollection of past events instead of the dealing with whatever our current issue is.’
But whatever it is the, first love is something, and you get only once. It is the first chapter of your story that reminds you of who you were at time when you were young and the innocent. You were loved. And You mattered to someone, and that is the reason enough to celebrate. Actually the first stab of love is like blaze of colours.

Oranges, pearly pinks and the vibrant purples they are.

And the perhaps you can not love anyone that way more than once in lifetime. It is too hard and it hurts too much when it ends.

And The first boy or the girl is always the hardest to get over. It is just the way the world works.We can not forget our first love

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    1. I do remember my first love. He was the first guy that i ever liked and loved. But it turned out i loved him more than he loved me. Our first years together were not a good but i stuck it out till i broke it off. I moved oversees. while there he contacted me and said he was still in love with me. I gave him a second chance and when i moved back home we hooked up. Even though we talked about being serious and making it official, he was more about words than action. He cheated more than once and was not even remorseful about it. Again i ended it, this time for good which was not easy. It took me awhile and i went all out in having no contact whatsoever with him. This was because i was not confident enough in standing my ground if i happened to be around him because deep down i still had feelings for him, even after all he did. however, i got him out of my life. this was a very hard learning experience for me but i am glad i had it and it exposed parts of myself i did not know i had.

    2. Ooohh first loves who does not have one of those. If you don’t have you betyer start looking for one.i always my first love he was one in a million i must say. He made me so happy given that i was still in higj school when we started a relationship. That feeling always lingers on it has never left me it was that strong. I agree with your sentiments that first loves never die no matter how old you grow. I remember my mum spoke about her boyfrie d at one time when she was working overseas and it was a lovely love story. She used to say each time she saw us together with our boyfriends it would always remind her of something back in the days.
      There is usually a very strong bond between two people whoove each other for the first time we always think that we will never fall oit of love or get somebody else some day.
      I for one i have never corgotten my first boyfriend i still have thoughts about him especially when i feel fruztrated about my current boyfriend it always brings some memory back. Mmhhh its usually a wonderful feeling i must say and for as long as i live i don’t think i will ever forget my first love i still have some little love held back in my heart.


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