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Stay Happy and Uplifted Even When the Storms Arrive
March 3, 2017

There will be many trials to endure but just because trials make their way in doesn’t mean there should be a state of sadness. There’s so much to be grateful for, the trial will last always, the storms will surely pass. It’s better to find what creates happiness and spend less time around the depressions and the disruptions. Happiness is a choice and although there’s a lot of drama in the world not a reason to go and ball up in grief because the troubles are in. A great way to be happy is to “listen to happiness.” Upbeat music and read inspirational material.

Build positive friendships and just allow love to flow. There will always be some willing to share the happiness. Sometimes we’ll be the only ones doing the uplifting. “Smiling helps produce a better mood.” There’s a lot of chaos but chaotic experiences doesn’t mean it’s over. There’s so much to complete and so many reasons to be apart of joyfulness. If others are working hard to disconnect any happiness one has then there should be complete disconnections from such individuals.

No need to go into a slump because others refuse to be happy or treat others right. There is always some light around. It’s awesome to be surrounded by others who have no problem witnessing others “elevate.” The ones who can refrain from making trouble for others are the good ones. Much love there. So many are so troubled and there’s nothing anyone can do if they’re unwilling to come out of their runt. There should be living going on and there shouldn’t be a whole lot of focus on the negatives.

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Negative people will try to destroy whatever is going on. Through love and happiness we’re able to keep moving forward. Hatefulness won’t get anything done but “joy will keep the pushing on.” To focus on the what matters is wonderful. To engage with the ones who truly love from the heart and are in the business to help others succeed should be the ones who receive the attention.

It can be difficult to stay uplifted when having to deal with a lot of difficult people but there’s always a way to get through the difficulties. Believe in happiness. Communicate with individuals who want to be happy and watch how much prospering goes on. The ones who want to cause disconnections from what makes others happy aren’t the ones who should come along on “the journey.” They’re not there to offer any good just trying to stop what is already purposed.

Laugh there reasons to laugh. A funny joke or think of someone who creates laughter. Some really funny individuals out there. Music is certainly a great way to stay uplifted. The beats, the lyrics, and the dancing. To read the words of the Heavenly Father will produce what’s needed to “climb higher.” There should be productivity going on and not a focus on people who continue to try and create havoc for others.

Taking time to meditate will help keep the body healthy and mind. Just engaging in positivity activities is beneficial. The negatives will be there but even when we’re exposed to negative environments we’re able to find some positives. Ignoring a lot of the negativity will help and being exposed to too much negativity will slow the process down. Be happy. “There’s so many ways to produce happiness.”

“Be Surrounded by Happiness. Love Unconditionally and be Filled With joy.” By:

Tanikka Paulk

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Tanikka Paulk

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    1. Very true. The way we deal with setbacks is greatly influenced by our surroundings. So, it is really important that we make our surroundings beautiful and positive.
      Gather everything that develops a positive attitude and inspire you to get going. Setbacks and trials are inevitable in life but what can be controlled is the manner of dealing with it.

    2. Yeah opsticles make one stronger. And yes sometimes live and negative people can bring us down sometimes. But there is always tommorow and the sun will shine again. So stand up! Stand proud! Lift your head! Face the world and say! Was that your best shot! Try again! Im still standing stronger than ever!

    3. During my high school days. my religion teacher kept on saying that trials or challenges are a gift from God. We experience such trials or challenges because God knows that we can able to handle it. In the long run, it can make a person so strong enough to face any trials or challenges that will come our way. Life is like a wheel that sometimes we are on the bottom and can still go on top.

    4. I am proud that I am a Filipina. That’s because the Filipinos are said to be very resilient people.

      When a typhoon would hit our country, it would hit those light material houses of the poor Filipinos. They would be housed for the time being in evacuation centers.

      But even if they were in that difficult situation, they still manage to smile in the cameras, whenever they were given relief goods by disaster organization and charitable institutions.

      They know what to do in order to survive. They ask for help from the Local Government units, from charities and organizations. If they have exhausted them all, they would go to garbages and look for recyclable materials and sell them so they can have sustenance for their basic needs.

      Amidst this situation, they have firm belief that God will provide and will make a way for them to survive. And they do survive.

      That’s how resilient Filipinos are.

    5. As it is being told, “Happiness is a choice, despite trials, despite challenges.”

      You deserve to be happy, yes, we deserve it. If you purposefully focus on what brings you happiness, on what your area glad for in your life you will find bits of happiness making their way in… before you know it, you will have formed a habit of looking for the happiness and it will travel more willingly with even through your worst days.

      If the world pulls you down, just ignore and don’t let them remove the reasons for your happiness.

    6. Yes, it is the best policy in life to stay with positive people and ignore those negative ones. When you are in a toxic situation, just be calm, composed and try to avoid those people who might influence you.

      Thanks for the inspiring words.

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