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Have you encountered the conflict of mind and heart

Do you have encountered the conflict of mind and heart? If so, perhaps, say that it’s a real headache, right? Which one should listen? What to do? How will not get lost in web of feelings? It is often said that the mind and heart do not agree, so how such feelings could be explained? In general, such a phenomenon exist?

Everyone feels differently the mind and heart’s involvement in mutual relations. Some people tend to think more rationally and analyze, others are more emotional and more often take decisions based on heart voice. However, in both cases, it cannot be said that it is relying on only the mind or heart only. Human emotions and mind interact closely, it is not surprising that in making decisions we are dealing with various objections.

At the friendship beginning, the man is overwhelmed by a very strong emotional experiences, which are sometimes difficult to identify. When a person falls in love, feelings overpower the mind. It even can be explained biologically. The body at the time of falling in love, excludes a larger amount of hormones that stimulate our body and we feel like uplifted. It is a useful evolutionary sense. However, after some time feelings get calmer. Here turns on the mind. Man consciously begin to analyze the love object. He starts compare it with his own self-created image of his ideal partner. And if at the moment there a lot of inconsistencies, is taken to question whether it is worthwhile to maintain the relationship.

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When you meet your true person, the question of what to listen not occur because both the mind and the heart says “yes.” This would be the best option – the heart and the mind looks in one direction. If, however, you have a lot of internal contradictions, it is important to learn to listen to your heart, but keep in mind to work with the mind also. Then there a balance between what we feel and what we think.


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