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Keep Smiling Even When it’s Stormy

A smile can make a brighter day. Smiling helps when it appears as if the troubles will never subside. No trouble will last always but going through so many storms at one time can make it appear as if the storms will never roll over. Through patience so many are able to face the stormy days. There is hope after all. There is joy in knowing that no storm will last always. Every person will have to face adversity and some will go through so many challenges all at once but are still strong enough to get through the troubles. “I’m still standing and I’m still on my journey for a reason huh?”

Yes indeed. That’s right. No matter how many storms arise. I Tanikka Paulk shall not feel defeated. There’s a reason why I’m continuing on and a reason why I’m “chosen to travel such a path.” Not every person will face the same storms. My storms aren’t like the next. There’s been moments where the storm stood still and there was nothing but continuous thunder, downpours, and rumbles. I’m still here and will continue as long as I’m breathing.

So I’m smiling because of the thoughts of advancement even when so many try to cause disruptions. Some may become discourage when having to face many storms. Of course there will be days when it’s difficult to smile because of what’s occurring. There should be times when meditation occurs in order to remain functional. It’s not easy having to face so many storms. To have to deal with so many who may not understand why the path was chosen for certain individuals. Some may try to stop the growth but remain filled with confidence.

Smiling has helped when the road gets rough. To engage in :positive thinking” and to think about the future. Thinking positively helps relive some of the pressure which can occur when having to face a lot of adversity. Some may not be in control with their emotions and that’s one of the reasons why some may try to cause stress for others. Not receiving what they want and not accepting that some are suppose to be on the path they’re on.

No matter how many try to cause disconnects. I’m still choosing to go on. The problems will arise aren’t great enough to cause me=Tanikka Paulk to stop. No matter what the noisemakers are saying. I’m remaining hopeful. I’m not dismayed by what others are doing because they’re not in charge. That’a right. “God is always in charge (The Creator of Mankind by: T. Paulk).” What takes place may occur for many reasons but the problems faced can be handled in time.

“I’m Pleased With the Opportunity to be Apart of Growth and Movement and Despite What so Many Have Tried to do to me=Tanikka Paulk. I’m Still Here.”  By: Tanikka Paulk

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Taking sometime to just settle down when facing a lot of pressure from the hecklers, naysayers, and critics. Keep the smile. If shutting down all devices and turning down the lights is needed in order to relieve stress then do so. No person should allow others to tear their dreams and their mind down. There is and will be a victory. So continue on, yes it’s rather sad when so many feel the need to try and hinder, or to prevent “progress.” “Smiling.”

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    1. Beautiful post. It’s motivational. Yes, it’s very hard to stand still while everyone and everything is putting you down, but better times are coming. The sun will rise again and the clouds will go away. We have to be brave and keep going, whatever happens. It’s life after all, has to be bitter-sweet. Keep your head up, and believe in a better tommorow.

    2. We can sometime get caught up in matters, dealing with people who does not have compassion. We must stay strong and believe that we will get through it. Pressure is a negative energy that can overtake a situation. When we observe matters like these, the best thing is not trying to figure it out but to get far away as possible.

    3. Smile is the language of children known to all children since their birth even when they do not know how to speak. They just know the language of smile of mother and the person who plays with the baby but alas people who mare mature have made doubtful the children’s language of smile.

      Today’s people’ smile carries different meaning and makes the smilers doubt full among men and women what is this? nothing but the pollution human soul and a canker in our thoughts and will because human human thinking makes man’s will to do something and instigates man to do something for self or for others in society.

      Happy are those who receive sincere mile from fellow beings and remain happy all day. Today’s people smile keeping in mind some aims and objects that is why, smile has become doubtful in modern gae.

    4. Life is not meant to be easy afterall Jesus did not have it easy. However we are given all the tools necessary to live out this uncomfortable Life comfortably. All we have to do is make use of them. Times are tough yes but there is always someone who will have it tougher than us. And even when our backs are against the wall or we are deep in the gutter we still have enough strength to muster a smile. This seemingly inconvenient act can brighten someone’s day and may even be the reason for someone choosing Life over death. A smile a day keeps the devil at bay, so says a popular adage.


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