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An Effective Measure is to Mentally Tune out
February 23, 2018

When there are many groups of People trying to cause mental disturbances there will need to be measures taken in order to remain sane. Yes, there will be some persons wanting to create insanity for many reasons. One of the reasons could be due to some being overly competitive. Unfortunately there are some refusing to allow or accept what has already been declared. They’ve based their perceptions on what they’ve heard or just what they’ve refused to accept. “There will be some willing to be cooperative no matter what is said or done.” By: Tanikka Paulk

In order to remain functional there will need to be some blocking out. There is no need to continue to focus on the communication which isn’t adding value. If what’s being said is causing disruptions then there should be movements towards the areas which creates upward motions. If any person is so in tuned with the individuals continuously trying to cause upsets then they’ll lag behind. If progress is to occur then there will certainly need to be disconnections in order to achieve the dreams or visions desired.

While on a journey one can find out whether they’ll be accepted or not. Persons continuing to create scenes in order to prevent achievements are doing themselves any favors. It’s best to allow the progression to occur so that there will be more values added. “Whether Persons are Valued or not the Person or Persons should Uplift Self and Continue on The Journey.” By: Tanikka Paulk. The key is to remain focused and think positively. The amount of words can either encourage or discourage a person. The mindset of a person is so important. If there is too much “focus” on what others will say or have said then setback can occur.

If the actions haven’t generated what is needed for the journey then there will need to be some distance presented in order to continue walking the journey. Individuals continuing to make their way in and causing disturbances aren’t creating any “justice” and should be avoided. So many end up losing out because they’ve allowed the persons to create havoc and cause a meltdown within their journey. Continuing to allow the disturbances to occur isn’t beneficial for any journey.

The mind should receive “positive thoughts and information.” There should be continuous discoveries. No amount of words should cause a person to stop living their dream or dreams. There could be some willing to take many risks in order to obtain what the person is seeking. If that’s what they’re trying to do then there will need to be some protective measures in order to proceed. “There will be hecklers and all sorts of folks trying to cause discouragement but it’s up to the visionary whether to feed into what they’re saying.” By: Tanikka Paulk

“There are ways to obtain peace even when there’s chaos.” By: Tanikka Paulk

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    1. bless them in everything they do, and the peace with in will naturally fallow. be kind no matter how hard it may seem.


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