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I’m way too Determined and how About That???

Some have no clue what they’re dealing with for some they’ve simply found the right person to come up against. Please do not judge any book by its cover. There’s a reason why some choose to come up against others but they may be “surprised.” There are some who may not seem to have what others have but could a hidden treasure. Too many end up being shocked because they’re jumping in places where they have no business. Some may never know what a person truly has but it’s better to just keep it moving then to be consumed with the insecurities of so many.

They’re are some battling against persons they have no business battling against and of course competition exist but some are way too competitive and will lose their way. Who needs to be bothered with disruptions everyday? There’s so many important issues which “need” to be addressed but so many are wasting time trying to knock others down. There are some who come up against individuals who have been chosen and who are “anointed.” Perhaps they’re not understanding just where the person stands but eventually they’ll find out.

For some they’re causing their own heartache. Because some continue to choose to come up against certain individuals, they’re finding themselves in muddy water, soon enough their behavior will incur harsh consequences. The person or persons who are under attack do not need to worry because God the Creator of Mankind is always in charge. When some think they’re getting away with the attacks. The persons will find out that their ?actions? are being observed by the one who can do what no man can do.

There are some who have simply given up because of what occurs. That’s what the ones who constantly attack others want. If they’re unable to remove the individuals or individuals then they’ll try to force the persons to move out of the way. “I;m not going to back down.” By: (Tanikka Paulk). So many use bullying tactics in order to try and intimidate the person or persons so that they’ll simply stop what they’re doing. Perhaps they’re unable to compete. Putting a smile on and keep moving is the best thing to do.

It’s too bad that so many aren’t secure enough to just proceed and not have to harass others. The strong ones will keep going and will probably go beyond the ones who are constantly trying to sabotage. They’re actions certainly aren’t going unnoticed. soon enough they’ll face what they’re probably not prepared to face. If the person or persons weren’t in the right position then the attackers wouldn’t bother. “I’m good. Tanikka Paulk is good and could be labeled as “the best.”

“One of my pen Names. Tanikka Paulk pen name.”

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