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Must Continue to be Functional and Operational

Although there are so many lacking the ability to understand. They’re refusing to accept what’s decided and what has been decided by God. Mankind seems to think that they can overpower and overturn certain decisions made. What should one do when being challenged, attacked, and harassed while trying to accomplish certain goals? Prayer is how I deal with the problems and in some cases we’ll need to address the issues on a personal level. Mostly ignoring such behavior may help. “There is no need to address all behaviors doing so can create stress.” (Tanikka Paulk). In order to be productive there will need to be the ability to tune out however there will be circumstances where tuning out is difficult to do.

Yes I’ve been challenged many times. There are some insisting on causing havoc but there is still the desire to proceed. Productivity will occur despite what some will try to do. Perhaps they’re lacking attention but there needs to be boundaries set so that there are less invasions. There are so many invasive People and there needs to be some measures in place so that there are less invasions occurring. The groups of People haven’t yet learned to mind their own business. They’re hanging on like babies needing their mother’s milk.

Irritation yes but the problematic individuals won’t stop what is to occur. They’ve been addressed and continue to send the words which are insulting but aren’t going to create a cease. Eventually they’ll settle down because they’ll have no other choice. There’s functionality and there should be. Every move made they’re watching, they shouldn’t be aware of every action to take place, there needs to be some privacy. Although the individuals have caused problems there are decisions continuing to “be made” without their knowledge. That’s the best route.

There are decision makers with high standards continuing to make moves which People are unable to see. However there are some aware of some of the movements occurring. “There are many hills to climb and battles to be won so there should be the confidence to conquer.” (Tanikka Paulk). Time continues to proceed and no matter how many aren’t accepting of such there seems to be some willing to accomplish what certainly needs to be accomplished. I’m continuing for many reasons. What has occurred God has allowed.

My thoughts are focused on getting closer to the finish line. I’ve been selected, chosen, previously voted in when holding Official Titles on the Committee and Board. Was chosen to be the President, Vice President, and Assistant Secretary of The Policy Committee in Coconut Grove Florida. There is experience and experience can be held higher than degrees. I Tanikka Paulk was also a member of The United Teacher of Dade Union. Bylaws, Polices, and Procedures. So while some may think that there’s no “qualifications” there is. Qualified worked since the age of 14. There will be my Political Stance addressed.

Sometimes there will be Decisions made which some are too thrilled about. There will be positions held in which some were unaware of the Positions. There will need to be the ability to deal with cynical behaviors. Yes, there will be attacks, and there are ways to deal with the matters, being calm certainly will help but there are some willing to push and push. The functionality proceeds and although there are so many waiting to be thorns there will be progress. Former President Barack Obama stated, “Yes we Can.” There will be many changes occurring and there will be some having difficulties adjusting to the changes.

“My Name is Tanikka Paulk and I’m Continuing.” (Tanikka Paulk)

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Headed in the Right Direction and Headed Somewhere

Although there are so many disagreeing with the decisions made. There are many reasons why my journey continues. What has already been declared and it is so. No matter what folks think about a person it’s always what the person thinks about self. It’s certainly better to develop confidence so that there can be further elevation. Some lose their confidence due to being in tuned with what mankind has to say. There are some refusing to accept that the path chosen was a decision in which no man can dismantle. Oh yes indeed there have been many challenges and there’s certainly a lot said.

I’ve been victimized in ways some couldn’t imagine. The words continuing to make their way in my direction haven’t caused what they have set out to do. There should be joy in knowing that there will be movements which will incur what’s needed in order to develop a more stabilized society. There must be a stern attitude when being in “Leadership.”  Some have chosen to remove the acceptance because they’re stubborn or simply because they believe that there should be another in the said position. However the journey continues and when the resistance enters there will be the motivation to continues and keep the Armor on.

Mankind is difficult to understand sometimes. They’re so filled with thoughts which lessen the progress. Why is mankind so disturbed by what has been decided? A question which could be left unanswered. There shall be focus on the areas in which will add more value. What’s said shouldn’t cause backwards motions but the criticism isn’t always welcomed. The overly critical seem to do so because they’re being spiteful. “To become to be apart of being is what God wants and no man can defeat God the Father of Jesus Christ.” By: Tanikka Paulk. They’ve tried to break the bonds, they’ve tried to cause setbacks, but what has been decided shall be.

The direction that I’m headed in incurs gratefulness and joyfulness. If there was the focus on what’s being said then there would be slowness. So many have listened to what mankind has to say and ended up losing out on their breakthroughs because they’ve held the negatives close instead of retrieving the positives. There shouldn’t be any forcing to cease towards upward. “There is light and there is hope.” (Tanikka Paulk) The adversity comes and the adversity will leave. “There are some thinking that they have the ability to stop what God ordained.” (Tanikka Paulk).

How many are focused on challenging me=Tanikka Paulk? There appears to many so many wanted to see a decline occur. But why? Shouldn’t there be building up? There needs to be building occurring and rebuilding in areas where there has been some tearing down. There will be rises and there will be more explorations. There is a smile knowing that God has favored the path in which so many have chosen to disagree about. I’m in no position to please the individuals in anyway.

Politics and the areas of being political has been with me=Tanikka Paulk for many, many, years. So there has to be some decisions regarding of leaving some behind. The ones sabotaging shouldn’t be invited to continue on the path that has been chosen. Right! They’ve tried to violate my rights and they’ve been angered because I’ve made it thus far. I’m so thankful that God has allowed the journey to continue and that He’s given me=Tanikka Paulk the protection which is “The Full Armor of God,” Amen.

Author’s Notes: God doesn’t want Politics and Religion to mix but there has to be prayer when dealing with the most difficult beings. There are ways to separate the Politics and Religion. In order to proceed there has to be prayer, meditation, and the tools needed to fight the uphill battles in which so many have faced. (Tanikka Paulk)

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The Process of Unification and Further Developments

There is the continued discoveries related to “unification.” There should be efforts to continue to place together what some aren’t understanding as “Grouped Unifying.” There’s the selected, the chosen, and the administered. There are some unwilling to accept There are some unwilling to accept that the process towards building a more unified class of society is necessary. Yes there will be some continuing to try and invade what is surely going to occur. They’re unaware of the many efforts projected in order to establish the most excellence. The persons allowed to proceed on the journey are certainly gifted individuals. They’re confident enough to allow what can create more stability.

The ones trying to hinder the process towards unification aren’t doing themselves any favors. They’re placing themselves in troubled waters. “The ability to continue to seek and discover the necessary avenues is truly a blessing.” By: Tanikka Paulk. No matter how many times the individuals try to cause disruption there will be movements occurring. Why? God has already ordained it to be so. That’s right. What they’ve tried to do hasn’t brought the solutions they’ve been “searching” for. The unifying needs to occur and the ones who were on the journey before aren’t receiving their invitation to continue to travel because of the efforts to sabotage.

I’ve tried to remain patient and I’ve learned to deal with such beings properly. Yes, there were times when it appeared as if there would be a blowing of the roof top. God has allowed that there be continuation of the process towards unification and amen to that. The competitors aren’t providing their own glory. They’re continuing to think that trying to disconnect the “building up” will allow their accomplishments to flourish. There will continue to be movements in the direction which will offer the best methods possible. Some may not agree with what is to take place.

There are many intimidated by what has occurred and shall occur. They’re not in tuned with the spiritual level and perhaps the reason why is that some aren’t “spiritually” connected. Their focus seems to be more on disconnecting instead or connecting and reconnecting. If they’re trying to sabotage then they shouldn’t be invited. When there was a decision to add the individuals they’ve chosen to cause disruptions and disorder so therefore there is no need to ask the persons along.

There shall be focus on the areas which will pull together the greats. There are more than one and the determined ones will demonstrate that they’re “qualified” to continue on this=tanikka paulk that=tanikka paulk journey. What the competition will do no person has control over. The best thing to do is to proceed confidently. The materials available to assist with further developments are provided for People. There’s more where some eyes haven;t looked. “Where will be the dropping off?” (Tanikka Paulk> There are so many wanting to know.

this is also that=Tanikka Paulk

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How to Deal With Constantly Being Challenged
November 6, 2017

There are a lot of individuals who have faced or continue to face challenges. What a pain in the rear when there are loads of folks who continue to challenge certain individuals. Not even like the normal challenges. Some of the most outrageous challenges ever. Most of the challenges stem from trying to make sure that I’m not headed “somewhere.” No matter how many come up against a person, any person who believes that they’re in a position to achieve, and who are extremely determined can get to their designated destination. Of course some will try to prevent the movements from occurring. What shall be will be anyway. Despite what some may think. There is a reason why some are on the journey they’re on.

The Best Ways to Deal With the Challenges

Try to remain clam.. Unfortunately there are a lot of individuals who would love to see certain individuals fall on their faces. Think about happy moments. Don’t become consumed when the dramatics occur. Some would like to see just how so many would react. Of course it’s difficult to remain calm when there’s so many attacks all at once. The ones who are on attack aren’t very stable. Take time out of the environment which can cause a meltdown. In fact that’s what so many may want to see. Not all will enjoy hearing or “witnessing” persons climbing higher.

Engage in healthy activities. There may be some days when it appears as if the mob will never let up! Mob meaning a group of angry People. Unfortunately there are some who gain their thrills by trying to sabotage others. Not wanting to see advancement occur. Some set out to try and cause harm because they’re simply unable to compete. For some there could be some dramatic experiences they’re dealing with and are unable to channel their emotions. No matter what they’ve perceived. Their efforts will be proven to be a waste of time. “Never Stop Living a Dream Just Because so Many are in Disagreement. To Determined to go Up!” By: (Tanikka Paulk)

Of course having to deal with so many who believe “that” if they try hard enough that they’ll succeed in causing a person to stop their vision. Some have way too much courage in order to cease what they’re trying to accomplish. There should be focus on trying to create more stability. If they have to work hard at trying to stop a person from achieving then that’s an indication just where a person is headed. For some trying to reach a certain level can be quite difficult. There are some who seem to never let up when it comes to “advancement.” Some may feel bad about their own accomplishments and may not want to see others accomplish.

If they’re use to a person being at a certain level then they may believe that pulling down will result in the person not achieving or at least very little. The key is to keep going despite what the hecklers will yell out. Most are just trying to cause a disruption so that the person or persons become discouraged. It’s not easy of course trying to live a dream, make adjustments, put together a vision. There will be a lot of folks who seem as if they’re mere haters. Perhaps they could be disappointed with their own “progress.” There are some who continue to stay motivated despite what they’ve heard or seen.

‘I’m Certainly Headed Somewhere Despite What They’ve Said.” By: (Tanikka Paulk). All the ones who tried to knock me=(Tanikka Paulk) aren’t worth my time. Meaning that I (Tanikka Paulk) refuse to waste my time trying to convince the individuals that I’m worthy. I’ve been through many challenges and yes there are some who just continue to supply more and more challenges. Some unwilling to accept that I’ve been chosen, selected, called etc. There are some who have challenged because they’re trying to get my attention. The will is within and I’m using my will power to get ahead.

“Light is Somewhere.” By: (Tanikka Paulk)

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Strategies are Extremely Important When Trying to Advance

Imagine being on a journey and coming across some of the most challenging experiences. Everyday filled with some sort of mishap but there are ways “to get through” the challenges. finding the best strategies is very helpful. Perhaps keeping silent about certain moves will help decrease the risk of so many trying to sabotage the path. It’s unfortunate that so many have to face so much adversities and a lot of the challenges come from individuals who have a difficult time watching others grow. Advancement should take place and it’s puzzling how so many believe that trying to pull others down is a way for the individuals to feel better about themselves.

If there’s no “advancement” then we’ll see the economy decline even further. There needs to be money circulation. So many are so afraid that if certain individuals excel then they’ll be too far ahead. The economy is a big concern. If the economical system isn’t balanced then we’ll notice that there’s more homelessness. So many will be out of work. How is it that some believe that only a hand full should be earners and the rest not? The crab mentality is the cause of so many not advancing as they should. There are some who will be withheld because of the insecurities. Not all persons feel secure enough to allow individuals to just live their dreams.

The Best Strategies to use

  1. Be assertive when trying to complete even the smallest of tasks.
  2. Don’t revel all movements.
  3. Select transparent ideas. (meaning ideas in which some believe are the real ideas but only set in order to excel).
  4. Find private spots in order to achieve some of the set goals.
  5. Keep the strategies in a place where only “the strategist” can find the “strategies.”

Of course not all strategies will be as effective. There are some which may work at first but may not later on. Don’t become discouraged when some continue to try to remove some of the movements. That’s whey “it’s important” to ponder all the best moves. So many continue to become discouraged because of the actions which can certainly cause some frustrations. Taking breaks is necessary and obtaining plenty of rest will help keep the mind healthy.

Not all believe in setting goals or developing the most effective strategies but doing so will help get through some of the road blocks that so many may try to set up!. Once the strategies are developed the strategist can proceed with ease. Not all days will be filled with ease of course. There will be some days when it appears as if the world is knocking at the door. There will be days when the fatigue sets in. If time permits taking some time off from the tasks will help generate rejuvenation. “Taking Breaks Will Help and Also Creates Better Moods.” By: (Tanikka Paulk)

The strategies will help in the long run. There are some who will be so focused on trying to find out what’s going on and will want the person or persons to revel what their moves are. There is some information which needs to be revealed but every step doesn’t. “Not all will need to know exactly where “you” is headed.” Not all will be pleased about the direction but we all must remember that we’re unable to please everyone. Eventually the direction which are suppose to be taken will occur. There certainly has to be a lot of determination in order to advance further.

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Some Become Discouraged but I Tanikka Paulk am not
October 28, 2017

No matter how many choose to cause discouragement. i’m refusing to back down from my journey. There is no reason at all why I (Tanikka Paulk) would want to stop trying to excel further. Despite the setbacks and dealing with the troubled ones. I’m continuing on and there are many reasons why I’m doing so. Of course it’s not easy trying to get ahead. There are so many who will try to pull me=(Tanikka Paulk) down. Oh my goodness. Some are so in tuned with trying to make sure that there isn’t any further advancement that they’re forgetting to pay attention to their own lives. No matter what occurs there sill always be some who refuse “to accept” the “purpose.”

We’re in positions to conquer however some do not because of their ways. Not willing to just allow what was already declared. No matter how much mankind tries to stop a “purpose” or process. God can intervene at anytime. Some may not understand exactully how God operates and that’s why so many choose to continue to do what they’re doing. Too many are concerned about what shall be gained but aren’t trying to create their own prosperity. It’s so unfortunate when so many refuse to allow achievements to occur.

I’ve discovered that there doesn’t appear to be too many good ones. What’s occurring is proof of such. It’s hard to believe that so many are so corrupt. Doing so many wrongs and not willing to do the rights. No matter how the attacks come no person who “choose to advance” should stop. There are some who will try to pull down because they’re afraid. Afraid of how far the person on the journey can go. Of course trying to get the persons to understand that the calling was destined before my presence.

“What is for me=(Tanikka Paulk) is just that. So many believe that trying to stop a person from achieving greater will work. What God has declared will be so. Through this journey there is a lot of connecting with the “Word of God.” The Bible “continues” to help with getting through the trials. There’s a lot of trials to face. No amount of trials are a reason to lose hope. There still is hopefulness and I’m encouraged and I’m not discouraged. Yes, it’s wuite irritating to have to deal with so many who are like crabs, my focus is on getting to where I (Tanikka Paulk) need and want to be.

Soon enough there will be a finalization. My purpose shall be fulfilled. No matter how others view my journey or my life. I’m happy with what I’ve accomplished. Of course there will be others who have accomplished more but what I’m thrilled about is where I’m headed. Not too many are though. It’s quite obvious. It’s alright that I’ve been used or being used because my “breakthroughs and blessings” are awaiting. God knows what I (Tanikka Paulk) need and desire. The needs will come first and what is desired must be obtained on my own. I’m willing to shed tears, be broken hearted in order to reach my destination, I’m still here for many reasons.

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With a wink of an eye
October 23, 2017

There’s nothing wrong with giving a pat on the back. Some have worked extremely hard and have not yet received the rewards deserved. For some the rewards may come later in life and some receive their rewards quite early. We may never know exactly when the rewards may come. “Through a patient attitude we all can receive what we’ve hoped for but there can not be too much pride.” By: (Tanikka Paulk) Of course there is nothing wrong with having confidence and to be humble is pleasing of God. One quick wink and our lives can change. One day we may be in one position and the next on a higher level.

Growth can Occur at Any Time

There should be a desire to grow to want to obtain more knowledge as well as skills. Some refuse to do so thinking that they’re incapable of advancing. We’re capable of doing some of the most majestic things. Growth can occur each day. If we’ve completed a task then we’ve grown. To be able to be productive and discover what we’ve never discovered before. There’s a lot to learn and we’re still learning. As we continue to work on our skills, we’re continuing to get better, we’ll find that doing so will generate more “abundance. ”

Don’t be afraid to “advance.” Some are too afraid to try and some have tried but suffered setbacks and decided to not try again. Some have been deterred away from advancing. Of course we should have the opportunities but we can also miss out due to being selfish. Another wink and we could find that what we thought could never occur occurs. Never lose hope. The journey may take sometime but through being motivated and driven. There can be more gained then one can even imagine.

A lot believe that they have failed because of not achieving in a certain amount of time. No! Don’t believe the words which come out of some folks mouths. Don’t listen to failure. Meaning don’t believe that failure has occurred. Every move is success. A small task is considered success. Of course some perceive that they’re more successful than others due to their wealth. “Success is a State of the Mind.” by: (Tanikka Paulk). We’ll get there when we believe that we deserve to be at a certain level.

After awhile we’ll become accustom to advancing. To achieve can generate gladness. Not all will expect certain individuals to achieve or at least to obtain more than they’ve obtained. Too many become weakened in the mind due to thinking that all they’ve “achieved” was useless. Not at all. Every achievement deserves to be rewarded. Not every person will be thrilled to see others achieve. Some believe that late starters won’t achieve what they’ve achieved but there are lots of people who have started late in life and end up accomplishing more than the ones who started earlier.

The key is to Believe in Self

Believe in self is very important. If no one appears to believe in the person who’s in pursuit of greater then the person has to be the believer. Not every person will want to see the ‘rise” occur. Some may become intimidated. There are some who will try to pull down because they may not want to see the advancement. Insecurities could be the reason. There are a lot of people who may feel insecure for whatever reasons. Although there are some who do. Don’t allow their insecurities to prevent the “excelling.”

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Takes a lot of Patience to be in a Leadership Position

Oh my goodness, it’s not easy dealing with a lot of troubled individuals, it’s quite obvious that they’re troubled because because of their actions. Any person who has ever been in a “leadership” position would be aware that the tasks at hand aren’t easy ones. There are some who have to constantly deal with difficult people day in and day out. Some may not understand at all no matter how many times the information is explained. Of course there will be days when one may may not want to deal with the matters. Some leaders have fallen and never recovered from their fall.

There’s certainly a lot of difficult people which can cause “society” to be come even more unstable. How does one deal with such individuals? For me=(Tanikka Paulk) prayer and keeping on the “Full Armor of God” is what helps. So many are so disconnected. No matter what day it is they’ll continue to act disorderly. Some days are filled with ignoring the behavior and some may stop for awhile. Soon enough the actions will need to severe the appropriate consequences.

Leaders must develop patience and some may have difficulties trying to be patient. Even the most patient person will have a difficult time dealing with cynics. Some leaders will become quite frustrated and there are so many whose main objective is to cause frustration. Meditating helps and thinking about the most effective ways to deal with the individuals. No “leader” or anyone else for that matter can assist all and will be able to please all. There will be some who may not agree no matter what the leader does or says.

Of course there should be some attempts to try and settle the angry mob down but for some they’re character is to cause disruptions. Despite what occurs every leader should feel confident in knowing that they’ve been selected because there are some who believe that they’re equipped for the position. There will be a lot of people who may become envious because of “the position.” There are some who will dish harsh words out at the leader and some may even send threats. No matter what’s said a leader must be courageous.

There has to not only be patience but there also has to be determination. The leader or leaders must be determined enough to get through the challenges. There are some leaders who are challenged often. Not all will know what to do when the challenges arise. To be able to think clearly will help get through the many trials which every leader must face. Some will despise the leader for whatever reasons. Being despised isn’t a reason to back down from the position.

There is a reason why some are chosen for the leadership position. Of course so many may not be able to accept the position but no leader should be in their position because they’re a people pleaser. Do not become dismayed because of what’s said, there are some who may not know any better, and some who are just trying to see how far they’re able to go. Some may think that being a leader is a joking matter. Not at all. Of course every leader should have some time when they’re able to just unwind.

Yes, it can be rather annoying having to deal with so many rude individuals. Some who will constantly come up against the leader no matter how much they’ve achieved. There will be some who will try to force the leader out of their position. There are a lot of people who want to be in charge and will go against the leader to see if they’re able to force a cease within the leadership position. Any “strong and outstanding leader” should continue on despite what occurs.

The ones who are unable to accept the position which is chosen then there may be nothing the leader can do. The best thing to do is to proceed and find the best ways to be productive. Some will become angry at every accomplishment a leader achieves. Leadership shouldn’t be taken lightly and the leader shouldn’t become consumed with stress just because a group of people disagree. There’s all sorts of leadership styles and every leader should continue to administer their leadership “qualities.”

“I’m Continuing to be Challenged by the Difficult Individuals but Refuse to Stop Moving Forward.” By: (Tanikka Paulk)

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Be Extremely Careful When Dealing With Competitors

Of course there’s a lot of competition out there. There’s so many competitors who are like sharks or snakes. They’ll try their best to get their competition down. For some they’ve been caught off guard by their competition. Not knowing just what “strategies” they’ll use. Some may try to sabotage every single area their competition tries to advance in. A lot of the tactics used involve distracting their competition. Too many end up losing business deals and their business because of the underhanded tactics that their competitors decided to use.

There are some who continue to try and sabotage their competition. It’s very important that business owners find “the best” ways to stay connected and not lose their business or brand. So many have discovered that the very ones they’ve perceived to be great business partners or connections are the ones who may be like snakes. Yes, all areas of business will be filled with some form of competition, there are some areas in which the competition is like wild animals. Mainly using wolf instincts. They’re prowling looking to see just how they’re able to knock their competition down.

The ones who expect to elevate in anyway must continue to keep their eyes open. Don’t allow the competition to cause a cease in the business. Because there’s a lot of underhanded tactics used. The ones who have been conducting business for long periods of time will stop the competition in their tracks. Just observing will allow the person or persons to see which competitors are like wolves. Not all competition will try to sabotage a business or brand. The ones who out due their competition may try every sneaky tactic they can “think of.”

Even the ones who are close will engage in such behavior due to being overly competitive. They may choose sides thinking that the ones who are economically sound are the ones who are more developed. Not necessarily. The very ones they’ve “perceived” to be less skilled actually are the ones who are able to advance and the competition will become surprised when rising occurs. Be very careful because some aren’t really being friends. There are a lot of competitors who will pretend to be friends in order to help their business grow. Just pay attention.

Too many have fallen short because they’ve trusted the wrong individuals. Thinking that they’re connections are on the up and up! Not all will display friendly characteristics. There are some who are way too competitive to think about how other businesses need to grow. “The economy” is better off when more businesses grow. There are some who really do deserve to be completely cut off due the tactics being used. No business owner should have to tolerate dealing with the underhanded. If they’re not willing to be fair at all then there is no need to conduct business with the individuals at all.

“Look Close at the Tactics Being Used in Order to Make Sound Decisions.” By: (Tanikka Paulk)

“The One Which Stands out.” (paulk tanikka)

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Have to do What’s Best
October 11, 2017

Some may not understand why certain decisions are made. When we’re finding that we’re having trouble getting through to individuals then there has to be a decision made whether to continue trying to convince the individuals of the what is or to just proceed with the areas which will assist with creating “movements.” There will always be some who will believe what they want and no matter how much information is proven to be the opposite of what they’re saying. The persons who are in denial will continue to say whatever it is they want to say.

Some do so because they may feel that challenging the person or persons will gain whatever it is they’re looking to gain. It’s better to find out what is best so that there can be continuous “progress.” The ones in denial will probably continue to be in denial. Not willing to admit to being wrong. There’s a lot of people who aren’t willing to admit to being wrong. There are some who are continuously willing to be deceptive and cause all sorts of havoc. Perhaps disconnecting from such individuals is helpful. No need to become consumed with stress because of what so many will continue to say and do.

There are some who may never accept what has occurred or will occur. There are some who may not want to see certain person’s “advance” but if there’s enough determination then any person who attempts to make progress will. Despite what occurs the individuals shouldn’t give up and should continue to find the best ways to cope with the matters at hand. The ones who aren’t accepting what’s occurring just won’t accept but the individuals who are trying to accomplish greatness shouldn’t allow the problems to stop the progress.

It’s quite difficult when so many are chasing a person down trying to stop their shine. Not wanting to allow others “to get ahead.” There are so many who will have to deal with the groups of people. Some may never stop their antics but will suffer fatigue because they’re continuously trying to create a cease. Simply have to find what works and not all persons will be accepting. We’re unable to please all. There is no way that one person can assist all. In fact no person should even expect one person to try to help all.

It can be a bit rough when having to deal with the ones who aren’t allowing what should occur. What needs to occur is growth. We all should desire to grow in someway. The ones who don’t are either afraid or may not have enough energy to do so. The best thing to do is to continue making the best moves so that there can be elevation. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to climb higher and it’s so unfortunate that so many try to prevent some from elevating. “Have to do What’s Best Even When so Many may not Agree.” By: (Tanikka Paulk)

“Consider What can be Achieved by Allowing Others to Achieve. A Stronger Economical System can be Developed by Doing so.” By: (Tanikka Paulk)

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