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I’m Going Where I’m Going
April 27, 2017

Allow no person to stop the process. There will be a lot of people who will want to prevent prosperity. Who may not want to see any progress take place. especially if they’re not involved. It’s best to focus on getting ahead then to focus on the most ridiculous behaviors. Think about getting somewhere. Whatever one chooses to do that’s certainly their decision. Any competent adult should have the right to decide where to go. I’m going where my life takes me. That’s right! To a place where there’s love and “growth” taking place.

It’s¬†Tanikka Paulk ‘The Mommy Advocate” and the Founder of the Remarkable Person Project. Don’t Forget the Writer, Blogger, and Poet.

?Don’t Stop Dreaming and Being in Pursuit Just Because People Don’t Like it.” By:¬†Tanikka Paulk

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A place where my works can be put to use. There should be people who care and want to see “building up” taking place. A place where they’re not concerned about hindering others. There’s decisions to make and perhaps not telling the details of a move will help get me there. So many may focus on what a person is doing every hour of the day but when a person is focusing on trying to create better living they’re not concerned about all of the trouble making the troublemakers will supply.

Growth should be something every person wants. To be able to excel in some way is absolutely a good thing. To ant to assist others to become better and to rise above the challenges which will certainly come is something to look forward to. There’s a lot of people who are in tuned with trying to make sure that others don’t reach their destinations, goals, or whatever they’re trying to claim. If one is “determined” enough then they’ll get through the mob and just rise up!

So many may stop thinking and trying to reach their chosen destination because of what others are trying and will continue to do. They’ll keep trying to come up with some scheme of course but no matter how many try to prevent what’s going on. There is still ways to get over. There shouldn’t any reason to feel hopeless. What others are doing can’t be controlled. What one is trying to do “can happen” but there must be effort and believing.

It’s best to just keep the planning to self. There’s way too many people who are more concerned with others people’s lives than their own. There should be living going on and not a whole lot of foolishness but of course people will do what they do. There’s no changing in some “areas.” There’s a lot of people who are concerned about where they’re headed. They’ll want to do what it takes to get there.

Some will try real hard to find out just where a person is headed. Searching in all sorts of areas and looking for a reason to prevent the individuals from “prospering.” That’s why some choose to be silent. Imagine being under a microscope. Every move being watched by half of the world. Who really has time for that? Come on. Living as to occur. There’s a lot of wasted time and a lot of people focused on the wrong things.

No person needs to know what a person is doing at all times. Shouldn’t there be more focus on trying to excel in some way? Anyway there will be some sort of move. Where they may say? Don’t need to know. If sarcasm was in the works then there would be a few sarcastic words “flowing” but rather not. I’m just focused on what my future may look like and what the 5 boys will receive. Making sure they’ll be set because Mommy has to live alright!

They’ll understand when they’re more stable. Oh yes, they’re still calling me Mommy, that’s what they’ll do. No matter how old the boys become they’ll probably still say, “Mommy,” I’m the Mommy Advocate, Advocate, Activist. Certainly will take some of my writings elsewhere. Perhaps looking at some scenery which will offer more creativity. Here in Miami there’s lots to see of course but it would be nice to see what else is out there.

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    1. Yes, you should go on with what pleases you, especially on being a Mommy advocate. Good luck!

    2. There’s a need to proceed whether in a different location or just being here in Miami, Florida. I’m sure the boys wouldn’t be thrilled about Tanikka Paulk moving to another location but Mommy certainly has to live.


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