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By the Glory of God the Progress Continues

It is God who continues to allow me= tanikka paulk to continue on my journey. I’m so confident that there will be so many solutions to the many problems and injustices and will continue to do what I’ve been doing before and that’s advocating. It’s better to find ways to smile so there can be more achievements. Any person who has ever tried to pursue a dream, tried to achieve a goal, or to put a vision to work knows that there will be adversity. For some they’ve come across a lot of resistance and I’m quite aware of such. “So many continue to try and make it very difficult for me= tanikka paulk. But Glory be to God. I’m still here.”

Yes, I’ve been through a lot of storms and yes I’m continuing to be on the battlefield but not without my armor. “The Full Armor of God.” God has chosen me=  tanikka paulk for a reason and He knew that there would be a lot of people who would try to stop my journey. Of course through the many challenges there has be greater strength developed. The competition hasn’t detoured me= tanikka paulk from making any progress. There is still “movement despite what has occurred.” The best thing to do is to continue to think positively and come out of whatever it is that seems to be a hold.

There are some who will be extremely cruel and some will try to taint a name but it appears that they’re having difficulties. The reason why so many have such difficulties trying to stop a person from continuing on is because they’re not doing good deeds. There is goodness in a place even when it appears to be evilness. There is light and hopefulness even when there is darkness. “I’m functional and continuing to make the necessary progress.” I’m still believing in self and believe that God will never leave my side. Of course not because God doesn’t forsake and neither does Jesus Christ.

Through it all, I’ve learned just who the friends and who the foes are, there are so many who behave like wolves. Of course no person can be an animal but their behavior can be animal like. It’s my positive attitude towards victory and to think of being victorious at all times. The good will overcome whatever it is that is presented. There is joy in knowing that eventually all of the “problems will be solved.” Although it may appear as if there is little progress at times. There is progress indeed. Some progress is certainly better than none.

My positioning is well understood. It has been proven again and again that so many who travel a journey have faced their critics and some have suffered many setbacks. A setback does not represent failure. In these times I’m continuing to stay prayed up. Whether the days are filled with havoc or joy. Prayer is always on my agenda. I’m going to get to the place where I’m trying to get to. Even if there are many roads to travel. The best road is the one  in which there will be many achievements. “Yes I’m Still Here and I’m Still Confident. There’s a Reason for my Travel.” By: (tanikka paulk).


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