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The Journey Won’t be an Easy but Worth the Travel

There is a lot to take in on the journey. Persons on a journey will find out that trying to make a pathway isn’t easy. There will be a lot of resistance. There’s a lot one may have to deal with and no matter what comes along there should be confidence. Believe that the rewards are deserved. Continue on no matter what critics have to say and they will have their say. No matter what one achieves they’ll have to face the criticism. Although there will be a lot of adversity. The traveling is worth going through the heartache, pain, and troubles.

Eventually the ones traveling along will make it to their desired success level and destinations. Yes, having to come up against the critics is troubling, but no amount of criticism should incur a detour. That’s what some may want. Not everyone will be pleased to see others trying to elevate. There will be a lot of deception and a lot of ugly words spoken but”proceed” anyway. There will be some days more difficult than others. Find ways to stay uplifted.

There will be individuals who will try to pull the ones on “the journey” down. Refuse to be a victim. Make progress even if it’s a little. Some progress is better than none at all. Don’t allow the chatter to force a cease. A lot of people are afraid to even take the risk. Not wanting to come up against all of the resistance and to have to face the overly critical people. It’s a shame that so many are so envious when others are trying to excel. No matter how envious they are. No person should give up on their dreams, visions, and ideas because of the noisemakers. Let the noisemakers run their mouths.

Hate won’t excel. It’s the love that stems from within and from using the talents that are given by God the Creator of Mankind. So what’s said holds no weight. The ones who have so much to say are wasting time. Not everyone should travel on the journey. Some will have to be left behind and that’s one of the reasons some try to hold others back. Afraid they’ll climb too high. “Do not allow doubters to prevent elevation.” Continue on even when the storms arrive.

Even close relatives will try to prevent elevation. Perhaps some haven’t lived up to their potential and are hating on the ones who decided to excel. The crab mentality. Unfortunate because there should be more encouraging growth. “Growth will help others.” Produce more wealth which can help the homeless and the ones in need. Perhaps some aren’t thinking in such a manner. Of course not because if they were then there won’t be so many trying to pull down.

Focus on the travel and not what others have to say. The hindering is up to the persons who are on the journey. If the travelers are allowing people to stop the process then they’re making a big mistake. The crowd should not dictate whether there’s progress or not. The persons who are on the journey have every right to try and climb higher. No time to babysit the pity. “Keep moving ahead no matter what’s occurring.” Keep being confident and keep the determination.

“Believe There’s a way to Move From one Point to Another.” By:

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Tanikka Paulk

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