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Harriets daughter, book about a hero and family
April 21, 2017

Harriets daughter, book about a hero and family

Harriet’s daughter, talks about a teenagers, her name is Margaret who has west indian routes and lives in Canada. Margaret loves books and spend all her time in the book store and the library, the place in which she become obsessed with a black hero and her name is Harriet Tubman , she likes her after she reading about her, she is obsessed to the level that she names herself, Harriet and creates a new game and name it Underground Railroad in which, kids play as slaves while other kids play as slave masters.

Margaret was strong and she and her mother no way understand each other yet love each other. Margaret intended to keep her promise to her friend zulma, actually Zulma is her best. And the promise is to let her friend  reach Tobago with her beloved grandmother, to protect them the her step father who abused her and beats her mother.

On the other hand her mother become independent and Margaret push her to work in the school

In summery its about a hero freed slaves, and her fan Margaret, who wants to be hero who saves them too, book about the family ties and friendship ties too, and the neighborhood

It is good book for girls and boys aged 11 to 16 years old, teach love respect and understanding other who do not like or approve our point view

its an old book yet good to read it for the writers style and good choice of font and way of thinking too, it has good values that kids can learn from.

but I guess kids older than 16 years old will not like it much, nor younger 11 year.

the book is not too long, and it cost about 6 dollars

Hope you enjoyed this simple review, there lots of thing in the book, i did not write so you find it interesting if you decided to buy it

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