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Tatiana and Alexander love story
April 23, 2017

Tatiana and Alexander love story, two people man and woman,  beautifully written story about love and world war two, its about Alexander the American son of communist, who was forced to leave a place where he lived and had his neighbor to move to the Soviet Union.

After being thrown into the Army forces, all of sudden allex meets Tatiana, and he falls in love with her, she is a young Russian, Tatiana Metanova is his real love in his miserable life. She loves him also but they know that the war moves forward every day and their separation is soon.

They used every possible second with each other, before the separation, they try to let the love lighten the worst nightmares and get married, yes the challenged the possible, they got married and she become pregnant. But also they finally torn apart, a pregnant woman and a lover, so Tatiana escapes to United States, where she knows its her husbands country, thinking that her partner of lover or husband is gone.

where is he, what happen to alexander, is he ok? answers will be in the book if you want to read
a book about love that give you hope and power. It makes you believe that there is somebody that is there for you and no matter how far you both are you are meant for sure to be together

Tatiana is an honest innocent love story, between two different people from far away love made their life unite and forget the war and the hate and all about the life but there love and life and the family that they are starting together

Tatiana and alexander is everyone love novel

i hope you liked this story and this review

tatiana and alexander is not pricey but you can find it cheap in any online store, the one I had it was long time.



suicide squad movie review summery
April 22, 2017

We really were excited about suicide squad since Margot Robbie and Will Smith are in the movie and both has good movies such as how to get away with murder by Margot Robbie and also many movies for smith, very known Hollywood stars

Here is humble great review for the good story.

The movie story, I was impressed with the story. Lots give that movie good and bad reviews.

The movie is done in the Washington, thinking that there is a crisis is heading to earth, high intelligence operative Mrs Amanda Waller, thinks that only those who are of Gotham’s most dangerous criminals will help her to make a team to make expendable group that will be strong enough to world fights a dangerous threat and that this will be their missions. The team members are Harley Quinn, Boomerang, Diabloo, Enchantress and last but not the least Killer Croc. She joined them and make them led by a martial artist trained in japan, so after the instructions and the collar they put for them so they do not run away, she releases them for their first mission to rescue an important guy who was trapped in city .

suicide Squad action and drama and some fun too. Though the idea that some criminals work together to safe the earth is not new. these form a good team to save the world. However, what makes it so impressive is that each of them has his own power and tool. Maybe at the end of the movie they become out of jail and become citizen maybe the end is open to they make another movie version for it? Yea its fashion all the movies do that nows.

well done all the actresses and actors and the writer and all that made the movie, hope there is more of it

Harriets daughter, book about a hero and family
April 21, 2017

Harriets daughter, book about a hero and family

Harriet’s daughter, talks about a teenagers, her name is Margaret who has west indian routes and lives in Canada. Margaret loves books and spend all her time in the book store and the library, the place in which she become obsessed with a black hero and her name is Harriet Tubman , she likes her after she reading about her, she is obsessed to the level that she names herself, Harriet and creates a new game and name it Underground Railroad in which, kids play as slaves while other kids play as slave masters.

Margaret was strong and she and her mother no way understand each other yet love each other. Margaret intended to keep her promise to her friend zulma, actually Zulma is her best. And the promise is to let her friend  reach Tobago with her beloved grandmother, to protect them the her step father who abused her and beats her mother.

On the other hand her mother become independent and Margaret push her to work in the school

In summery its about a hero freed slaves, and her fan Margaret, who wants to be hero who saves them too, book about the family ties and friendship ties too, and the neighborhood

It is good book for girls and boys aged 11 to 16 years old, teach love respect and understanding other who do not like or approve our point view

its an old book yet good to read it for the writers style and good choice of font and way of thinking too, it has good values that kids can learn from.

but I guess kids older than 16 years old will not like it much, nor younger 11 year.

the book is not too long, and it cost about 6 dollars

Hope you enjoyed this simple review, there lots of thing in the book, i did not write so you find it interesting if you decided to buy it

Adidas sneakers review to athletes
April 17, 2017
love chains

Since quite few years adidas is undoubtedly the high rated brand of all sneakers. Adidas great for its style and great quality and the too expensive brand too. When we went in the adidas shop we really lost between the great designs of sneaker that offers high quality at high price also. sneakers feel great

The soft rubber for the sides of the sneakers make it so nice to look at imagine then the feeling wearing it. Sneakers were light, though they have lots of pattern at the soles to fit different feet shapes, it took me some time to find the one that I was really comfortable and fits nicely.


Of course theses are outdoor sneakers, they are meant for clubs or gym or any outdoor activity too, but not at home.

Designs made shoe simple and they have lots of solid colors and mix different colors too.  I like the pink purple combo on the sneakers that  I bought, guaranteed to attract all the eyes to your shoes. They though are not for casual outdoor walk you can try jogging with them, I say the are not for casual because the design is not good for just walking with them, there are professional shape, as they’ll look great with adidas shirt and cab, but I COULD not buy all from adidas so I was happy with getting the sneakers only.

Adidas sneakers review to athletes

I have to say I am not loyal to adidas but I have also some mix brands shoes too.

any way that is how to pamper yourself when you have some money from workng online, though I need months to do few dollars, waiting 5 months to make that money and buy adidas is worth it. do you also like adidas and have tried them and tried other brands? trust me you will not see how pretty they are unless you try also other shoes brands. try and write and buy

Adidas new shoes review for jogger
April 12, 2017
love chains

Adidas new shoes review for jogger

I wanted to buy good shoes that make me comfortable to go run with friends. Since im kinda lazy person, had to find something really cool. The purpose to do the sports happily, the old shoes I had were not really good for jogging

So I decided to buy Adidas, its my new shoes and new review for this brand that I did not use before, I start using shoes next day, I was really happy, the key for good shoes is number one to fit your feet and that was the situation here, the base of the shoes soft and texture is grea inside these shoes, second choose the color that will make you cool and energetic


Last but not the least get the design you like

Adidas has lots of solid shades an mixed colors too. Some for teens and some for adults. Some for women and some for men

If you go to the store you will see many models or designs that will spin you since they are all so cute and all of them are attractive too. think and buy. I like to go walk at morning, those which I choose were greenish, suits my clothes too. Though its costly it is to stay, yes adidas brand is to stay type shoes, these are tolerating anything, and that what my friend says, she has her for 6 years now, yes do not be surprised its long time and she is active runner so they are very strong and replace any type of shoes that you may have, and that is an addition to the great look that they make you

The price, that is something you all know, adidas is brand and brand means more money, but if it last it means its saving not wasting to me so the price of the shoes is 100 dollar.

zero bike cardio home gym review
April 11, 2017

Setting at home is harmful to your health, going to gym is harmful to your pocket, so we thought to find some exercise to do at home, tried few but without equipment, not really fun to do

We saw an ad for Zero Bike. It just made us smile and decided to go to sun and sand to try it. With no second thoughts run to the store which was far 30min. we did not check online since we wanted to check first not to buy the bike. We saw it the minute we enterd the shop I guess they put it at the door so everyone enter the store is able to see it. First we checked its size and it was little big not easy to find  space to store it. We said maybe we may do something at home to find areas to store this bike it really pleasure to use it.

So with the not perfect size each one of us tried it. the bike has LCD monitor, means modern there you can see these information, the distance, the calories that you burned and the speed you reached. I feel how much calroy burned is no way a bike can measure, so we did not really care as long as we do the sport.

will start the bike in 5 seconds from the second you press start, then you can set on the bike. You need of course 2 batteries for the screen to work. Sure as usual these batteries are not included.


Now the most important, better say one of the most important factors is the price: this item price is: 850 dollars, way too much and add to this the shipping price for a place far 30 minutes

Its big not for us, the price is too much, I do not believe that this machine do calculate accurately the calories and the space is issue. The bike is sure needs place to use it.

fangirl and just listen two light books review
April 10, 2017

Rainbow the name of the author of the coming story

Did not buy any book for this writer before. But I was wrong not to, this book is completely enjoyabale and the style of her is great, know exactly when to surprise you and when to take you attention into the amazing story, the story is little funny and the heroin is the reason, her name is Cath, she has only one love and that is saga so that made the book relatable. Cath likes her hobby that and gives it all of her life but life surprise her with something that breaks the heart, and make her stop her hobby. She is starting another chapter of her life, its really hard ask for much power to adjust.

Then she meets Levi, the new boyfriend, he asks people to read books as he listen. Love starts gradually and the relationship doesn’t show at first. Cath in her new finding her self, try to concentrate on her goal that is why she doesn’t notice the love the one that make them see each other all the time.

There is also deep love that make simon and baz closer, this love story is written by cath her self. Yes it like you are watching two stories at same time so that is fangirl, have to say the author is good in choosing the name of the book, so unique.



Just listen, written by female writer her name is sarah desen,. It talks about annable a girl works in modelling tv shows. She has a sister who is suffering from anorexia nervosa and that is mental illness where the person see himself or herself in a different way; like she sees her body fat while its not.

Her life is missing a lot. She had a fight at school long time when she was younger and her best friend become her enemy and she now lonely. later she meets Owen, a music lover, He assist her to learn from life and see what really happened last night when she made her best friend an enemy


Sophie the new friend also make her understand that her old best friend was trying to help her. These jobs like model and tv ads stars are not easy and enemies are easy to be make


The book leaves you with many questions about that industry. It is really enjoyable story. Models books is both real life also fiction story that record some questions most of the teenagers face in life

Author is mrs dessen, wrote nicely and using simple language this work, and what I like about is the intense events that you feel in the book if you may say

Annabel see new world with owen and understand the past with sophie, its good love and friendship that made this feelings in just listen deep immediately , it has message to tell our teesn and that is not to mistake what you see. i did only get the book for her today and now done, the story makes not to stop and pulls you to read it until the end to answer the questions that you are going to feel each chapter.  would recommend this book for teenagers only, since its light, and for teens that age are 12 to 15 years old ,  the title also make people feel like its musical book.   Just listen book new review. Fangirl and just listen are new books that I finished and wanted to share with you these nice light books enjoyable anywhere

how to know the bad hotel before you book at
March 19, 2017

many of you do reviews and read about opinions about where ever they go, like if you are flying to Turkey you will go online to find reviews abou tthe city or the mall you are going to, if yo uare going to use one airline, you will go find out what the people say about it so you are sure going to choose the one that will make you happy and relax.

some people also read reviews about hotels and see the photos in the sites such as tripadvisor, opinion, and booking, trivago, agoda and lots of site so you know that you are choosing the right hotel that is clean, make you happy, relax, comfortable and close to the area where you need to shop or walk or see good places.

but some organizations try to fool us; they pay some writers and some staff to write good reviews about them and some writing sites like tripadvisor also dont post all the bad comments; that is from experience they didnt approve my review about a hotel; what does that tells you.

so as I booked lots of hotels while in vacation I found some things that told me I was wrong and the time I am good in going to that or that area and hotel.


How to choose the right hotel

Good hotels will put many photos out side the hotel showing the building and its surrounding, showing the rooms from many angles and each room type is going to have photo

on the other hand the bad hotel, going to show you few photos, half of the building sometimes, few photos for the room or bathrooms.

Good hotels will not ask you for credit card info from the time you book and force you to pay in advance

bad hotel will immediately cut from your credit card why? they are afraid you will see the room, hear the noise or discover the dirty out dated sheet, that is why they want your money immediately so you can not get it back

bad hotels will not allow you to cancel one to two weeks before your date of booking

good hotels will give you the time to cancel two days before you booking days, because they know they are good and hard to find nicer hotel.

Hope these tips help you in choosing the hotel that will make your trip weather business or leisure happy trips

Alpina hotel New delhi review India
March 13, 2017

Alpina hotel review delhi new delhi

location is as mentioned above in India, Delhi, and in new delhi, do not know if they have other branches

alpina hotel look ok out side, but inside is another story, the sheets are out dated, the lift is not working, the food is one taste, and they do have some good idian food, but for international food no there isnt. if you have mother or i mean old people like me when i checked in the hotel, they have no lift and you have to use the stairs.
no swimming pool and hot water only on demand.

Alpina hotel review

The rooms are extremely tiny
if you order water you have to pay even if you are 4 in the room.

garbage is not changed the bag only empty it, so if you have dirty plastic bag it will stay in the basket pin.
wifi never stay more than 2 minutes, always disconnected, i dont know why they do that, so if you are business man or like to use the net then dont use this hotel alpina, the wifi is so week or too week the better words, also there was no travel guide or near taxis, or even stations
Its not a good hotel unless you dont have another hotel to go. you have to ask many times for the people to bring you yoru order and you need to change your key for the room everyday, though we stayed 4 days, every day have to go and change the key, why why why, the key should work

Alpina hotel review is review by people used that hotel and moved to another hotel so they enjoy comfortable hotel, and dont have to go up and down stairs, though one floor only but the stairs are so hard.

Alpina hotel review in new delhi, delhi

Travel and hotels and airlines reviews
March 12, 2017

do you read reviews about the country or the hotels that you will book or go to?

I guess you should do that, not only read reviews but also ask people directly since some reviews are paid and done sometimes by the staff of the hotel or their media, same with hospitals the media and staff will do like and pot good reviews so people thinks its real people review and opinion. Try to see to pictures no only at the site of the hotels or the town but also see it in blogs or news or so

here some tips to find good really good places when you travel

see pictures in lots of sites and not just the site of the town

read reviews in lots of sites also, and see the news of that area you are travelling to.

dont read reviews only in paid sites but try every where so you know thats real opinion from trials not from staff of that airlines or that hotels.

email them and see if they answer you back, from experience if they bother to answer you, make sure that they will not bother about you in the hotel or airlines or even hospital. Media some times is against us when the city or the hotel or the hospital or even airline use them to blind us and make us see goo things in these things that they are really bad.

dont get agent to travel you or show you here and there, they are also paid and have revenue to do that, so try to stay away from agents as you can, though some of them are good helpful

read as much as you travel and before so you are not surprised of what you may find, try to make friends from the area where you are going to also so they may help you, but sure not fully trust since you dont know they people. if you see something wrong and ou dont like or was being unfair to you, write about it, post it, tell the admin of that place so they lean later to respect people since people are the most ads they do get for sure