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Earnably gifted me 2 books earning
May 27, 2017

I have just joined a multiple tasks site recently for fun and some online earning. In fact, I am actively look around for a good earning site that can give me some promising income like others here.

I yet gifted myself anything even my birthday was somewhere in April. I am thinking how much should I spend as not able to cash out at any site this month.

Last few days, I found it! Luckily, I have joined an site which earned me few dollars in 30 minutes as starting. And, the first USD6 income was made in 30 minutes, it’s really a good welcome gift to me! Surprise, really a surprise!

I were happy with my first earning, and I have bought myself 2 books as a reward to myself.  This was my birthday gifts to myself as I haven’t buy anything yet even the birthday was in April.

Earnably is designed like other multiple tasks site, offers games, tasks, surveys, offers, action, etc. And, the site offers  10% of everything that the referrals earn by completing offers.  Moreover, the bonus might increase by levelling up.

We can earn 10 Points for every referral that signs up from the US, the UK, Canada or Australia, and 2 Points from everywhere else.  And, Level 3 members will earn 5% from second tier referrals.

The minimum cash out level is as low as USD1, 2, 5, 10, etc via PayPal account. And, we can redeem for Amazon gift card if live in U.S.A. What made me surprise again is, the site pays in about 72 hours time and no charge on the pay, i.e I receive the payment exactly equals to what I have redeem.

I would like to share more on the tips if you are keen to sign up under me. Come and have fun, friends!

Tatiana and Alexander love story
April 23, 2017

Tatiana and Alexander love story, two people man and woman,  beautifully written story about love and world war two, its about Alexander the American son of communist, who was forced to leave a place where he lived and had his neighbor to move to the Soviet Union.

After being thrown into the Army forces, all of sudden allex meets Tatiana, and he falls in love with her, she is a young Russian, Tatiana Metanova is his real love in his miserable life. She loves him also but they know that the war moves forward every day and their separation is soon.

They used every possible second with each other, before the separation, they try to let the love lighten the worst nightmares and get married, yes the challenged the possible, they got married and she become pregnant. But also they finally torn apart, a pregnant woman and a lover, so Tatiana escapes to United States, where she knows its her husbands country, thinking that her partner of lover or husband is gone.

where is he, what happen to alexander, is he ok? answers will be in the book if you want to read
a book about love that give you hope and power. It makes you believe that there is somebody that is there for you and no matter how far you both are you are meant for sure to be together

Tatiana is an honest innocent love story, between two different people from far away love made their life unite and forget the war and the hate and all about the life but there love and life and the family that they are starting together

Tatiana and alexander is everyone love novel

i hope you liked this story and this review

tatiana and alexander is not pricey but you can find it cheap in any online store, the one I had it was long time.



Fairest and perfect you two books review
April 23, 2017

Fairest and perfect you two books review

Im going to review two not fairy tale stories but fictional stories

Stories with things to teach us all not only young boys and girls, these are fictional but they are with enemies and emotions the two ee as the new generation say about it

Read more to know fairest – perfect you book stories and enjoy your time at weekend with family or girls night

Let us start with fairest

The reviews is in summary so the book still surprise you.


This book has so smooth flow of plot. Written by Gail Carson, has 336 pages, its genre, fiction, and released on 2006

Girls are the main audience for it, since amazing face is what they want, generally speaking

Fairest book becom a movie I guess in year 2000 or so, but the book is nicer much nicer

Its about a young girl who like many girls or teens think that they are not pretty, but her voice do overcome that feeling in her heart and mind too. Aza is the main character is the adopted girl for a nice family a sister and brother and lives at the inn, has an odd fair skin, for her amazin skin, she become singer and also she is able of talking without moving her lips. One time she goes to a royal wedding and there the prince find out how pretty Aza voice and ask her to sing. Ivi the queen was jealous of her voice  and her beauty as she want to be the fairest, so after some threatens she tried to find a spell for beauty and for that she tries a spell that turns her into stone but when she recover it she still has a pinky toe, but that do not stop be her from being pretty. Later with her journey she find a potion to become pretty, and though become really pretty she is still self conscious, later the country find out her deal with ivi, and trap her in jail with her powering voice and toe, they hought she is the evil.

Later uju make her fun from prison and keep her safe far from Ivi.

Later with much events she become the queen with her husband king ijuro and lived happily ever after

The book is nice and the story is nice though like snow white.

There are lessons for all the ages in this book and mainly for teens. Read it and you will like it.

The book price is about 10 dollars though its old. I guess its becoming cheaper now online from amazon or any online store who sells books.


Perfect You is a nice romantic novel , its about Kate who has to deal with losing her best friend to a group of snobby, popular kids that they used to make fun of.

Perfect you is good book if you want to know more read more. Here is the review for the book

After her dad forced her to work with him in selling vitamins in the mall and quite his job to do only this project. The family was embarrassed and angry for losing money for this idea to trade in vitamins.

She works with will, and both are like negative and negative on everything. She is not the school well known student, she was shy and has never had a guy, real guy in her life, no romantic relationship on the other hand Will is the guy the popular guy, and he just point to any girl to get her. So with such personalities they never get a long. But with working together creates feelings that she denies, any time or movement or sentence she thing that she likes Will for it, she ran away. But in her heart she loves him and he could be her biggest dream, her school crush on Will is not over yet, but she says that she can’t stand Will never ever, but can not admit how much she loves him thinking she can not get him. With the embarresing work with her parent, the mothers always depressed mood due to the money issues, her older brother just graduated also Anna who she thinks her best friend, is so popular today so she ignores Kate forgot that kate exist Kate feels like crying everyday of her life due to will and Anna. But what she does not know is Will feels the same about her (Kate).

Kate later to make life okay, trys to forget about Anna because real friends don’t give up there freiendshop

She decides that she wants to be with him. She wants his love and heart , she admits her love to him

She makes Will the goal to reach to anna, she thinkgs that him, will is going to make her popular so Anna nd she become friends like before.
do you think will is going to find out that she is using him, if he came to know is he going to forgive her?

Can this behavior make him hate her and fade her love from his heart or what is going to happen in this story

Its funny, talks about mainly teen life and new graduate, who thinks life is simple and easy happy with no effort. Its really like the teenage girl life and love it

The book is well written. I liked the way they deal with daily life, I mean kate and will.


This book is not long. The story is amazing. And many liked or wished if they saw it movie not just book. Many other girls will like it and like to watch this as movie.  You will enjoy Kate’s personality, grandmother and her advices

Perfect you is fiction but close to real life at the same time

Released 2008

Perfect you was amazing name pick to a great book story, who would not love a book named perfect you, as no girl will not like to here how perfect she is, though we know we are not perfect as human but its enough that we try

I recommend these two books, for all ages girls but more to teenage girls

I hope you liked my reviews for the two books and find them with enough information to make you buy them or not.

Thanks for reading and thanks for those who comment also with any review

Girl new story that will make you laugh at the end only
April 21, 2017

Girl new story that will make you laugh at the end only

Girl is confusing story and will not understand what really happen until you reach end of the book

Hartley was searching for a person and now found the address, he rush to the house and saw young woman. Her name Vivienne the girl he once gave proposed and trying to persuade her to accept that offer that he made long time. Vivienne likes him but he lives in suburban area. Because for a city girl to live that life style is hard for her. Also there is another man in her life and give her the same proposal and that is townsend.

Though he promised her that he will not object when ever she goes to city when ever she want, and he give her all that she would want

One time while Hartley was setting with viviene, townsend visits and Hartley open the door to him and tells him to leave and never come back, so twonsend did that and left the place. With how Hartley insist, Vivienne agrees to on one conditions and that is to get rid of Heloise. Hartley sees the smile on his wifes when he tells her that viviene is going to live with them as the new cook and the old cook who always drunk will leave. The cooker who always drunk name is Helise

The story make you confuse and you will understand only at the end, you will think that there is a man and running after woman for love and marry while a wife in his house. But the story is not

henry the writer of this book make you think that there is cheating and bad things happen but its not

Its nice light story, i like it and sure you will like it to, it a book you read when you are taking break

Harriets daughter, book about a hero and family
April 21, 2017

Harriets daughter, book about a hero and family

Harriet’s daughter, talks about a teenagers, her name is Margaret who has west indian routes and lives in Canada. Margaret loves books and spend all her time in the book store and the library, the place in which she become obsessed with a black hero and her name is Harriet Tubman , she likes her after she reading about her, she is obsessed to the level that she names herself, Harriet and creates a new game and name it Underground Railroad in which, kids play as slaves while other kids play as slave masters.

Margaret was strong and she and her mother no way understand each other yet love each other. Margaret intended to keep her promise to her friend zulma, actually Zulma is her best. And the promise is to let her friend  reach Tobago with her beloved grandmother, to protect them the her step father who abused her and beats her mother.

On the other hand her mother become independent and Margaret push her to work in the school

In summery its about a hero freed slaves, and her fan Margaret, who wants to be hero who saves them too, book about the family ties and friendship ties too, and the neighborhood

It is good book for girls and boys aged 11 to 16 years old, teach love respect and understanding other who do not like or approve our point view

its an old book yet good to read it for the writers style and good choice of font and way of thinking too, it has good values that kids can learn from.

but I guess kids older than 16 years old will not like it much, nor younger 11 year.

the book is not too long, and it cost about 6 dollars

Hope you enjoyed this simple review, there lots of thing in the book, i did not write so you find it interesting if you decided to buy it

Hannibal rising book and movie too
April 21, 2017

Hannibal and sister mischa are living with their parents in a big castle, all of sudden a bomb exploded near the castle to kill the soviet but its kill everyone but the kids. Deserters then found them and because no food they eat the sister, Hannibal pass out from that scene, and later people find him and put him in orphanage to be adopted later by his uncle, who takes him to live with together in france

His aunt, murasaki takes him to the market with her and one time the butchers assalt her, Hannibal answers back, but when his uncle knew about this insult he goes to the market and faces the butcher who talk rudely to him and lead him to have heart attack, when his uncle dies they move from the house due to the loans and he later become medicine student and never forget what happen to his aunt so he go gack and kill the butcher and eat him remembering what happen to his sister, the investigator suspect on him ,but his aunt lies about where it do defend him. Later the investigator an Hannibal work together to search for his stolen family fortun. So in short he will revenge for his sister death by tracking the man and kill him, then get his fmailies reputation back too. And escape the law

Hannibal rising, is the novel title. For those who like drama and advnetures and action it is for you

Hannibal rising is deeper story I did not write more so i do not burn the book nor the movie, i saw both, have to say both are well played

dont remember the pages but about 300 pages. and the cost of the book long time ago was about 19 dollars.

It is cheaper now i guess sine its old book and movie


Books can help to solve psychological problems.
April 18, 2017

For the purposes of bibliotherapy, reading and sharing ideas, we foster a sense of belonging and empathy – is a way showing how to deal with feelings and solve a variety of challenges. Bibliotherapy is a kind of meditation, when reading people more clearly understand survived emotions. It helps to know others and to develop spiritually. Bibliotherapy can be applied to people of all ages, but particularly literature positively affect children. A child or teenager reading a text understands that the problem can be solved, that he can overcome it, that not only he alone meet such problem. This reduces the feeling of loneliness and promotes a sense of community, empathy, hope.

The books help to more openly talk about variety themes of child concern, even if it is painful experiences or losses. We can mention the bullying and parents divorce, even a passing illness, loss. These problems are reflected in different environments – home, school, among friends, in relation to himself. People investigating the bibliotherapy, say that it can become a way of showing how to deal with those feelings, experiences, how to deal with different challenges.

Reading can help reduce aggression. We can talk about anger and its management and stress, various fears and their overcoming. Even about how to build friendship and to maintain it. For the purposes of bibliotherapy, can talk about difficulties in adapting to the school environment, for example, by changing it or just starting to attend. It is also about school conflicts. Bibliotherapy process begins with the identification of issues or problem

First we need select specific theme, such as parental divorce or bullying. Then we should choose literature that reflects the theme that would offer not only to recognize and meet the problem, but also would show how to deal with the situation, feelings, what are the alternative ways to solve your severity or the challenge.

Selected text should be consistent with the age of the participants. It is important, whether it applies to a child or adolescent, or adult. Selected literary passage is usually not long. It is for the child to get involved, to focus for some time. Books for every age group are selected so that the participants can understand and get involved in the process.

Bibliotherapy is not just reading. It is complemented by creative writing or images exploration. According to the principles of bibliotherapy patient can successfully deal with films or cartoons. It allows deepening the subject in question, to empathize with it more, access deeper personal insights about the relationship with yourself, the environment and so on. So, bibliotherapy’s principles can be applied to video or watching its fragment.

While scientists and psychologists usually notice only the positive aspects of bibliotherapy, some of them draw attention to the shortcomings of therapy. For example, if the child lacks of motivation to read. As with any other therapy, bibliotherapy can be accompanied by resistance. This is normal because the topic is not always easy, pleasant. Naturally, there is resistance talking about serious topics, it is impossible to control all processes. Psychologists are also looking for ways to reach the younger generation, which spends the most time in the virtual space. For those who are not interested in a particular book, are offered virtual bibliotherapy sessions. The world really is changing and psychologists have to adapt their services.


Picture by Pixabay.com

Linus the vegetarian t book for kids
April 17, 2017
love chains

Tried to buy gook to read, and when didn’t find one good tried to see child section, most of kids like animal stories so I picked one looked nice

I bought the book and went to our house ate and later read her favorite book. Kids likes illustrations more than the story and the painter did great work with pictures. Its about blue dinosaur, his name is linus meets many different dinosaurs and that this animal do eat meat and vegetable too, so kids feels that if they eat meat and vegetable they will be strong like dinasors.  Throughout the story Ann encourage Linus to have his friends of animals as his food. And when he do not, that makes a good lesson for neighbors and people we know to respect and treat them nicely. In the book he says what it means that they are his team and he wouldn’t think like that.


Its really good book to teach kids the value of family and friends and neighbors also.

deep life lesson to be different and respectful. The photos in the book and how the story in the book show the value of life and human is great, it impressed me, it helps teach kids ream work and love and friendship as well.

The only downside to the story is that the character Linus eats only vegetable, It would better to encourage both foods, now I have to find another children book to encourage meat eating too.

The name of the book is not great, it could be nicer if there is childish name to the book. Not just Linus the vegetarian t rex

Over all its good but If I know it would not encourage also meat eating I would not bought it, that is why I will rate it 3/10

Also I would not read it again to my kids. I will get rid of it so they do not see it and remember to eat vegetable only

Fire and ice book and leaving time
April 15, 2017

fire and ice book, and book of leaving time

Anyone love to read a book that surprise you with every chapter then you need to read this authors book, judy picoult

Read Leaving Time. It is about a small girl called Jenna, she is 13 years old, one day she feels that she had to do something about the disappearance of her mother. Her is scientist with the name of Alice and she and her daughter share the same love, they love animals and now Jenna after 10 years trying to solve the mystery behind here disappearance, while her father is locked out in a mental illness asylum

And she begin her detective work by starting with her mothers work. Alice wrote a paper about some animals and she write about their life and feelings. While doing so she finds lots of secrets about her both parents.

So half of the book talk about Alice research and the other half talk about her mother and comparing her feeling with the creature under the research.

Rating of the book online is 4/5

I did not like much.


If you like creatures and humans this book talk about the feelings and how it occur, so maybe you like this book the leaving time by judi.




Fire and Ice is a book that by robert frost poem, yes that is poem book for poem readers.

Its about the world and how it maybe destroyed by fire or by what? By ice

Though the poem was written like fiction stories. And shows the fight, it talks about tragedy, how you can pick the end that your world is going to end, by firing your world or by make it ice. If you like such books and poems then maybe this book is for you. Tha author is from USA, Francisco


each book cost about 4 dollar

The scarlet letter a book and movie reviews
April 13, 2017

The scarlet letter a book and movie reviews

Scarlet letter is a uniqe book that written ages ago, to be precise in1850 , by writer Nathaniel, story about Puritans and the Algonquian people, which turned into movie, played by Hester Prynne the heroin who arrives North America to wait her partner silently and after waiting too long and no word from him. She imagine that could be killed by the people of Algonquian. So after feeling sad, the long empty days allow her to start a hidden relationship with the minister and later become pregnant. Hester society humiliated her for a forbidden relationship with a religious man and become pregnant, so they make her put scarlet a clothes and add to this humiliation they make a young boy follow her with drummer around the areas so the people see her and learn a lesson

Thiss movie played by Demi Moore as hster and Gary Oldm

Lots of people liked the book better than the movie

Did not read the book but the movie yes saw long time ago.

The scarlet letter book or movie

This book is used I school in literature class. Not sure if it’s a good choice or no.

I did not like it nor hate it. That is why I do not know if I should recommend it or not. So you read the review here and decide if this fiction story book is for you and suits you or not.

The book sold in amazon for 4.99 dollars

it is in paper and also i audio if you like to hear the story instead of reading it, but for those that like the story its better to read it than to hear it and in I guess its good for older kids like 15 year old and more

The scarlet letter a book and movie reviews just to let you learn little about the book before you read it or even buy it