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Fairest and perfect you two books review
April 23, 2017

Fairest and perfect you two books review

Im going to review two not fairy tale stories but fictional stories

Stories with things to teach us all not only young boys and girls, these are fictional but they are with enemies and emotions the two ee as the new generation say about it

Read more to know fairest – perfect you book stories and enjoy your time at weekend with family or girls night

Let us start with fairest

The reviews is in summary so the book still surprise you.


This book has so smooth flow of plot. Written by Gail Carson, has 336 pages, its genre, fiction, and released on 2006

Girls are the main audience for it, since amazing face is what they want, generally speaking

Fairest book becom a movie I guess in year 2000 or so, but the book is nicer much nicer

Its about a young girl who like many girls or teens think that they are not pretty, but her voice do overcome that feeling in her heart and mind too. Aza is the main character is the adopted girl for a nice family a sister and brother and lives at the inn, has an odd fair skin, for her amazin skin, she become singer and also she is able of talking without moving her lips. One time she goes to a royal wedding and there the prince find out how pretty Aza voice and ask her to sing. Ivi the queen was jealous of her voice  and her beauty as she want to be the fairest, so after some threatens she tried to find a spell for beauty and for that she tries a spell that turns her into stone but when she recover it she still has a pinky toe, but that do not stop be her from being pretty. Later with her journey she find a potion to become pretty, and though become really pretty she is still self conscious, later the country find out her deal with ivi, and trap her in jail with her powering voice and toe, they hought she is the evil.

Later uju make her fun from prison and keep her safe far from Ivi.

Later with much events she become the queen with her husband king ijuro and lived happily ever after

The book is nice and the story is nice though like snow white.

There are lessons for all the ages in this book and mainly for teens. Read it and you will like it.

The book price is about 10 dollars though its old. I guess its becoming cheaper now online from amazon or any online store who sells books.


Perfect You is a nice romantic novel , its about Kate who has to deal with losing her best friend to a group of snobby, popular kids that they used to make fun of.

Perfect you is good book if you want to know more read more. Here is the review for the book

After her dad forced her to work with him in selling vitamins in the mall and quite his job to do only this project. The family was embarrassed and angry for losing money for this idea to trade in vitamins.

She works with will, and both are like negative and negative on everything. She is not the school well known student, she was shy and has never had a guy, real guy in her life, no romantic relationship on the other hand Will is the guy the popular guy, and he just point to any girl to get her. So with such personalities they never get a long. But with working together creates feelings that she denies, any time or movement or sentence she thing that she likes Will for it, she ran away. But in her heart she loves him and he could be her biggest dream, her school crush on Will is not over yet, but she says that she can’t stand Will never ever, but can not admit how much she loves him thinking she can not get him. With the embarresing work with her parent, the mothers always depressed mood due to the money issues, her older brother just graduated also Anna who she thinks her best friend, is so popular today so she ignores Kate forgot that kate exist Kate feels like crying everyday of her life due to will and Anna. But what she does not know is Will feels the same about her (Kate).

Kate later to make life okay, trys to forget about Anna because real friends don’t give up there freiendshop

She decides that she wants to be with him. She wants his love and heart , she admits her love to him

She makes Will the goal to reach to anna, she thinkgs that him, will is going to make her popular so Anna nd she become friends like before.
do you think will is going to find out that she is using him, if he came to know is he going to forgive her?

Can this behavior make him hate her and fade her love from his heart or what is going to happen in this story

Its funny, talks about mainly teen life and new graduate, who thinks life is simple and easy happy with no effort. Its really like the teenage girl life and love it

The book is well written. I liked the way they deal with daily life, I mean kate and will.


This book is not long. The story is amazing. And many liked or wished if they saw it movie not just book. Many other girls will like it and like to watch this as movie.  You will enjoy Kate’s personality, grandmother and her advices

Perfect you is fiction but close to real life at the same time

Released 2008

Perfect you was amazing name pick to a great book story, who would not love a book named perfect you, as no girl will not like to here how perfect she is, though we know we are not perfect as human but its enough that we try

I recommend these two books, for all ages girls but more to teenage girls

I hope you liked my reviews for the two books and find them with enough information to make you buy them or not.

Thanks for reading and thanks for those who comment also with any review

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