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Linus the vegetarian t book for kids
April 17, 2017

Tried to buy gook to read, and when didn’t find one good tried to see child section, most of kids like animal stories so I picked one looked nice

I bought the book and went to our house ate and later read her favorite book. Kids likes illustrations more than the story and the painter did great work with pictures. Its about blue dinosaur, his name is linus meets many different dinosaurs and that this animal do eat meat and vegetable too, so kids feels that if they eat meat and vegetable they will be strong like dinasors.  Throughout the story Ann encourage Linus to have his friends of animals as his food. And when he do not, that makes a good lesson for neighbors and people we know to respect and treat them nicely. In the book he says what it means that they are his team and he wouldn’t think like that.


Its really good book to teach kids the value of family and friends and neighbors also.

deep life lesson to be different and respectful. The photos in the book and how the story in the book show the value of life and human is great, it impressed me, it helps teach kids ream work and love and friendship as well.

The only downside to the story is that the character Linus eats only vegetable, It would better to encourage both foods, now I have to find another children book to encourage meat eating too.

The name of the book is not great, it could be nicer if there is childish name to the book. Not just Linus the vegetarian t rex

Over all its good but If I know it would not encourage also meat eating I would not bought it, that is why I will rate it 3/10

Also I would not read it again to my kids. I will get rid of it so they do not see it and remember to eat vegetable only

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    1. The reason why the book probably focus on eating vegetables is because their are not as much kids eating or liking vegetables so this book is to encourage them to eat more vegetables because its good for them.instead of feeding on alot of meat they should try some vegetable too.


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