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17 attraction triggers, about how to attract people you like
April 9, 2017

Book of 17 Attraction triggers, claims to teach you things and tips to be attractive , does the book achieve your dreams read more to see if its worth it or not

17 attraction triggers, about how to attract people you like

Lots of girls make lots of searching for ways to be liked by their lovers.
Talks about a girl who has little confident in her self since young age. this book 17 Attraction Triggers talks about how this girl moved from no trust in her self to become attractive girl to other people. Tell you about the triggers to be attractive with some clairication.

Author claims that many of these triggers are tried in real life, book uses direct ways and to the point some of you may like and don’t
How the tips are taught in this book. It teaches you the tichniques by using scenarios to imitate real life. Some of are for shy girls and some for bold girls. I have to say that not all these triggers are good for today women who are successful and have confidence. The book usese some psychology to explains some triggers an
if looking you are looking for real life situations this book may give you some ideas, but the use of medicine in it was not wow. There are no proves that these ways of triggers are attractive, things are changing and the other person may not be as the guy in the book

how big the book is? Its 300 pages

is totally good? No its not bad but not so good
it is good about the knowledge life, but not good for really making relationships, I do not recommend it for educated girls to the book comments about your opinion is welcome

prices: the book is big and the price is 59 dollars, its way too much

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