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UEFA Champions League semi-finals draw announced
April 21, 2017

Breaking News: UEFA Champions League  semi-finals draw results announced.

So Friday came quickly, and it has been time for the most exciting thing today, the UEFA Champions League and UEFA League Europa semi-finals draw, which every soccer fan has been waiting impatiently for the past 2 days. Everything was running without problems, the draw started at 12:00 PM international time.

Ladies and gentlemen, this is going to be the most interesting semi-finals in the past years, because the order of the draw was like this:
The first ball (draw) that was picked from the big circle-like plate was Real Madrid (CF), and since they were a first pick, this means that who ever they would draw next, will have to face Real Madrid away. The next pick was as to most people expectations, Atletico Madrid. That means Atletico Madrid will have to face its bitter rival Real Madrid at Santiago Bernabeu, the first match has been scheduled for 3rd of May 20:45 international time in which Real Madrid plays Atletico Madrid at home. And the rematch in the second leg takes place only 1 week later as we all know, on 10th of May, that time Atletico Madrid will have to prepare to welcome its bitter rival at home on Vicente Calderon stadium.

So the first match has been drawn and announced, and the rest 2 teams that left unopened were AS Monaco and Juventus, which obviously as they were the only draws left, they will play each other, but the only thing to discover was which team will play at home first.
Monaco was drawn first, and the match takes place on 3rd May (the same day as Real Madrid – Atl. Madrid match) while this French team will await and welcome Juventus at home. This match is exceptionally good because the greatest young talents at the moment, will face each other (Paulo Dybala and Kylian Mbappe).

And the second leg of this match will be played at the Old Lady’s stadium, one week later, when Juve will welcome the French team at their own stadium.

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