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Continuing to be Apart of the Movements and Saying no
January 31, 2018

Oh my journey has been filled with the adversities but there are so many reasons why I’m continuing to move along. God has already declared my purpose. No man cannot defeat God. God the Father of Jesus Christ. I’m continuing to focus on my path. There will be moves in which some are unable to view. There are so many in tuned with trying to cause a decline but I’m so faith filled and full of joyfulness. I’m smiling right now! The persons assuming that they’re able to prevent the journey from continuing are probably out of their minds. “”What I’ve faced continues to offer learning and I’ve become even stronger.” (Tanikka Paulk)

My journey continues to offer the best of the best. There is focus on the areas which will certainly offer the prosperity. There are so many without understanding. The ones who continue to cause disruptions aren’t considering their own purpose. Perhaps I’m so important that they can’t resist focusing on me=Tanikka Paulk. My light=Tanikka Paulk continues to shine and the darkness projected should receive the shinning of my light. My face is glowing with the thoughts of abundance. To seek the abundance is a blessing. What they think they’re accomplishing they’re actually not.

There is the continuous reading of the word. I’m meditating on the word and the words which have been spoken by God. The many faces trying to erase the races shall be defeated. It’s the purpose in which so many are after. They’ve challenged me=Tanikka Paulk so often but I’m still continuing. They’ve spoken foolishly and caused their own delays. I’m no man, I’m all female, and they’re so misunderstood. The walk is my walk and so many have intervened but are they invited. There will be some leaving because God will send the persons out.

Oh what they do not realize is that I’ve been favored by God. I’ve been chosen and perhaps so many are envious of what I’ve been declared to accomplish. My face has a smile. There is prosperity, abundance, breakthroughs and blessings arriving. Time keeps moving. Despaired? No! “The time is now.” There will be some continuing to think that I’m not worthy of the blessings. Trying to stop God’s purpose will only incur more problems for the individuals. They’ve altered my information, committed identity theft, caused so many disruptions but I’m continuing anyway.

The movements will continue to occur. There will be movements in which so many are aware of. The focus is on making and creating better paths so that so many can experience the joys of abundance. What they’ve said about me=Tanikka Paulk really hasn’t added any value. The hands in which help to create more prosperity are really appreciated. There are some I’ve tried to avoid would really rather not deal with the knuckleheads. That’s right. Trying to take over my work won’t create what they’ve expected. I’m moving to a higher level I’m already at a higher level.

The ones seeing that there will be abundance are certainly in the abilities. They’ve proven that they’re friends and sometimes we’ve become confused and not realize which is which. The foes will show their ways. My mindset involves receiving exactly what I’m deserved to have. Abundance is what I Tanikka Paulk deserve. They’ve taken me=Tanikka Paulk through many avenues. There certainly is darkness but i’m generating the light. I’ve been copied and duplicated again and again.

They’ve tried to discredit me=Tanikka Paulk. Lies told but God is seeing me=Tanikka Paulk through the journey in which has been declared. My purpose isn’t for all. They’ve taken it and tried to destroy it. It is so and it is good. There’s goodness within and although they’re challenging I’m loving anyway. Love continues. How about that? They’re watching that=Tanikka Paulk move along and find more ways to travel upwards. The mentality in which so many project hasn’t caused my demise. They’ve tried to cause my demise.

The persons continue to try and discourage my path. I’m so blessed and still have the faith. The words spoken from the fools have generated what they probably didn’t expect. “I’m focused on my purpose and they should be focused on their own dreams. “Oh they may continue to follow my path but will they be able to accomplish what I’ve accomplished?” Tanikka Paulk Eyes watching what I’m doing right now. I’m sure they’ll wonder what will come next. The key is to remain focused on the important areas and to encourage self.

There is time. Time to continue to make, create, and produce. No time to deal with the insecurities in which so many continue to project. There should be continued actions in order to produce a more stabilized society. The position in which I’m holding is a very important position. I’m so serious about what needs to be accomplished. They’ll probably try to disrupt but I’m praying. God says, “Pray for Your Enemies.” Continuing to seek solutions and scripture states, “Seek and you Shall Find.”

The walk is filled with problems but we’ll all have to deal with the problems. There will be solutions and in time the solutions will occur. I’ve written what I’ve felt needs to be written and I’m continuing to express what needs to be expressed. The individuals trying to create a meltdown will see that I’m too blessed to pay any attention to what they’re trying to project. It’s me! I’m so thrilled to be able to be apart of abundantly. I’m actually thanking my enemies because they’ve offered what they can not see. What they’ve chosen to project as the bad will become apart of the good. “Goodness.” How about that?

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    1. Walking in truth and faithfulness doesn’t have to be a lonely road. But it is lonely. Sometimes, it hurts so badly when family and friends don’t see us eye-to-eye on spiritual issues very important to us. But as we grow older and mature, we learn lessons God reveals to us that strengthen us even more unto faithfulness and peace within our soul.

      Be encouraged. Be very blessed.

      • Each and every day I awake I feel blessed in the arm’s of god the warm comfort of belief within myself the rise to clime the highest mountain’s knowing when I fall he will catch me.


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