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Today Yesterday Tomorrow Will be Furthered

“The what is is exactly what it is.” (Tanikka Paulk). What’s being built some may not try to understand. All shouldn’t be in on what’s occurring here nor there. There are some continuing to misunderstand are they without the ability to understand? It seems as though so many are at least trying to pretend as if they’re without any understanding at all. What occurred yesterday is gone today is freshly written, tomorrow is unseen right now. “What I’ve discovered thus far could be discussed in the future!” By: Tanikka Paulk.

There’s the future but how many are considering how important the future is to so many? Some may say that there should be focus on what’s occurring “right” now but there needs to be preparations for the future. How many agree? There could be many surprises there are some in tuned with surprises and others aren’t in tuned. There is so much focus on the areas that truly matter. The exploring of newness continues the thoughts of gaining more knowledge will still occur. There is hope even when it appears as if the day is gloomy. My hopefulness hasn’t left no matter what’s said.

What really happened yesterday? Some could possibly be unaware of what actually occurred. Yes there are some willing to forget what yesterday held. Tomorrow will “be different” from today. Already discovered but there is more to discover future wise. There’s the continued transformations the transforming of the body and mind. There connections either stay connected or will move away. There’s gladness in knowing that there will be many breakthroughs. Yes indeed there will be. My focus is on the abundance better is here and continuing to make the necessary moves in order to develop more stability.

I’m here right now but perhaps in the future there will be the other destination. There has to be some movement in order for growth to occur. “Growth is necessary but how many are willing to allow the growth to occur?” (Tanikka Paulk). Proceeding is quite helpful. There will be more building although it may appear as though the progress has slowed down. There is still progress today and there shall be progress tomorrow. There’s more than the vocalized sayings there’s the actions. Actions are what gets People’s attention.

Continuing to create brighter futures. Prosperity is what shall occur although there will be some disagreeing with whom should prosper. God already knows and has already declared even though mankind tries to stop the prospering from occurring. The purpose has been set. There’s the information, confirmations, and the selecting of. There are so many wanting to know what’s planned to occur tomorrow. They’ll have  to wait and see what will occur. That’s what they’ll have to do.

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To Develop a Positive Attitude is What’s Wonderful

There will be many changes so therefore there needs to be adjusting. There are some uncomfortable when it comes to changes. Today could be that change that so many have been waiting for. Here I am thinking of what God has already promised. Yes, I’m blessed even when there’s little earned but there will be abundance so patience is necessary. No “hopefulness” hasn’t been removed there is the continuation of this journey. Although there appeared to be so many disagreeing with my path. God has already declared my journey. What will occur next some could be asking?

There will be more than prosperous moments. I’m appreciating the journey and yes there has been many storms and some have been quite complex with their behaviors. “There is focus on the areas in which some haven’t viewed yet. The differences have been revealed.” (Tanikka Paulk). What are they thinking? It’s better to conceal the projects, the tasks in which will develop prosperity, the completed project. Some are on the wait and see. Where will This chick be headed? In time all will find out. There is steadiness there were many trying to prevent what is now occurring.

Some could be wondering what’s really going on. What’s in that place? They’re looking. The reveling could occur later on. For right now there is movements about. They’re working somewhere. The need to continue has been communicated and there are lots agreeing that there should be more. Shouldn’t folks be concerned about the economical develops. I’ve faced many challenges but “I’m a conqueror.” There is good here and I’m so grateful to be chosen, selected, suggested. There’s a smile on my face because God has favored my path.

Mankind aren’t understanding just how the Almighty operates. Soon enough they will realize what should’ve occurred long ago. The transformations will be complete as long as there’s continuous progress. The productivity hasn’t changed. There will be moves occurring here and in other locations. “There could be surprises at any moment.” (Tanikka Paulk). The competition has really tried to discourage the path but there were also the encouragements. I’m still thankful.

My decision to continue wasn’t a difficult decision. I’m a believer that there should be more and more abundance. There is awesomeness occurring where they’re unable to see. Some could be trying to take a peek but there is no need to reveal the tasks. In time. Objectives are necessary, opportunities, the leadership. There were many trying to take over my leadership role roles. God allowed the happenings to occur but God has seen the good so therefore the rewards will come. I’m patient enough to receive.

Day Continues to Assist With the Rising.” (Tanikka Paulk)

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The Whole Thinking Process Matters

What is placed into the mind is extremely important. Anyone’s thoughts can be altered. To think on levels in which some have misjudged can seem as though there are many problems attached. “What to focus upon? There should be thoughts of keeping the mind healthy.” (Tanikka Paulk). There are so many trying to cause disruptions within the mind and there should be careful consideration as to whom we’ll allow to have access to the brain. Sometimes thoughts are altered because there is more focus on certain individuals and what is said is held at a higher standard because of respect and admiration.

The Thoughts are Powerful

There is power within the mind. There’s confusion and some would like to continue administering confusion so that they’re able to get away with performing evil deeds. “The thoughts should be on good deeds.” By: Tanikka Paulk.  How many are willing to perform good deeds? It appears as though there are less and less willing to be of good character. There is hope though. Thinking can seem as a difficult to some. There will be points when it seems as if there has been overthinking. There’s scandals in which some seem to want to be apart of. The words should be selected carefully. Words are very powerful but there’s ability to remove negative words and replace the negative words with positive words.

There should be the ability to avoid being controlled meaning there shouldn’t be any mind controlling. There are a lot of People focused on trying to control thoughts. So many have attached themselves to a life of one. Why? Shouldn’t there path be their own? My mind doesn’t belong to any other person. Satan wants to control the mind. Satan uses individuals to try and disturb the mind so that Satan is able to takeover mankind. Satan never be able to control all of God’s People. There are evildoers and God speaks about such beings. They’ll constantly try to cause disruptions in order to gain whatever it is they want to gain.

My mind is focused on obtaining the abundance so that there can be prosperity for so many. Perhaps they’re not considering such, there seems to be envy, there seems to be so many wanting to cause a breakdown. God will allow these things to occur but God said that, “These Things Will Come to Pass.” Meaning all that is occurring will leave and there will be the breakthroughs. The wicked are the very on es trying to cause minds to crumble. Their thoughts are rarely focused on goodness. The good suffer but there will be joyfulness. Every person must suffer through the adversity.

“In order to keep the mind intact there has to the ability to think clearly.” (Tanikka Paulk) Whatever causes stress within the mind should receive less focus. Areas in which incur stress shouldn’t receive all the attention. Yes, there will need to be avoidance, some shouldn’t receive the attention they’re desiring. If their trying to breakdown the mind then they wouldn’t be considered to be good or friends. If there are tactics used to try to alter “the perception” then more than likely the persons would be considered to be foes. There are many foes but friends will be difficult to come by.

Thinking will allow more abundance to occur. Moving ahead will allow the building up to continue. There are some rarely focused on what others are saying. They’ve focused on the important areas. There are some only in tuned with trying to sabotage. Perhaps they’re unable to focus on their own path because they lack the confidence. To live the prosperity there needs to be “gratefulness.” When there’s less there must be appreciate that less is better than none at all. There will be more in other areas and God wants abundance to occur but mankind will become envious so therefore it’s important that there’s focus on God’s words. Amen!

“They Can’t Have my Mind” By: Tanikka Paulk

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What is it That They Want From me=Tanikka Paulk

Do they want my five sons, do they want my eyes, do they want my blessings to come? What is it that they want? It seems as though there are so many surrounded by darkness. Are they able to see the light? God already declared my purpose so why are they so in tuned with trying to steal what was designed for me=Tanikka Paulk? My journey certainly isn’t complete. The words projected in this= tanikka paulk and also that direction isn’t a reasons to void. There is joy in knowing that my purpose is so important that they’re unable to resist the travel. Does every person have an invitation? No! They’re so focused on trying to cause a cease that they’re refusing to focus on their own “dreams.” What do they really want? Some behave as if they want my entire Body. 

What is given is given and what shall be shall be. The competitors can have a sit because I’m going to remain confident on my journey and pray that there is completion. It’s really nice to know that God has chosen “Tanikka Paulk.” Oh what joy. It’s better to smile at the envious ones and pray for the ones. I’m so blessed no matter what they’re saying “God has allowed the purpose to continue.” (T. Paulk=Tanikka Paulk) They’re unaware of the damage that they’re causing for themselves. “My eyes have viewed what they probably haven’t thought of viewing.” By: Tanikka Paulk.

What am I Tanikka Paulk saying? “I’m saying” that there are some I wouldn’t dare give an invitation to. That’s right. They’re so devious and I’m way too focus on what God has declared. The words aren’t important enough to carry with me=Tanikka Paulk. Trying to steal what is given won’t bring the individuals joyfulness. They’ll find that God will administer the reaping. How many are really concerned about  where I’m headed? Perhaps there’s more than imagined. They’ve laughed., taunted, and heckled but I’m still here. Yes Tanikka Paulk is still here in Miami, and so what? I’m doing more than chasing my dreams.

It’s the name that so many are after. It’s the blessing in which they think I’m going to receive that has grabbed their attention. The chatter continues but so am I. I’m continuing to seek. The bible states that, “Seek and you Shall Find.” I’m you=Tanikka Paulk. I’m proceeding to my abundance and what are they going to do? There is smiling going on and there is laughter because laughter produces better moods. What I’ve discovered is that there are more within the realm which leads to misunderstanding. What they really should be focused on is their own elevation. What I’ve chosen to do is my business.

My name is Tanikka Paulk and if they wish they can put my name in lower case and it’s still the same. I’m going to achieve further because I’m believing in self. No matter what they throw at me=Tanikka Paulk. Tanikka=Tanikka Paulk is continuing for many reasons. God has favored “Tanikka Paulk” and it isn’t bragging. The truth has been supplied despite the disagreeable People. Oh what oh what do they want? My mission is to proceed to a place where there will be “great” joy, further developments, and the prosperity. “I’m believing that my position is more than so many can handle. The Great Light is here.” By: Tanikka Paulk. God has addressed what I’ve supplied here.

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My Composure and so Much More!

When they’re saying less I’m saying “abundance.” That’s right. To think positively even when the storms are near. What some must face could be the toughest battle ever. i’ve chosen to keep on the armor and proceed. God is the reason why I’m continuing. “There is joy and there is hope.” By: Tanikka Paulk I’m truly blessed.It’s amazing how far some are willing to go. There must be constant prayer one could come across some very angry individuals. Just take a look at the expressions on their faces. “What God has in store let no man take away.” (Tanikka Paulk).

“The Destination s so Very Important.” By: Tanikka Paulk

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The challenges entered but refusing to be defeated. Time continues the journey. In order to proceed there has to be discipline. Yes, to be able to face the challenges and stay calm is truly a blessing, there are some willing to take my patience. The day is here and soon enough what shall be shall be. There are thoughts of where I’m headed. Some may want to know. it’s better to just continue with the goals and movements. Although there are some wanting to take away God will restore. “There are some individuals wanting to control what God already declared.’ By: Tanikka Paulk.

There shall be movements and why shouldn’t there be any movements? The journey has been filled with all sorts of adversities. There are some thinking that they’re so powerful that they’re able to best God. No! God created mankind and how can mankind think that they’re above God? The ability to continue is such a joy. Yes indeed. To look where I’m headed has really caused further growth. There is more determination, more knowledge has been gained, more gratefulness. Amen!

I’m continuing to stand firm and believe that God will do what He said He would do. My brother Jesus Christ continues to walk with me=Tanikka Paulk on my journey. Thanking God for my brother Jesus. What a wonderful feeling to think that there will be movement from one place to another. “Where shall this that head?” Perhaps in a more stable environment where there is lots of love. I’m love but I’m speaking about the emotion. Every person needs love.

“Love is Love right?” (Tanikka Paulk). Look! What are some really viewing? There is thankfulness at this house. Soon there will be the greatest transformation. I’m continuing to seek the abundantly path. There will be blessings so that others can live in prosperity. Hope is here and what is she going to do next? They’ll have to wait and see. Let there be more movements so that others can experience what so many desire to experience. “Bravery is a choice and some refuse to allow themselves to experience bravery because of their thoughts.(Tanikka Paulk).

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Continuing to be Apart of the Movements and Saying no
January 31, 2018

Oh my journey has been filled with the adversities but there are so many reasons why I’m continuing to move along. God has already declared my purpose. No man cannot defeat God. God the Father of Jesus Christ. I’m continuing to focus on my path. There will be moves in which some are unable to view. There are so many in tuned with trying to cause a decline but I’m so faith filled and full of joyfulness. I’m smiling right now! The persons assuming that they’re able to prevent the journey from continuing are probably out of their minds. “”What I’ve faced continues to offer learning and I’ve become even stronger.” (Tanikka Paulk)

My journey continues to offer the best of the best. There is focus on the areas which will certainly offer the prosperity. There are so many without understanding. The ones who continue to cause disruptions aren’t considering their own purpose. Perhaps I’m so important that they can’t resist focusing on me=Tanikka Paulk. My light=Tanikka Paulk continues to shine and the darkness projected should receive the shinning of my light. My face is glowing with the thoughts of abundance. To seek the abundance is a blessing. What they think they’re accomplishing they’re actually not.

There is the continuous reading of the word. I’m meditating on the word and the words which have been spoken by God. The many faces trying to erase the races shall be defeated. It’s the purpose in which so many are after. They’ve challenged me=Tanikka Paulk so often but I’m still continuing. They’ve spoken foolishly and caused their own delays. I’m no man, I’m all female, and they’re so misunderstood. The walk is my walk and so many have intervened but are they invited. There will be some leaving because God will send the persons out.

Oh what they do not realize is that I’ve been favored by God. I’ve been chosen and perhaps so many are envious of what I’ve been declared to accomplish. My face has a smile. There is prosperity, abundance, breakthroughs and blessings arriving. Time keeps moving. Despaired? No! “The time is now.” There will be some continuing to think that I’m not worthy of the blessings. Trying to stop God’s purpose will only incur more problems for the individuals. They’ve altered my information, committed identity theft, caused so many disruptions but I’m continuing anyway.

The movements will continue to occur. There will be movements in which so many are aware of. The focus is on making and creating better paths so that so many can experience the joys of abundance. What they’ve said about me=Tanikka Paulk really hasn’t added any value. The hands in which help to create more prosperity are really appreciated. There are some I’ve tried to avoid would really rather not deal with the knuckleheads. That’s right. Trying to take over my work won’t create what they’ve expected. I’m moving to a higher level I’m already at a higher level.

The ones seeing that there will be abundance are certainly in the abilities. They’ve proven that they’re friends and sometimes we’ve become confused and not realize which is which. The foes will show their ways. My mindset involves receiving exactly what I’m deserved to have. Abundance is what I Tanikka Paulk deserve. They’ve taken me=Tanikka Paulk through many avenues. There certainly is darkness but i’m generating the light. I’ve been copied and duplicated again and again.

They’ve tried to discredit me=Tanikka Paulk. Lies told but God is seeing me=Tanikka Paulk through the journey in which has been declared. My purpose isn’t for all. They’ve taken it and tried to destroy it. It is so and it is good. There’s goodness within and although they’re challenging I’m loving anyway. Love continues. How about that? They’re watching that=Tanikka Paulk move along and find more ways to travel upwards. The mentality in which so many project hasn’t caused my demise. They’ve tried to cause my demise.

The persons continue to try and discourage my path. I’m so blessed and still have the faith. The words spoken from the fools have generated what they probably didn’t expect. “I’m focused on my purpose and they should be focused on their own dreams. “Oh they may continue to follow my path but will they be able to accomplish what I’ve accomplished?” Tanikka Paulk Eyes watching what I’m doing right now. I’m sure they’ll wonder what will come next. The key is to remain focused on the important areas and to encourage self.

There is time. Time to continue to make, create, and produce. No time to deal with the insecurities in which so many continue to project. There should be continued actions in order to produce a more stabilized society. The position in which I’m holding is a very important position. I’m so serious about what needs to be accomplished. They’ll probably try to disrupt but I’m praying. God says, “Pray for Your Enemies.” Continuing to seek solutions and scripture states, “Seek and you Shall Find.”

The walk is filled with problems but we’ll all have to deal with the problems. There will be solutions and in time the solutions will occur. I’ve written what I’ve felt needs to be written and I’m continuing to express what needs to be expressed. The individuals trying to create a meltdown will see that I’m too blessed to pay any attention to what they’re trying to project. It’s me! I’m so thrilled to be able to be apart of abundantly. I’m actually thanking my enemies because they’ve offered what they can not see. What they’ve chosen to project as the bad will become apart of the good. “Goodness.” How about that?

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The Experiences Could Generate Strength
January 25, 2018

There’s so many so much to experience and what we’re experiencing could cause greater growth, prosperity, or so much more. There’s a lot to learn and the continuous learning is what’s occurring now. No matter what the experiences are there will be some lessons involved. “There’s a choice whether to gain more knowledge or to experience emptiness.” By: Tanikka Paulk. What I’ve faced and continue to face has certainly generated strength. There’s a purpose for my movement. Although there’s been some setbacks I’m continuing on. “God continues to see that I’m headed somewhere.” By: Tanikka Paulk. Yes that=Tanikka Paulk

It’s amazing how so many will try to alter what’s already been declared. Here’s my outlook on the experiences. The experiences have brought what some may not understand, brought higher positioning, and abundance in which some aren’t able to view. They’re not meant to know what’s taking place. The connections qualified to come along will and the ones thinking they are qualified may not be qualified at all. The focus is on getting to a place where there’s further growth and there will be continuous better living. The changes which occur may not be accepted by all. The words spoken seemed to be perceived incorrectly.

There will be so many taking every word spoken literally. There should be more focus on the areas which will add value. No matter what their thoughts are their line of thinking hasn’t caused the purpose to be removed. The focus on achieving more continues. I’m aware of how so many view my ideas and the vision but still there is movement in which I’m so blessed to experience. It’s obvious that God has designed and favored the journey. Just because we go through the trials doesn’t mean that we’re not suppose to continue. No person will be without problems.

“We’ll have to go through the storms in order to receive the breakthroughs.” By: Tanikka Paulk. The competitors will continue competing but for what? Some may not even realize why they’re competing. The way that so many compete can cause a meltdown within society. Perhaps they’re not thinking that they’re causing more problems instead of finding solutions. What’s perceived could be correct but some of what’s perceived they’ve demonstrated that they’re thinking isn’t correct. “My purpose is every person’s purpose so therefore there is no need to think so.” By: Tanikka Paulk

God is allowing the journey to continue and there is thankfulness as well as gratefulness because I’m headed somewhere. Although so many may claim that I’m within stillness, there’s movement right now, yes indeed. No matter how many try to take away what God has stored up there’s is a blessing blessings in the journey. I’ve achieved and will continue to achieve even if there’s little movement. “The entire world could become angered but the anger won’t cause a cease because God has already declared my purpose.” By: (Tanikka Paulk) Amen to that! (T. Paulk)

“The Present Time, The Love is Near, The Life of Mine. The Gift From God. To Live to Love and to Fulfill.” By: Tanikka Paulk

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“Gift” “Present Sent From God.” (Tanikka Paulk)

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Patience and Understanding Until the Breakthroughs Arrive

There must be patience when on a journey and in all areas of living. Some may not have accepted patience. For some waiting just a little causes anxiety. When going through the adversity some may become discouraged. It can be difficult waiting on “the breakthroughs” at time. The wonders of when there will be that glimmer of light. There are many troubles we all must face. Some not knowing how to tackle the many problems which arise. To understand is important.

We’ll be challenged many times. May even hear how there is no need to wait on any breakthroughs. Some may try to instill hopelessness. Altering “perceptions” so that we begin to think that the blessings aren’t deserved. For so many they’ve had to go through many storms in order to receive their breakthroughs. The challenges coming one after another. It appears there’s a lot who may not want to see others receive abundance. There’s some willing to try and stop the blessings. What’s for a person is for a person. Despite what’s being done or will be done.

Sometimes we’ll feel as if the world is constantly on our shoulders. Not knowing when the doors will open and what’s behind the doors. Having so many slammed in our faces can cause a bit of discouragement if allowed. The key is incur gladness and become patient until it’s time to receive. A lot of accomplishments may not be easy but are possible. There’s many “possibilities.” Of course no person likes to be challenged every single day but even when being challenged there is greatness awaiting.

There is hope even when the storms keep rolling in. There will come a time when we’ll receive plenty and in the times there should be thankfulness. While waiting there is learning taking place and growing as well. In time there will be the receiving of prosperity. No matter how many try to prevent “prosperity.” The prosperity can surely come. Sometimes when we least expect the prosperity to arrive. Everyday is an opportunity to receive whether learning more or accomplishing more.

The time it takes to meet the abundance may seem long. Knowing that there will be something worthwhile waiting is what keeps so many going. There are rewards for hard work. The pain, suffering, the challenges are what so many will have to experience in order to live abundantly. “There should be joy” because in time there will be greater. No matter what some may say. There should be continuous action while waiting. There will be a rise just wait and see.

No one may know just what will await another

No matter how many try to stop a dream

There is a reason for everything

There is hope even when there is pain

There is a reason to go on

There will be greater so be very strong

In time there will be the receiving

Just keep on keep on believing by: Tanikka Paulk

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Don’t be Surprised as to who Receives Abundance

There are some people who are in situations where individuals are constantly taking advantage. Some lurking about to try and gain and some waiting to see what it is they’re able to take. Trying to subtract instead of adding. That’s why God may delay blessings. Really doesn’t make sense for a person to have and as soon as the blessings are gained the blessings are taken away by greedy individuals. There are some who “should have” received their abundance long ago but due to the circumstances the abundance was withheld.

Some may wonder why they’re not receiving when they’ve been through so much. God looks out and does not want His children to go without. although there are poor individuals, due to some not taking the right path, or other reasons they’re poor. God wants prosperity to occur. He does not want any person to be poor. There are riches “awaiting” for some but until the removals occur. The riches may not be administered.

There are some people who add no value to a person’s life. Meaning they’re causing more harm than good. There are some women who can do without their husbands. The husband may hinder growth and that’s why some wives aren’t prospering the way that they’re suppose to. Husbands who block the blessings aren’t good. The abundance can occur when there is changes and movement. Staying in the same place can actually cause a decrease instead of an increase. Some may need to divorce in order to receive their “abundance.”

Of course God doesn’t like divorce but if there is abuse, danger, or adultery then divorce occur. Some may choose to separate but any person who has experienced loss due to a spouse such as money loss shouldn’t continue to stay in a broken marriage. Abundance can not occur if there is persons around trying to steal, take away, and gain what is given to the person. A blessing to one doesn’t mean “entitlement.”

Some may wonder why their breakthrough hasn’t occurred yet. If God isn’t pleased with a situation then He’ll put away the blessings until the situation is rectified. Too many end up losing out on their blessings because of staying in areas too long. There is greater meant for God’s Children People but until the persons are willing to make the necessary changes. The breakthroughs will not occur. There has to be a “decision to move.”

There can be “further growth” when individuals decide to live bleak situations. Some may remain due being afraid of change, the unknown, or some for financial reasons. No person deserves to be treated unfairly and if abundance is suppose to occur then removals need to occur as well. Yes, some will have to leave behind even their mother, or children in order to incur better for the family.

Abundance can take some time. Some should have received their abundance but their situation may have lead to the delay. Once there is movement then God will prepare the administering. Until “the rewards” are received there should be continuous praises. Not all will because some may not believe in giving God the Creator of Mankind praise. He’s the one who makes sure the abundance is received. Some may try to hinder the abundance because of not wanting certain individuals to receive the abundance. Some may try to stand in the way because they’re trying to gain. Know who’s who.

My Abundance Awaits and I Tanikka Paulk Shall Receive.” By: Tanikka Paulk

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