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Walking in Faith: Caring for God’s creation

From the first moment of creation, God has been calling us to care for the gifts of creation. When we use water wisely, recycle paper, or throw trash in a bin instead of on the ground, we are answering God’s call to honour the earth. The water and the land belong not to us, who use them, but to God, who made them. It is up to us to care for what God has entrusted to us.


We are part of a plan that God has for all creation. God’s plan, called providence, is gradually unfolding. God makes this plan known through the loving care and guidance he offers to all creatures. We can see signs of God’s providence in our own lives when we look through the eyes of faith at things that have happened to us. Although God is in charge of the plan for creation, we are meant to help carry out the plan through our actions. When God created us, he gave us responsibility for the rest of creation. When we act for the good of creation, God’s invisible power is working through us, and we are helping fulfil God’s plan.


God’s Son became human in Jesus. Jesus came into the world in order to carry out God’s plan for creation. Where people believed in magic and false gods, Jesus offered faith and signs of a living and caring God. To carry out God’s will, Jesus left a safe, comfortable life in a village. Jesus trusted in God’s providence, God’s loving and caring plan for all creatures. Jesus helped carry out God’s plan by trying to convince people to depend on God, who would care for all their needs.


We are reminded that we can depend on God by a simple phrase in the Lord’s Prayer. In the words “Give us this day our daily bread,” we understand that God will give us what we need. As good stewards, or caretakers, of God’s creation, we have the opportunity to be creative.


When we care for any part of God’s creation, we understand that we are sharing in God’s love and care for all creation.


At Eucharist we show our care for God’s creation in an important action called the Presentation of the Gifts.


When we meditate, or pray and reflect, we seek God within ourselves through the gateways of our senses.


The faithful come together at the Mass, a sacred meal of sacrifice and praise to God. In the Mass God welcomes us with the words of the Scriptures and is with us in the Eucharist.


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    1. God is the one who always gives first.
      Jesus will offer us rest; he will give us the bread of life and will give himself as the friend.
      Allow yourselves to be conquered by the love of the Lord who is forming you even more than you can imagine.


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