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The Whole Thinking Process Matters

What is placed into the mind is extremely important. Anyone’s thoughts can be altered. To think on levels in which some have misjudged can seem as though there are many problems attached. “What to focus upon? There should be thoughts of keeping the mind healthy.” (Tanikka Paulk). There are so many trying to cause disruptions within the mind and there should be careful consideration as to whom we’ll allow to have access to the brain. Sometimes thoughts are altered because there is more focus on certain individuals and what is said is held at a higher standard because of respect and admiration.

The Thoughts are Powerful

There is power within the mind. There’s confusion and some would like to continue administering confusion so that they’re able to get away with performing evil deeds. “The thoughts should be on good deeds.” By: Tanikka Paulk.  How many are willing to perform good deeds? It appears as though there are less and less willing to be of good character. There is hope though. Thinking can seem as a difficult to some. There will be points when it seems as if there has been overthinking. There’s scandals in which some seem to want to be apart of. The words should be selected carefully. Words are very powerful but there’s ability to remove negative words and replace the negative words with positive words.

There should be the ability to avoid being controlled meaning there shouldn’t be any mind controlling. There are a lot of People focused on trying to control thoughts. So many have attached themselves to a life of one. Why? Shouldn’t there path be their own? My mind doesn’t belong to any other person. Satan wants to control the mind. Satan uses individuals to try and disturb the mind so that Satan is able to takeover mankind. Satan never be able to control all of God’s People. There are evildoers and God speaks about such beings. They’ll constantly try to cause disruptions in order to gain whatever it is they want to gain.

My mind is focused on obtaining the abundance so that there can be prosperity for so many. Perhaps they’re not considering such, there seems to be envy, there seems to be so many wanting to cause a breakdown. God will allow these things to occur but God said that, “These Things Will Come to Pass.” Meaning all that is occurring will leave and there will be the breakthroughs. The wicked are the very on es trying to cause minds to crumble. Their thoughts are rarely focused on goodness. The good suffer but there will be joyfulness. Every person must suffer through the adversity.

“In order to keep the mind intact there has to the ability to think clearly.” (Tanikka Paulk) Whatever causes stress within the mind should receive less focus. Areas in which incur stress shouldn’t receive all the attention. Yes, there will need to be avoidance, some shouldn’t receive the attention they’re desiring. If their trying to breakdown the mind then they wouldn’t be considered to be good or friends. If there are tactics used to try to alter “the perception” then more than likely the persons would be considered to be foes. There are many foes but friends will be difficult to come by.

Thinking will allow more abundance to occur. Moving ahead will allow the building up to continue. There are some rarely focused on what others are saying. They’ve focused on the important areas. There are some only in tuned with trying to sabotage. Perhaps they’re unable to focus on their own path because they lack the confidence. To live the prosperity there needs to be “gratefulness.” When there’s less there must be appreciate that less is better than none at all. There will be more in other areas and God wants abundance to occur but mankind will become envious so therefore it’s important that there’s focus on God’s words. Amen!

“They Can’t Have my Mind” By: Tanikka Paulk

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