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Being yourself has not only white side, but also the black side.
March 12, 2017

People have bumped into their heads one simple truth: not to be afraid to be yourself. Those who are motivating others for the nakedness of the human soul and welcoming being yourself – never think about absolutely different, not entirely typical being yourself’s consequences. All sorts of positivists, who are very serious about improving the content of the world and the development of positive self-awareness, usually advice to take off the mask and be not afraid to reveal all the available “asset”.

What is called to be yourself, for some reason still means only the butterflies and flowers, the sweet joy and immeasurably intoxicating happiness. I will not rebel against the positivists – let they stay in their territories, let emit too optimistic motivation waves.

Humanity need it and it is not bad. However, the being your self has a side of the black night also, and too little who talk about this sided, because it is not relevant. And the fact that you dance daily the spiritual striptease dance in front of the people with the wry, but sincere smile, does not bring up to the sweetness nauseous happiness. Because your being yourself simply not match the common sense of social norms.

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And here start my invective. I run the risk of not being understood, but finally I will say briefly: I have often been accompanied by a curved glances or angry words on the fact that I found beautiful what is tragic.
And if you are trying very polite to explain for not understanding person, that everything what has at least little pink hues and unreasonably foolish optimism makes you sick, he rotates his finger at the appropriate head place, means you must understand – you’re really foolish. Well, of course, spiteful laughter for me also fits, so in this situation I use it very well until it becomes truly genuinely funny.

Many times I have been accused that in my texts are too much pain. Or that I write about too dark life’s sides. But that’s the life I see. And in this life I see not only nice beautiful happy people, but also drug addicts, the homeless, the killers, wars and hunger.

However, I am not ashamed of anything, and day to day I am absolutely myself, loyal to myself and my truths. Though it sometimes causes the most inhuman outrage. And to be yourself suddenly becomes not so advantageous, and indeed – a certain type of suffering, which completely ends only when I find myself with very similar people.

Here are for you, honorable people, butterflies and flowers. Here you are. White crows syndrome affects not me alone, I know. There are many white crows worldwide, I know.

And if these crows will have the strength as much as have the audacity, being oneself will never become boring. Perhaps, it may become too difficult , but it will never become boring. Just not be afraid. Many have happy masks, you don’t need to follow them. Life is too various and people are too various. The world is colorful. You and I, we all are unique, not the same or similar people. So, be yourself without any fear.


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    1. Loving oneself has always been a good thing. In life, we all go through phases. It is important to love yourself and not focus on negativity that you might end up surrounding yourself with. Sometimes we are more focused on what a person might think of you and what they might say about you,either to your face or behind your back. Remember, no one is perfect and we are all different in many ways. We all have different values and see things in the world,differently.

      It is okay to be different. My opinion on this statement is to realize that you will never be accepted to some people no matter what you do in life. That is not your problem! Sometimes when a person does not love themselves, it comes from many reasons. Bullying is an example of what can change a person’s thinking about themselves. This is a true fact!

      If you care about pleasing others, then most likely, sometimes it can be a disappointment. People should accept you for who you are and not try and change you unless you are doing things to harm yourself, mentally and physically. One thing that I realize is that if you love yourself, you should not be doing anything to harm yourself. The more people who you have in your corner, routing for you, would be the best thing to happen for you to make this transition work.

      When you make mistakes, earn up to them. This way, if you are willing to accept your responsibility of the mistakes, then you can learn from it and hopefully not make the same mistake. It is never easy but it can be done. You have to first, believe in change! Most people like to put the blame on someone else, but what that means, is that this person does not love themselves. It is necessary that you do not feed into negativity and be more positive.

      I don’t think that this statement has anything to do with a black and white thing. It is all about you and the choices that you make, in order to grasp at one loving themselves. Some people actually try to justify by making it a black and white issue of loving oneself, but I disagree. I am sharing my views on why I see this in a different light!

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