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12 amazing tips how to get back joy of life
March 19, 2017

We can’t be constantly a happy people. Life time from time brings bad things, challenges and troubles for us. Some of us easy deal with all we get, but others do not. They choose the easiest way and give up. But giving up does not makes you happy. Life can break you, damage your soul and it is not easy to recover.

So, maybe at this moment you feel sad, maybe you feel frustrated, or just lost joy of life? Maybe life brought too much hard challenges and you have lost your strengths to fight with all bad things that have happened with you?

There are some simple tips that can help you a little bit get back the happiness to your life, to help find again the relation with yourself.

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Life’s trip is amazing, enjoy it. If you feel lonely or just feel lost in the inner darkness, remember that your personality has an amazing light. Every time when you making a mistake in life or you are facing any difficulty, there always is an opportunity waiting for you that will help to improve everything. Learn every given lesson as it is very precious life’s lessons. There are always many things that could brighten even toughest stages of your life. For example, a gym, friends, interesting books, music or movies and so on. When you cannot find the answers you need, these relaxation techniques will help to recover. The life is too much precious for all us and it does not have to be very complicated, so just try to enjoy life and even every moment of your life.

In life we should always look only for good things and never search for bad ones. In the morning right after woke up you should immediately identify at least ten good things. For example, say that have a man who wakes up next to you, you have a food, water, you have clothing and shelter, you have your car and it is still in motion, you have money on gasoline, you have family and friends. So there are no reasons for you to be unhappy.

Do not live life of others, but live your own life. Rethink everything you were taught in the school, what you have heard from others or what you have read in the books, then simply reject everything what can to hurt your soul. Forget everything what others want and expect from you. You must find your goal and passion. If it is necessary, see for the life’s teachers who could help you. Find adventures in a traveling. Have fun in everything you see or do. Be courteous to all people. And never lie to yourself.

Fool around, laugh and have fun time. It is a great talent to know how to play. Spend time with people who help to reveal your qualities. The seriousness and the constant tension can destroy the joy and cause concern. Monitor children and trust their ability to play and laugh. Turn off all electronic devices and spend at least some time in the wild, zoo or outdoor event.

Love all people and everything. It is love – to do even your first step to something. Everyone has a core of the goodness, which should not be destroyed. Do not rush to blame, because you cannot know in what kind of inner or personal war is involved the person. Send a good wishes to those who are hurt, offended. Anyone is trying to make do with what he has. We all want the same: to love, be loved and to be important.

Be generous. When you are no longer interested only in money, compliments and publicity, then you will reach the peak of your success. Share time, talent and resources, lunch, books and skills with others. If you can afford then leave more tip, donate to charity. Walk an extra kilometer, praise others for their efforts. Do not miss the opportunity. Live in that would give, not only receive.

It is important to be good to yourself. Think only well of yourself. You must eat healthy and work out as you like. Don’t forget to meditate. Take a look at yourself carefully. If you make a mistake, better immediately forgive yourself. Learn how to defend yourself and be intolerant to injustice or abuse.

Learn how to spend your money wisely. Always use less, save more and evaluate everything what you have. You should create your own budget and the mechanism to protect it. Buy only what you really need at that moment. Remember that things are not bringing happiness. If you use only as much as is really needed, the resources will be enough for everyone and everything. But sometimes you can buy something just for your own pleasure.

Come out of your comfort zone. Try new dishes. Learn a foreign language. Meet new people. Read the classic works. If every day you try something new, think about how much you will be reached and improved in the end of year When trying you are growing. The world needs your gifts and talent. Do not doubt in this.

You should never take any things personally. Over 7 billion people live in this word, and if someone refused to help you, you will always still find someone who offers help to you. If the person refused to help, this is usually not the result of your bad behavior. Simply people are busy; some of them are strange or embarrassed. If everything is not going according to your plan, try to stay calm and think soberly, reconcile with the situation you are in at that moment and move forward.

Do not compare anything and do not complain about anything. People like to compare themselves with relatives or friends and then complain about their current situation. The sooner you will learn that life is not fair, the happier you will become. Remember that even for the sincere and good people sometimes life can bring troubles. Even the babies are born with disabilities.  Just dream much, work hard and do what is right. And don`t whimper. Attitude is everything.

Forgive everyone. If you are alive, then you still have someone to forgive for. To forgive people for small things is the same important as to forgive for big things.

Do not let life to push you down. Help yourself, and life will help you also.

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