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7 Simple Ways to be Happy without Relying on Money
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Many people say that “money is everything”. Sometimes, without money, we would not be exciting doing something. Indeed, it’s difficult to survive in the world without money. In many cases, people sometimes got confused about what to do, what to buy, etc., due to the lack of money in the wallet. However, if you know how, it doesn’t have to be always the money as the mean that makes your life feel more exciting and fun.

Originally, happiness does not always depend on money. You can enjoy many fun things without the need to spend money. So, if you want to be happy without relying on money, the following are the 7 simple ways to be happy without relying on money.

1. Helping Others

In fact, if we make other people happy, we would feel happy too. A help is not always money. You can help other people by relying on your skills. For example, helping an elderly to cross the street even if you don’t know who the one you help. It could also as simple as helping your mother to clean up the house. So, whatever the help you offer to the people is not only valuable to them, but it also gives you some relief and happiness.

2. Enjoy Some Friendly and Environmentally Places

You can be happy by enjoying some environmental places such as camping in the forest, swimming in a lake as possible, or enjoying a mountain view while breathing fresh air. Occasional, stroll to a place like your own residential garden or might be a vast garden behind your house, or a river that you can find in your neighborhood. Whatever it is, as long as takes you closer to nature, because nature can give a positive energy for you.

3. Doing Sports Don’t Need to be Grandiose

As a healthy body brings happiness in our life, so, doing sports can make us happy. Meanwhile, doing sports don’t always need to spend money. You can do some certain sports for free. It means you don’t have to bother coming to a gym center to do sport, but simply get used to running either in the morning or evening. Instead, you can do sport as simple as meditating every in the early morning. Meditation doesn’t not only make your heart calms but also trains your concentration.

4. Watch Movies Offline on Laptop

You do not have to download or stream a movie, but simply copying from your friends. Watching movies doesn’t have to go to the movie. Instead, you can download or stream the movie in a location that supports free WiFi facility. This way will save your money.

5. Family Gathering

Family gathering doesn’t have to spend money and you can occasionally ask something to them.
Because to be happy with our family is not always need money. You can simply share stories and jokes at the dinner table with your family. Be grateful for whatever you eat. At least, the warmth of the family is the part of happiness.

6. Have a Chat or Joke with Your Spouse or Close Friends Everyday

Having a wispy and funny talk with a spouse of close friends to share many things is not only fun, but also soothing. Having a joke doesn’t have to be with your parents or your siblings, but you can do it with your boyfriend or girlfriend and even your close friends. Spend your valuable times to have a chat or joke with your closest friends.

7. Take the Advantage of Your Free Time to Laze About

Whatever the reason, the opportunity to sleep and laze throughout the day is very happy because you just sleeping and lazing in the home. It is a very simple intrinsic happiness. Especially, if you have been busy working in the long week. So, take a rest at home in the whole of your free day. This would be one of the most luxurious things for you.

So, after reading these tips, I hope you can have fun and be happy without spending money. Money helps, but it’s not everything.

Is there any complete happiness?

The ability to see and accept all parts of our lives helps us to be happy

There is no complete happiness! I often hear this sentence. People usually continue their reflections like this: “If you have money, you have no love; If you have a job, you have no happy relationship; If you have a family that satisfies partner relationships and healthy children, you have no time for fun and friends. ”

When I hear these words, I have the feeling that something is not enough for a person to be happy, something is unsatisfied. I find one more thing – as if one wants to escape the nature of things and does not want to accept the integrity of the experiences, relationships and situations in his life.

And here I mean like this: “There is happiness if we open our eyes and see … your laziness.” But … let’s get to him step by step.

The integrity

Imagine a padlock. Used to lock. Provides security. In winter, his body is cold (our fingers can get bruised until we unlock it), it’s hot in the summer (we can even get burned). It’s weighing. Can be cut. These are some of the features of the padlock. When I have to make a choice how to lock a door and ensure my safety, I take into account the specifics of locking devices, I take into account all the information and choose.

But when we are in a life situation, we somehow forget that. Somehow we do not accept the situation as it is, in its fullness, integrity, and totality of parts. We talk, think, act, as if we think it has only positive or negative aspects. We tend to “cut” natural parts and ingredients from it, usually those we think are negative, unpleasant, annoying.

A few examples

“I love to take care of my family, I like to prepare my favorites for every dish, but I do not like it and I do not like it, I’m even angry when I have to wash the dishes afterwards. Can not my children or my husband wash them? I have so lovingly prepared their favorite things, and they do not understand and let me do this unpleasant duty !!! “.

“I love my young daughter so much !!!! She is so beautiful! It’s a candy! All day I can enjoy it. But my mother and my partner do not help me at all. Go to work, watch your life. Well, they provide me money, of course. And just in the evening or at the weekends change the diapers, stretch the laundry or run the vacuum cleaner. How can they not help me all the time? I have to do everything alone! I do not have the time to make up and dress beautiful to go out for a walk with the baby, and we love both the clean air … ”

“My partner is wonderful, but he snore awfully !!! I can not sleep! How long will I have to talk to him about it and endure it at night ?! ”

“I have a son of a teenager. I can not get him into bed before midnight. Otherwise he is healthy, smart, has a clear purpose for his life. And he does it alone. ”

“My child is healthy, clever, gifted. On weekends we go to different competitions and events in which he shows up. Oh!!!”.

“I’m angry when I have to pay my bills – I do not like to give money for bullshit like electricity, water, phone, internet, food.”

“We were on a wonderful vacation, I had to go to the beach every day, but the sun … I was looking for high-grade sunflower oils, shade, cooling cocktails …”

Responsibility. Attitude.
Self-sufficiency. Completeness, integrity. Maturity. Different viewpoints.

I do not overburden or lighten the topic with the examples. You may find yourself extreme or superficial, but we humans have a tendency to complain, discontenten and do not accept those parts of situations, relationships, and feelings that are not in our taste.

Why? Because we need to make an effort, learn or develop skills to cope. Because we need to be honest with ourselves. When we deny, our behavior is like a toddler who is whimpering and does not want to accept the “obligatory” part. We show a lack of maturity because we do not accept the fullness of events and relationships. We show anger and discontent, not wanting to do any part. We believe that some of the activities of everyday life are servile work, lowering our authority and value. We believe that trouble is only happening to us and has already shaken us from the role of a long-suffering Genoveva, and we think it is high time that life offered us another, necessarily happy and, of course, a major role. We are sorry, we want to transfer our weight and burden to another and we definitely do not want to do any concrete action. We want the freedom and authority of man “18+”, but we do not accept the duties and responsibilities inherent in maturity.

How can we relate these reflections to a really difficult situation for us?

The situation is difficult

Then when we do not have the ability to pass through it. We do not have the yet automated, advanced skill that is needed to get in, get over and get out of the difficulty. When we have it, the situation no longer strains us, worries, “pulls out of balance” and does not accept it as a problem. Well, of course, here too we can manifest a whimper, showing anger or annoyance, asking, “Why is this happening to me?”
And my answer is this – sometimes we do not have to interpret to fainting and look for the reason, just to see what is what in this situation exacerbates my annoyance and uncertainty. Here is the valuable information we give ourselves if we ask ourselves the questions: “What do I do not want to do now?”, “Am I afraid of failure?”, (“Do I think I have no resource to do ?!”) , “Am I lazy?”, “Is it better for me to be familiar, old and sure?”, “Am I afraid of self-pity or accumulated fatigue?”

The ability to take life
In its fullness … I will express it metaphorically: every day of our life is a colorful bouquet – with unique varieties of flowers, some of which have thorns, others need grasses to stand out, third – nuances of feelings to Connect us with a sense of depth and life. Our bouquet is colorful due to the variety of events and the flowers in it are of different shapes. In order to be able to hold and carry our bouquet in order to take it to the vase in which we want to put it, paper, twine and fasteners are put in it. And to describe it in its fullness, I must say that it weighs, sometimes solidly. But when we walk along the streets, we say to other people something like this: “Today someone has read me, confessed, appreciated, rewarded, I am proud of it! And I, in turn, have confessed to accepting the bouquet. And I’m very pleased to notice this! “.

In our lives, in the valuable and important for us relationships, situations or activities, it is up to us whether we will see the twine, the paper, the grass or the unique variety. The ability to see and accept all parts, integrity and completeness is an indicator of maturity. The ability to move from one feeling to another, from holiday mode to stress on a holiday within the same day also shows how grown we are.

And if something is stinging us, it is good to see what this “thing” is and to seek professional support. We still have to answer the question: “Is this drama really a drama?”, Whether it is not a simple laziness and a delay or a desire to attract attention, whining, praise. There is nothing wrong with these three things, as long as we do not do it often, and when we do it, it is more enjoyable to ourselves and to the audience. The next time you upset and cry, and a few hours later you refuse to smile, remember that a juicy cake is not such without the dry bark.

What can make us happy according to experts?
April 29, 2017

Everyone wants to be happy, but not everyone knows how to become such. Different sexes happiness understand differently. Perception of this feeling is different in different cultures and different countries. The results are surprising, but all the experts by one claims the same. First of all, experts offer to give yourself a simple, but very valuable gift – to realize that happiness is not a given phenomenon, but it is what we choose. We choose ourselves whether we will be happy or not. So, let’s choose to be happy.

The good news given to us by experts is that our happiness is not anywhere; happiness is in our own hands. The bad news is that people have enough to love themselves in order to achieve true happiness, but many people in the world lack the self-esteem. The Dalai Lama has said that happiness is not something that is already done. Happiness is our actions.

There are many places that you can visit. Experts do not believe that the pursuit of happiness makes people selfish.

We all just want to be happy. Experts said that it is much easier to get a new job for the happy people, because employers like them.

Money does not buy happiness. Financial independence by experts is not an indicator of happiness.

Happiness does not depend on whether you are a man or a woman – both sexes may be equally happy.

Happy people have good friends. Experts said that happiness increases friends who are real and close

Love yourself. Experts believe that a good relationship with your self is the most important factor of personal happiness and for creating a happy life.

Remember that you are not alone. Experts agree that loneliness and separation from society do not bring happiness. This is a straight path to sorrow.

Happiness is up to you. Experts identified happiness as a choice.

Grandma knows better. Listen to the older people. Experts believe that people, who passed the 60th anniversary, are the happiest.

Food is not happiness, but love is.  Experts would give up their favorite dish forever if it would guarantee a happy life. However, only 9 percent would give up on their romantic relationship for happiness.

Pretend until you feel really happy. Yes, pretend to be very happy, and finally actually become so. Experts believe that happiness can be persuaded.

Do not forget the spiritual things. Experts said that prayer, meditation or other spiritual activities leading towards happiness.

Be happy that you are not known. Experts believe that the awareness and popularity are not a guarantee of happiness. The stars are not happier because they are the stars.

Money makes the world go round, but not happiness.  Experts are sure that the money and ensure financial prosperity is not a smith of true happiness.

Women easier cope with sadness. If they feel unhappy, women easier find a way out and easier handle the situation than men.

Of course, always it is easy to read such advises, but when it comes to really implement them, it seems that to become happy is not as simply as we thought, but it worth our efforts. We nothing lose, but we can gain a lot if really feel happy beings.


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Stop Forcing yourself Being Happy!

On the off chance that you need to attempt to be cool, you will never be cool. In the event that you need to attempt to be cheerful, then you will never be glad. Perhaps the issue nowadays is individuals are quite recently making a decent attempt.

Satisfaction, as different feelings, is not something you get, but instead something you possess. When you’re seething pissed and tossing an attachment torque at the neighbor’s children, you are not unsure about your condition of outrage. You are not contemplating internally, “Am I at last irate? Am I doing this privilege?” No, you’re determined to bust some skulls. You occupy and experience the outrage. You are the outrage. And after that it’s no more.

Similarly as a sure man doesn’t think about whether he’s sure, an upbeat man does not think about whether he’s cheerful. He basically is.

What this infers is that bliss is not accomplished in itself, yet rather it is the symptom of a specific arrangement of continuous beneficial encounters. This gets stirred up a ton, particularly since joy is advertised so much nowadays as an objective all by itself. Purchase X and be upbeat. Learn Y and be cheerful. Be that as it may, you can’t purchase joy and you can’t accomplish bliss. It simply is. Also, it is once you get different parts of your life all together.


Tony Montana didn’t appear to be excessively upbeat.

Tony Montana didn’t appear to be excessively cheerful.

At the point when the vast majority look for bliss, they are really looking for joy: great nourishment, more sex, more opportunity for television and films, another auto, parties with companions, full body rubs, losing 10 pounds, winding up noticeably more well known, et cetera.

Be that as it may, while joy is awesome, it’s not the same as bliss. Joy is associated with bliss, yet does not precipitate it. Ask any medication junkie how their quest for delight turned out. Ask a philanderer who smashed her family and lost her kids whether delight at last made her cheerful. Ask a man who practically ate himself to death how cheerful seeking after joy made him feel.

Delight is a false god. Inquire about demonstrates that individuals who concentrate their vitality on materialistic and shallow joys wind up more on edge, all the more impulsive and less cheerful over the long haul. Delight is the most shallow type of life fulfillment and in this manner the least demanding. Delight is what’s advertised to us. It’s what we focus on. It’s what we use to numb and divert ourselves. In any case, joy, while vital, isn’t adequate. There’s something more.

Joy DOES NOT REQUIRE Bringing down ONE’S Desires

A well known account of late is that individuals are getting to be unhappier on the grounds that we’re all narcissistic and grew up being informed that we’re exceptional special snowflakes who will change the world and we have Facebook continually disclosing to us how stunning every other person’s lives are, yet not our own, so we as a whole vibe like poop and ponder where everything turned out badly. Gracious, and the majority of this occurs by the of age 23.

Apologies, however no. Give individuals more credit than that.

For example, a companion of mine as of late began a high-hazard business wander. He became scarce a large portion of his reserve funds attempting to make it work and fizzled. Today, he’s more joyful than any time in recent memory for his experience. It showed him numerous lessons about what he needed and didn’t need in life and it in the end drove him to his present place of employment, which he cherishes. He’s ready to think back and be glad that he put it all on the line in light of the fact that else he would have dependably pondered “consider the possibility that?” and that would have made him unhappier than any disappointment would have.

The inability to live up to our own particular desires is not contradictory to satisfaction, and I’d really contend that the capacity to fall flat and still welcome the experience is really a crucial building hinder for bliss.

In the event that you thought you would make $100,000 and drive a Porsche instantly out of school, then your benchmarks of progress were skewed and shallow, you mistook your pleasure for bliss, and the excruciating resemble reality smacking you in the face will be one of the best lessons life ever gives you.

The “bring down desires” contention succumbs to a similar old mentality: that joy is gotten from without. The delight of life is not having a $100,000 pay. It’s attempting to come to a $100,000 pay, and afterward working for a $200,000 pay, et cetera.

In this way, I say raise your desires. Stretch your procedure. Lay on your demise bed with a schedule a mile long and grin at the limitless open door allowed to you. Make silly norms for yourself and afterward relish the inescapable disappointment. Gain from it. Live it. Give the ground a chance to split and shakes disintegrate around you since that is the manner by which something stunning develops, through the breaks.

Satisfaction IS NOT THE SAME AS Inspiration

Fake SmileChances are you know somebody who dependably seems, by all accounts, to be madly glad paying little heed to the conditions or circumstance. Odds are this is really a standout amongst the most useless individuals you know. Denying negative feelings prompts further and more drawn out negative feelings and enthusiastic brokenness.

It’s a basic reality: poop happens. Things turn out badly. Individuals agitate us. Oversights are made and negative feelings emerge. Also, that is fine. Negative feelings are vital and sound for keeping up a steady gauge joy in one’s life.

The trap with negative feelings is to 1) express them in a socially satisfactory and solid way and 2) express them in a way which lines up with your qualities.

Basic case: An estimation of mine is to seek after peacefulness. In this manner, when I get frantic at some person, I express that outrage, however I additionally make an indicate not punch them in the face. Radical thought, I know. (Be that as it may, I totally will toss an attachment torque at the neighbor’s children. Attempt me.)

There’s many people out there who subscribe to “dependably be certain” philosophy. These individuals ought to be stayed away from the same amount of as somebody who thinks the world is an unending heap of crap. On the off chance that your standard of bliss is that you’re generally cheerful, regardless, then you’ve been observing an abundant excess Abandon It To Beaver and need a rude awakening (however don’t stress, I guarantee not to punch you in the face).

I think part about the charm of fanatical inspiration is how which we’re showcased to. I consider part it is being subjected to glad, smiley individuals on TV continually. I consider part it are a few people in the self improvement industry that need you to feel like there’s a major issue with all of you the time.

Or, on the other hand possibly it’s recently that we’re languid, and like whatever else we need the outcome without really doing the diligent work for it.

Which brings me to what really drives bliss… .

Bliss IS Simply the Way toward Turning into YOUR Optimal

Finishing a marathon makes us more joyful than eating a chocolate cake. Bringing up a kid makes us more joyful than beating a computer game. Beginning a private company with companions and attempting to profit makes us more joyful than purchasing another PC.

Also, the interesting thing is that every one of the three of the exercises above are exceedingly upsetting and require setting elevated requirements and possibly neglecting to constantly meet them. However, they are the absolute most significant minutes and exercises of our lives. They include torment, battle, even outrage and sadness, yet once we’ve done them we think back and get teary about them.


Since it’s these kind of exercises which enable us to wind up noticeably our optimal selves. It’s simply the unending quest for satisfying our optimal selves which stipends us bliss, paying little mind to shallow delights or agony, paying little mind to positive or negative feelings. This is the reason a few people are cheerful in war and others are dismal at weddings. It’s the reason some are eager to work and others loathe parties. The qualities they’re possessing don’t line up with their optimal selves.

The final products don’t characterize our optimal selves. It’s not completing the marathon that makes us upbeat, it’s accomplishing a troublesome long haul objective that does. It’s not having a magnificent child to flaunt that makes us glad, yet realizing that you surrendered yourself to the development of another individual that is uncommon. It’s not the esteem and cash from the new business that makes you upbeat, it’s the way toward beating all chances with individuals you think about.

What’s more, this is the reason that attempting to be upbeat definitely will make you troubled. Since to attempt to be glad suggests that you are not as of now occupying your optimal self, you are not lined up with the characteristics of who you wish to be. All things considered, on the off chance that you were showcasing your optimal self, then you wouldn’t want to attempt to be glad.

Sign proclamations about “discovering bliss inside,” and “realizing that you’re sufficient.” It isn’t so much that satisfaction itself is in you, it’s that joy happens when you choose to seek after what’s in you.

What’s more, this is the reason bliss is so temporary. Any individual who has set out significant life objectives for themselves, just to accomplish them and understand that they feel a similar relative measures of bliss/misery, realizes that joy dependably feels like it’s around the bend quite recently sitting tight for you to appear. Regardless of where you are in life, there will dependably be that one all the more thing you have to do to be additional particularly glad.

What’s more, that is on the grounds that our optimal self is constantly just around that corner, constantly three stages in front of us. We long for being an artist and when we’re an artist, we long for composing a film score and when compose a film score, we long for composing a screenplay. What’s more, what is important isn’t that we accomplish each of these levels of achievement, however that we’re reliably moving towards them, for quite a while, after quite a long time, after a seemingly endless amount of time. The levels will travel every which way, and we’ll keep taking after our optimal self down the way of our lives.

Joy outline

Furthermore, with that, concerning being upbeat, it appears the best exhortation is additionally the most straightforward: Envision who you need to be and afterward venture towards it. Think ambitiously and after that accomplish something. Anything. The basic demonstration of moving at all will change how you feel about the whole procedure and serve t

Obstacles help you achieve your goals
April 27, 2017

Most of us believe that our life stops when we pass through a painful stage of life. That is not true, but on the contrary the pain makes us stronger and provides us opportunity to learn something new. I chanced upon a book ‘Invincible Thinking’ written by great Japanese writer and founder of Institute of Human happiness Ryuho Okawa. That was so inspiring I could not stop quoting him here.

You will appreciate what he says about facing obstacles and pain ‘that just by reading and practicing the thoughts and by using the thoughts as your own power you will be able to declare that there is no such thing as defeat but only victory’. I have a firm belief that what I get is what I worked for and I am thankful for what has been provided to me. In fact, I got what I was looking for.

These are his own words “There should be no doubt that our life can be compared to the construction of a tunnel; we are often obstructed by solid rocks. Invincible thinking works as the powerful drill to break through these rocks”.

But the truth is that we can always learn so much from our surroundings and when we practice this we have more chances to win than losing. We shall never feel defeated in our life. He says, look at the tree of a bamboo that grows so fast and tall but in the process of growing it develops lumps and stops growing at that point but as it overcome the process grows even faster after that.  Some of the verities of bamboo grow as tall as 35-40 meters and grow at the rate of 80-90 cm a day despite the entire blockage due to joints.

Ups and downs are part of our life and if we only manage to learn how to live with them and adjust with all these with a positive mindset there is no reason we cannot come out of any situation however tough. Pain or obstacle is something thing that blocks one’s way or prevents us for a moment but at the same time gives us strength to fight our way out of the trouble.

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How to Stay Uplifted and be Happy

Doesn’t take a lot of money to be happy. “Happiness is a choice.” Some may think it’s impossible to be happy or filled with joy if there’s a lot of problems to deal with. Problems will come and go but we must remember that we’re only here one time. There’s no do overs. So might as well find some reasons to be happy. Let the light shine and avoid allowing people to make a day sour. They’ll try of course but it’s up to the individuals whether their actions will get a person down. be good spirits. When it appears as if the whole world has turned their backs, there is always a supporter somewhere, there’s always God and Jesus Christ who never forsake.

Some may think that having lots of wealth creates happiness. Not so. There’s a lot of individuals who are very wealthy and aren’t happy at all. Some may purchase lots of materialistic’s but are trying to hide their true emotions. Happiness should come from within. What creates is staying clear of toxic individuals. Coming in contact with a lot of toxicity can certainly generate a lot of stress and when stressed. All of “the joy” leaves. It’s important to be happy because happiness produces better health.

Some don’t even try to be happy. They’re always in a bad mood. Never displaying kindness and always on the attack. Not caring whether others grow or not but always “thinking” about getting others down. What a way to live. There’s a lot of precious moments wasted. There’s a lot to accomplish and perhaps some may not want to accomplish. We’re certainly capable of doing so. Some are without any hope. Very unfortunate. There’s always a reason to smile. Just think about some happy moments in time.

Too many people are wasting their time on silliness. Not concerned about prosperity and prosperity doesn’t always mean money. There’s many areas of “prosperity.” Perhaps indulging in some inspirational material will help keep one uplifted but being apart a chaotic environment all of the time isn’t fun. There should be laughter and joy being spread around. Not evilness. Of course evil exist but there has to be some good. The world certainly can use more light. There’s some individuals willing to shine their “light.”

Imagine being surrounded by a lot of people who are never upbeat. Always causing havoc. Perhaps they should find some ways to be happy. Stop causing trouble all of the time. It’s pretty sad to see so many very disappointed to see others be apart of growth. Just because some are unwilling to prosper that doesn’t mean that others should follow along. God wants every person to be prosperous. So many heckle at others for having less but are the individuals really satisfied with their wealth. Wealth doesn’t mean much if they’re alone.

There should be more joyfulness. At least some attempts to be joyful. The world is already filled with a lot of issues and it appears as if the compassion has faded. Always some feuds going on. Even when the days seem dull. There should be some thoughts of how to be happy. Happiness certainly feels better than sitting around in a nasty mood all of the time. “Meditation” can help with boosting a mood. Listening to soothing sounds is another way. Rather choose happiness then to be consumed with all of the madness.

“Joyfulness is Right Inside of Each Person but we Must Seek the Joyfulness.” By: Tanikka Paulk

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Can money contribute to the development of happiness?
April 24, 2017

Can money contribute to the development of happiness? In my opinion, of course, can, but by itself they will not bring happiness, so it’s important to spend money for something. If you buy from your money tickets to the theater, a plane ticket to a dream land, a delicious dinner, you will feel much more pleasure, happiness and joy than when you purchase any item.

A human being, spending his money to the activity he enjoys, he meets his needs to communicate and make new contacts, experiences invaluable impressions. After all, the man is social creature that wants to feel a member of a social group. The money helps to quench the psychological pain that we feel when others repel us. Of course, money can compensate this need only partly. Being rich people feel safe and less distress when others not accept them, but if one is reminded of how much money spent in the last month, the stress of rejection and pain rises again.

People not having material desires are most satisfying with their life. When researchers asked participants to create lists of what items they currently need, the conclusion was that the happiest are those with the shortest lists. It would seem logical that most happy are those who do not need anything. However, they do not need anything not because they have everything, but because they are satisfied with their current lives. They know how to enjoy what they already have.

I think that money do not bring happiness to those people who have money constantly, because new things, different entertainment become as routine and no longer is the primary value. This happens even with frequent travel, the most delicious drinks and food. Also, people who get everything whatever coveted eventually lose the ability to enjoy the small joys of life, and even do not value what others can only dream about.

So, where the happiness is hiding? To become a happy every person has to become what he can become: musician must create a music, poet write poetry and so on. This is what we call self-realization need. That is the human desire to express his potential, rooted his potential to become what he can become. It is no secret that when a man does what is able and what is close to his heart, then even the process when they earn money is nice. Oriented to money people lose their sense of self-realization and vitality. The more money is important to people, the more they suffer from depression, experiencing more anxiety and more likely to have behavioral problems.


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Do not wait for happiness tomorrow, live today.
April 15, 2017

People forget to enjoy life’s simple pleasures and bog down into quagmire of worries and unwittingly begin to live in the illusion of a better future. Happiness is not memories, but real time ongoing positive action. We can remember thinking how beautiful is the blooming gardens in the spring, but if there is no time to stop and admire it, we will not experience the feeling of happiness.

It is often assumed that childhood is the happiest time of life. The reason is that the children focus on the present. To plan and dream is good, but it does not have to overshadow the actual moment. It is useful to develop plans seeking an effective and efficient performance. Only it is very important not to create an illusion that supposedly only in the future we can become happy. It is very important balance between the present and the future. Happy life is being able to enjoy the present and what has been achieved today.

Planning is useful and necessary in order to avoid chaos. It also provides a quality of life. After all, many of the works and enjoyable activity it is important to perform on regular basis, according to the plan. Neglect does give happiness never. Even the nature has its cycles of order. Planning should help maintain productivity.

Work, rest and live – everything should be done sincerely and with all one hundred percent. Happiest moments are very simple. People being able to focus on the present are performing much more. If you are not satisfied with the current status of the situation, it is necessary to change it. Most often you need to change the behavior or thinking. When everything what depends on the will of human is made, you just have to concentrate and wait patiently. Everything in life passes. If the man still looks forward to the circumstances change, waiting for the better times to come, it is becoming abnormal behavior. When the situation does not change a long time, everything indicates that man avoids taking responsibility.

What determines the life of tomorrow? Living in the future is caused by fears and dread to look into the eyes of truth. It is much easier to live in illusions and hope that someday will come happiness. However, after a certain period of time or a change in circumstances, happiness does not increase. After getting  desired position, winning the lottery, marrying a loved one, the birth of the baby or reaching some other goal, the man is visited by euphoria, short elevation, but after a while it will disappear and they feel the way up to the moment of happiness, or even worse. Only we ourselves can give happiness to us. This can be achieved after resolved internal problems and began to change.

What types of people are waiting for happiness? It is the individuals that have a lot of illusions. Typically, these people think that once everything will change, their lives will be handled by someone or something, mood will come, and everything will lie down in its own place just by itself. It is noted that it is more common people who are not self-sufficient. However, this property have a very immature persons and the children of very patronizing parents.


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Happiness has a variety of colors.
April 15, 2017

Even in childhood tales were told how the hero of history went to look for happiness. We like accept that happiness lurk somewhere; you need to look for – somewhere around the corner, maybe even a thousand miles away. But where is the real happiness?

Happiness has a wide variety of colors. Happiness can be found when interact senses and the object of senses, such as eating something delicious, seeing a spectacular panorama, hearing melodies and so on. But such feeling of happiness is characterized by declining of satisfaction, until the whole ceases to exist – the first mouthful is most delicious, and all other do not bring anymore happiness, whatever the size of the cake we would not bake.

If you live in order to constantly get something for yourself, you will not be happy. But if you follow the steps of incentives to give something, you will sure experience happiness.

Usually, the more people love, the happier they feel themselves. Love should be pure. But if you love for the hope of getting something in return, having expectations or requirements, you just become dependent on another human and relationship begins to bring suffering till eventually you lose other human totally.

Happiness can come, for example, after reading an interesting piece of literature, engaging in scientific or other intellectual activities. However, as long you live with a focus on the body, emotions and thoughts, as long you will not experience true happiness. For happiness it is needed to focus on the soul.

The soul is constant level of happiness, and surrounding world has no effect on it. Feeling of emptiness when you pursue something constantly, but you are still not satisfied replaces the knowledge that happiness is inside us, we do not need to search it anywhere else. I wish you to experience the brightest colors of happiness. It is very close, search it in yourself.


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Why is better to eat sweets in the morning?
April 13, 2017

Is it necessary to completely abandon sugar and other sweets? I think, using them in moderation and at a certain time of day, the sweetness not only not hurt, will not let to bind to them, but also give you energy and good mood for the whole day. Food is the life for us and properly used, it provides a youthful and long life. If using improper, it’s poison and eventually takes away your life.

There are six tastes. Person per day with food have to get all six tastes, only then will be satisfied the soul, the mind and the physical body. The six flavors – it is sweetness, sourness, saltiness, bitterness, pungency and astringent taste.

The sweet taste of human nutrition prevails in the morning, at lunch – all six tastes and in the evening – a neutral taste. If there is not enough any taste in human diet, the person feels not as should feel. He just will not be happy, will not feel satisfaction of dinner.

The big importance to the diet takes a sweet taste. Sweet taste means not only that it is sweet what you eat. It turns out, the sweet taste is associated with love and happiness. Like every other flavor, it still has other hidden inner qualities. For instance, contrary to sweetness taste – a salt is associated with severe life.

So how sweet taste affects our life and why it is recommended to use in the morning? In the morning it is always hard to get up from a warm bed and you do not want to step into the cold room environment, to start get involved in day cares: breakfast preparation, seeing off children to school, rush to work, etc Practically, only after getting up begins rush and stress, so the sour taste is dominated in our psyche, not sweet and joyful mood. In fact, the acidity is not so easy to change, is not so easy to just get happy, because it has already tied up with our inner state – the psyche that not everyone can control.

It is therefore recommended to eat sweet foods in the morning, since through our physical body changes our mental status. Eating the sweets, we become better, happier, our interior is filled with love. The sweet taste simply changes our mood. Then, even in cold weather, rain the rush to work or other obstacles for us no longer look such a big deal because the heat lingers inside, joy and happiness. Sweet taste just makes us happy.

According to the products consumption of sweet taste can be said how much people receive love from their loved ones. After all, we want love everyone! Therefore, if our children are eating a lot of sweets, and sometimes we ourselves eat a lot of candy – it’s a sign that children and we ourselves have a lack of love.

Why it is advisable to use a sweet taste in your diet only in the morning? Therefore, the person eating sweets in the evening will inevitably be faced with health problems. The body just cannot digest and disassemble derived carbohydrates in the evening; the body begins to get fat.

In addition, on the face, shoulders and chest can appear the acne, sleep disorder.  In the evening, you should not eat any sweet food because it is a direct path to diseases, to sadness and problems. Therefore, let’s not forget to eat sweetness in the morning and you will get what you most desire – you will feel energetic, happy and loved.


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