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7 Simple Ways to be Happy without Relying on Money
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Many people say that “money is everything”. Sometimes, without money, we would not be exciting doing something. Indeed, it’s difficult to survive in the world without money. In many cases, people sometimes got confused about what to do, what to buy, etc., due to the lack of money in the wallet. However, if you know how, it doesn’t have to be always the money as the mean that makes your life feel more exciting and fun.

Originally, happiness does not always depend on money. You can enjoy many fun things without the need to spend money. So, if you want to be happy without relying on money, the following are the 7 simple ways to be happy without relying on money.

1. Helping Others

In fact, if we make other people happy, we would feel happy too. A help is not always money. You can help other people by relying on your skills. For example, helping an elderly to cross the street even if you don’t know who the one you help. It could also as simple as helping your mother to clean up the house. So, whatever the help you offer to the people is not only valuable to them, but it also gives you some relief and happiness.

2. Enjoy Some Friendly and Environmentally Places

You can be happy by enjoying some environmental places such as camping in the forest, swimming in a lake as possible, or enjoying a mountain view while breathing fresh air. Occasional, stroll to a place like your own residential garden or might be a vast garden behind your house, or a river that you can find in your neighborhood. Whatever it is, as long as takes you closer to nature, because nature can give a positive energy for you.

3. Doing Sports Don’t Need to be Grandiose

As a healthy body brings happiness in our life, so, doing sports can make us happy. Meanwhile, doing sports don’t always need to spend money. You can do some certain sports for free. It means you don’t have to bother coming to a gym center to do sport, but simply get used to running either in the morning or evening. Instead, you can do sport as simple as meditating every in the early morning. Meditation doesn’t not only make your heart calms but also trains your concentration.

4. Watch Movies Offline on Laptop

You do not have to download or stream a movie, but simply copying from your friends. Watching movies doesn’t have to go to the movie. Instead, you can download or stream the movie in a location that supports free WiFi facility. This way will save your money.

5. Family Gathering

Family gathering doesn’t have to spend money and you can occasionally ask something to them.
Because to be happy with our family is not always need money. You can simply share stories and jokes at the dinner table with your family. Be grateful for whatever you eat. At least, the warmth of the family is the part of happiness.

6. Have a Chat or Joke with Your Spouse or Close Friends Everyday

Having a wispy and funny talk with a spouse of close friends to share many things is not only fun, but also soothing. Having a joke doesn’t have to be with your parents or your siblings, but you can do it with your boyfriend or girlfriend and even your close friends. Spend your valuable times to have a chat or joke with your closest friends.

7. Take the Advantage of Your Free Time to Laze About

Whatever the reason, the opportunity to sleep and laze throughout the day is very happy because you just sleeping and lazing in the home. It is a very simple intrinsic happiness. Especially, if you have been busy working in the long week. So, take a rest at home in the whole of your free day. This would be one of the most luxurious things for you.

So, after reading these tips, I hope you can have fun and be happy without spending money. Money helps, but it’s not everything.

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    1. I slightly disagree with you. Without money one cannot fiegn happiness. You cant posibly br glad and go runing when theres no money to settle bills. Although all that are listed here are paramount in sustaining happiness, they still do have thier lapses

    2. Actually, it depends on an individual’ point of view. If you read the latest sentence from my post, it sums it all. Indeed, money can help us to be happy. But not all people have enough money to buy or pay something for getting the happiness. At least this article may help people have a happiness in their life without spending money in case they don’t have enough money.


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