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What’s in the Name of Adversity
February 2, 2017

Everyone has to go through adversity and of course some will experience more than others. Some adversity will seem so complex and may appear as if there will ever be a break through. We’re all equipped to handle whatever heads our way. There should be breaks in between. Going through certain periods of adversity can generate fatigue. There’s adversity which “generated” by others in such a case. It’s best to keep distance at if need be totally ignore. Some will administer some adversity to see how far they’re able to go.

Some are unable to deal with the many challenges life can bring. Not allowing some “good thoughts” in will cause the mind to become weak. It’s best to find ways of channeling the emotions. Having to deal with difficult individuals is certainly apart of adversity. Learning when to speak and when to just let go. dealing with certain individuals can be a waste of time.

Learning to not respond to every situation is “key.” Lowering the stress by spending less time in chaotic environments. There’s absolutely no way of getting around adversity. Some may shy away from any challenge but we all must go through something difficult in our lives. Some try way too hard to make things difficult others. Perhaps not connecting with who they truly are. They’re creating their own adversity.

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We’ll sometimes make situations more difficult. Some will just fade out while others we’ll have to find solutions. “The right solutions” of course. If the adversity seems to be weighing one down then it’s time to step back and take some breaks. The most challenging of adversities is the ones will build pressure. The feelings of wanting to slash out and explode.

There’s no denying there’s some on earth who know exactly what buttons to push through some observation. While they’re observing. They’re being observed so one learns want defense to use. Some are challenging because of fear or insecurities. Not only are the persons creating adversity for others but also for themselves. Finding ways to release the pressure is needed. Positive ways. Not allowing any pressure to linger on. Stay clear of the toxicity.

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