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Continued Unfair Treatment Until Needed
February 11, 2017

When some feel as if they don’t need certain individuals they’ll treat the individuals like yesterday’s garbage. That’s how it is with certain groups. “Believing” there’s so many avenues until there’s only one left. Whatever shall we do? Don’t know. Some will always be treated unfairly could be because of their ethnic background or because some are just cruel. The best thing to do in such cases is to continue moving forward. When others try to make life more difficult for others. They’re actually doing an injustice to themselves.

“Break the Chain and Continue to Reach new Heights.” By: Tanikka Paulk

Just may find themselves in a fix. The reason why so many try to knock others down is envy. Not wanting to see the other one rise. They’ll try but at the end of the day. It’s up to the person or persons trying to excel and God. No person should give up just because others are trying to make things difficult. In fact that’s when one should go harder. Some may not realize when we’re doing wrong to others. The tables will turn.

Some will surpass whatever is placed in their path and others probably would give up. Adversity is a given. There’s no way of getting around the adversity but it’s so unfortunate when others work harder to try and cause difficulties for another when the energy could have been used to “elevate in some way.” Well, that’s how life can go sometimes, some go through the toughest of storms.

We’ll come in contact with the most difficult people. Finding the best ways to deal with their antics is important. If not then progress won’t occur. No amount of resistance should prevent a person or persons from getting ahead. There’s always away. There’s more than one solution. “Being persistent and remaining confident is key”. Not believing what naysayers and critics have to say.

No vision or dream should go unnoticed. Although it may be awfully difficult. Do so anyway. Trials are apart of life. The more we go through. The stronger we’ll become. It’s up to each individuals whether to stop or refuse to stop. Even when it appears as if the process is slow like a snail. Move on anyway. Breakthroughs will be near. One may never know if they’re considering giving up.

Some will continue to take jab at others in hopes they’ll give up. Perhaps some may want to retrieve the position another holds are claim the work another has created. Whatever the reasons are, never lose hope, never believe receiving better isn’t deserved. Some push on even when it appears as if there’s no “movement.” When others claim a person is going nowhere. There’s already something worked out for the individual and individuals.

Trying to cause problems for another doesn’t mean the tactics will work. It’s up to the person whether to “proceed” or not. We’re all equipped to handle complexities in life. To get pass the hate and the nuisances. Of course we’ll be challenged in some way. Imagine if what others to do another was projected back. How would the individuals deal? Some probably wouldn’t be able to tolerate what’s dished out.

Remain strong. No matter what heads a person’s way. There is a reason to proceed. No amount of adversity should cause one to just give up. Taking some breaks is necessary. Move on and continue to make strides. There will be days when it appears as if the problematic events will never fade. The problems will go away. The situation and situations will get better. There’s the conquering. “So Conquer.”

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