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What is making people criminals?
March 27, 2017

I do not want to make a wrong day for you, so I immediately warn that the documentary is really cruelly uncomfortable and not for weak nervous viewers. Movie is about serial killers – cannibals. I found it accidentally, because doing home chores alone; I like listen investigations of the criminal cases in the background. This one is fairly well-balanced, because, no matter how it is painfully disgusting, what have made those people, you clearly understand that they were made by the public. People criminals are often people who were outcasts by “perfect people”, such people as you and me. It is people who felt too little love from family. Someone simply forgot to love their children, to caress them.

As it says in this movie, without reason no one little boy just starts and figures out that as an adult he will be a bad man-eater. This material worth to see in the context of current events in order we would not think that atrocities carry out “they”. Because “they” come from “us.”  I am talking about documentary “Cannibal: The Real Hannibal Lecters”. You can find it in YouTube. Often I watch Discovery crime investigation. Maybe I am only alone who likes crime documentary?

If to look from the criminal perspective, we should not just watch, but also to look out why he is such as he is, criminal,  and what made him a criminal. It is very brutal and realistic film.

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There is another side. It may be that these men’ brain was damaged from the birth or childhood. Maybe we did not create them such as they are, but they are just genetically unhealthy.

One more time I warn, if you want to watch it better chose appropriate time. And if you decide not to watch, it is also good, but take a few extra minutes to caress your children. This can be fatal for them.


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