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When The Scam Overrides the Purpose
April 21, 2017

There is an episode in Rosewood in which the woman he has been seeing cleans out his bank accounts and runs. This nearly destroys him.

He’s got all the best features.  Not only good looking on the outside, but good on the inside, with a supportive family, a great job, friends, everything.

But the woman who is a scammer of long standing, scams him just as she would an ugly mean horrible guy who treats her like dirt.

This is because the scam had taken over the person to the extent that it is all that exists.

Even when the scam doesn’t need to be run, when what one would get by dropping is greater than keeping it, the scammer keeps going, because that is what they are.

Often, when a scammer is caught, what they lose is far more than what they would have gained by being straight.  Often, there’s a point they could stop, reorganise, and go on without much loss.    But once they start the scam, that is who they are, all that they are.   There is nothing else.

And when the scam is gone, so is their identity.

Tiger Woods, for example, liked to fool people into thinking he was a decent conservative guy.  Fooling the public was the kick he got and playing golf fueled his scam style.   The day his scam was exposed and we learned he was just a typical ‘ho daddy’, his golf game died.

The two things should be unconnected.  But they aren’t.   The person who plays the scam becomes the scam and can only continue.  The day the scam is exposed, no matter who or what else they were or could have been, is swallowed by the scam.

I’ve seen people who have cheated and if they hadn’t, would have gotten what they wanted.   People who lied, and not aware that the lie was exposed, put themselves into great embarrassment.

People who run scams are not the average person ‘trying a thing’.   People who run scams have a twisted mind set and see the world much as psychopaths do.   They don’t see anything beyond the scam so miss a lot of what could legitimize them.

A scammer doesn’t just get the money, a scammer gets the kick of tricking people.  That’s the real get.  The money isn’t important, proving they are ‘smarter’ than their victim is the get.

A guy like Tiger Woods was not inspired by being the ‘best’ golfer, he was inspired knowing that the world looked at him in a particular way, a way he wasn’t.

It was not that he cheated on his wife, it was that he loved to play the guy with his gang of gals, gals who were available to anyone at not a very high price.   What tickled Tiger Woods was not that he was sneaking into some dirty corner to roll on soiled sheets with women who had done it thousands of times before, but that the world looked up to him as some icon of decency.

Once that scam blew, so did everything else.

That is the fact of scammers.   They can never stop.

    1. be aware of scam

    2. yes be aware of them

    3. Cheaters really do not win in the end; if not caught, karma will get them!

      • The shock in Rosewood as with Tiger Woods, is that dropping the scam would get them more benefits than keeping it, but they keep the scam.

    4. Once a cheater remains a cheater.

      • It is something in built, I think. That people cheat even when they would gain more by honesty.

    5. So well said. It is them proving that they are smarter than those victims of theirs gives them the kick to do a scam. Well! I never knew this. I have been a victim of few online job scams and some work at home scams. Once even my father had been a victim of a scam which showed itself to be a multinational company and later asked for money to appoint us. So, we complained to the company, of course, by using Google’s help, we found the company customer care number and complained. Then it was confirmed that it was a fraud.

    6. Too many people run scams sometimes they don’t even really profit.

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