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There Are Foolish Beings That Like To Do Harm
May 24, 2017

There Are Foolish Beings That Like To Do Harm

By erlymags (@cely/ @lovern)

Anywhere in the world there are foolish beings. They never care if who they hurt really hurt or not. They only feel their excitement to see people sad, cry in despair and die so suddenly. This time, we are war on drugs because of some fools that reside in the country of my residence. I do not know why they like to take illegal drugs then after that do some foolishness that may lead to a heinous crime. The killer drug dominates their brains so they cannot anymore think what is right and wrong. There are so many people affected with the foolishness of people who from the start just like to experiment how good is drug or how it turns out to be after prolonging the taking. Of course, one will become addicted. That is the simplest premise if you take drug you will become a drug addict. It will be the drug that dominates your brain and the entire domains of the human body.

There are indeed pretending to be fools to prosper their desire to play havoc to terrify the world. One island in our country, Ph is now under Martial law. Why is this so? Again, we will go back to foolishness. There are many IS militants already residing in Ph and some Muslims are keeping them so these terrorists continue to terrify the island of Mindanao. It was declared last night by President Duterte Mindanao to be under the state of martial for 60 days to one year. It depends on the situation. If the peace and order situation continues no choice, but to move the law up to one year or forever. We are now affected with the foolishness of some people keeping or hoarding the enemies in their homes. In fact, there is also a university mostly manned by Muslims hide the IS militants, Abusayaffs and other kind of rebels in the vicinity of the campus. That is so weird considering that university is a government run university and used by Muslim administrators to keep the IS militants? That is cheating and treason so the culprits must serve the crime keeping the terrorists.

The world is no facing different killings, bombings and just recently Manchester was on sorrowful situation having 22 died and 50 seriously injured during the concert last night when a bomb blasted the arena. That was a very horrible and scary moment .The killer was also killed by police. That killer was 22 years old, Libyan and so young to become evil. It was told he was normal. The killer has just arrived from his training in Syria. That guy was doing foolishness to life. He should have reassured life. Doing foolishness is not a joke. It may become severe that may end your life and the life of others who love peace.

Image Credit to Yahoo Ph News
Image shown during the Manchester blast

When The Scam Overrides the Purpose
April 21, 2017

There is an episode in Rosewood in which the woman he has been seeing cleans out his bank accounts and runs. This nearly destroys him.

He’s got all the best features.  Not only good looking on the outside, but good on the inside, with a supportive family, a great job, friends, everything.

But the woman who is a scammer of long standing, scams him just as she would an ugly mean horrible guy who treats her like dirt.

This is because the scam had taken over the person to the extent that it is all that exists.

Even when the scam doesn’t need to be run, when what one would get by dropping is greater than keeping it, the scammer keeps going, because that is what they are.

Often, when a scammer is caught, what they lose is far more than what they would have gained by being straight.  Often, there’s a point they could stop, reorganise, and go on without much loss.    But once they start the scam, that is who they are, all that they are.   There is nothing else.

And when the scam is gone, so is their identity.

Tiger Woods, for example, liked to fool people into thinking he was a decent conservative guy.  Fooling the public was the kick he got and playing golf fueled his scam style.   The day his scam was exposed and we learned he was just a typical ‘ho daddy’, his golf game died.

The two things should be unconnected.  But they aren’t.   The person who plays the scam becomes the scam and can only continue.  The day the scam is exposed, no matter who or what else they were or could have been, is swallowed by the scam.

I’ve seen people who have cheated and if they hadn’t, would have gotten what they wanted.   People who lied, and not aware that the lie was exposed, put themselves into great embarrassment.

People who run scams are not the average person ‘trying a thing’.   People who run scams have a twisted mind set and see the world much as psychopaths do.   They don’t see anything beyond the scam so miss a lot of what could legitimize them.

A scammer doesn’t just get the money, a scammer gets the kick of tricking people.  That’s the real get.  The money isn’t important, proving they are ‘smarter’ than their victim is the get.

A guy like Tiger Woods was not inspired by being the ‘best’ golfer, he was inspired knowing that the world looked at him in a particular way, a way he wasn’t.

It was not that he cheated on his wife, it was that he loved to play the guy with his gang of gals, gals who were available to anyone at not a very high price.   What tickled Tiger Woods was not that he was sneaking into some dirty corner to roll on soiled sheets with women who had done it thousands of times before, but that the world looked up to him as some icon of decency.

Once that scam blew, so did everything else.

That is the fact of scammers.   They can never stop.

A Tale Of Two Tragedy: The Steve Stephens’ Incident
April 19, 2017
cleveland (1)

   The shooting of Robert Godwin Sr., by Steve Stephens which was posted by the latter in Facebook was indeed a human tragedy.

What started as human tragedy has ended into another human tragedy. If the news is to be believed that the possible reason why Steve Stephens has shot Robert Godwin Sr., was due to failed relationship and addiction to gambling then he alone of all the people is to be blame.

The only thing that is not acceptable in this situation is that he took the life of an innocent old man, a father of 10 and a grandfather of 14 grandchildren. That’s the scariest situation that anyone could be in. To be shot during the sunset of one’s life.

Imagine yourself being in the right place but in the wrong time when all of sudden without any provocation on your part you’ll be shot by a madman for no apparent reasons at all.

Senseless Killing

   The story of Steve Stephens is a story of failure—of failure to master oneself, to control one’s vice such as gambling and the failure to act as a responsible adult and as productive members of society.

One could but recall the series of school shooting incident that happened in various part of the United States in previous years. It was always the maladjusted individual who is always the cause of human tragedy not only to himself or herself but even to others.

What a wasted lives in this recent incident the victim and the shooter himself. These chains of events were precipitated and put into action by Steve Stephens himself.

But in the end justice has caught up with Steve Stephens if not from the hands of the lawmen but from his own hand himself. He shot himself which in the process is plain suicide since he could no longer face and accept reality and so it seems for him that’s the only means of escape.

What a coward he is. Sometimes we human beings are the very cause of our own folly although we failed to acknowledge it and use other people as our scape goat or we ourselves engaged in a blame game.

One thing that we can learn from this tragic incident is the negative effect of vice for that matter. Any vice serves no better purpose in our life.

The negative effect not only of gambling, drugs, alcohol, and smoking are self-evident and plain for everyone to see. There are countless tales on what kind of miseries these vices could bring.

Another thing that one could learn from this incident is the importance of one’s mental health or sanity. We need to maintain a meaningful direction in life beyond the allure of this world lest we lost our right orientation in life.

There is only one life to live and we must live our life very well and to the fullest.

What is highly noticeable in this incident was the forgiving attitude on the part of the family of the victim Robert Godwin Sr., towards the killer Steve Stephens. That’s no ordinary feat to do under the circumstances.

Indeed to err is human but to forgive is divine.




What is making people criminals?
March 27, 2017

I do not want to make a wrong day for you, so I immediately warn that the documentary is really cruelly uncomfortable and not for weak nervous viewers. Movie is about serial killers – cannibals. I found it accidentally, because doing home chores alone; I like listen investigations of the criminal cases in the background. This one is fairly well-balanced, because, no matter how it is painfully disgusting, what have made those people, you clearly understand that they were made by the public. People criminals are often people who were outcasts by “perfect people”, such people as you and me. It is people who felt too little love from family. Someone simply forgot to love their children, to caress them.

As it says in this movie, without reason no one little boy just starts and figures out that as an adult he will be a bad man-eater. This material worth to see in the context of current events in order we would not think that atrocities carry out “they”. Because “they” come from “us.”  I am talking about documentary “Cannibal: The Real Hannibal Lecters”. You can find it in YouTube. Often I watch Discovery crime investigation. Maybe I am only alone who likes crime documentary?

If to look from the criminal perspective, we should not just watch, but also to look out why he is such as he is, criminal,  and what made him a criminal. It is very brutal and realistic film.

There is another side. It may be that these men’ brain was damaged from the birth or childhood. Maybe we did not create them such as they are, but they are just genetically unhealthy.

One more time I warn, if you want to watch it better chose appropriate time. And if you decide not to watch, it is also good, but take a few extra minutes to caress your children. This can be fatal for them.


Picture by Pixabay.com

Is Cheating During Examination In The Classroom Considered A Crime?
March 11, 2017
human struggle

I do not know if you would agree with this conclusive statement of most teachers in the academe that cheating during examination is a crime. This time teachers notice that students do not like to study. There are many of them doing 24/ 7 playing on line games. Last year their favorite games were DOTA 1 and 2, and Conjuring. There are also students who prefer Clash on Clans (COC). One time I asked them about their favorite game their answer was COC, and then I was ignorant about it. I asked about the literal meaning of COC which is Clash on Clans hehehehe. Then I asked about the whereabouts of one of their classmates who no longer entered the class. I was told that their classmate was doing 24/ 7 DOTA game in an internet café. His parents thought that he was doing his studies seriously. After the final examination the mother talked to me about the update of their son. I showed to her the class record with a grade of Failed. He had no Daily tasks, no projects midterm and final periods. The mother cried in front of me, she sobbed that I felt her agony. I told her to bring her son in the faculty office the next day to take the final examination, removal exam, and to instruct him what to submit to patch up his missing daily tasks or class standing.

The next day my student and his mother arrived in the faculty office. Before he took the removal exams, I handed to him what to submit to patch up his missing grades so he could have at least 3.0 grades. It was my co-teacher that managed the removal test for I have a class. I left the student in the faculty office. The test administrator was in the computer corner to write the inputs of his student’s grades in Mathematics in the system. The mother of the student was not allowed to stay inside the faculty office of the Mathematics Department. She was told to wait outside. The student was so upset according to my co-teacher. It seemed he was waiting for something that did not arrive yet. By the way, my student was told to use his calculator for some Mathematical computations, but never should he be allowed to open his cellular phone. There are so many wise students this time taking advantage of our technology.

The student was monitored by the test administrator, my co – teacher. Though he is far from the student, but he will know if the student cheats. The student did not know that there is installed surveillance camera near the computer corner where my co-teacher inputted the grades of his students. Then the test administrator was so shocked. Why? He saw my student solved the math problem so easily as if he was a genius when not. He was not in class during the lectures of those lessons found in the final examination. Then my co-teacher stood up pretending nothing had seen by his two naked eyes. He passed by the student and he announced to him, I will be back after 5 minutes. Actually the test administrator was pretending he did not know the foolishness done by the student. My co –teacher that administered the test called me about his suspicion of my student as showed in the cam. I left my class and told them to go home after they copied the examples presented through the projector. I also assigned one to bring the projector to the office, then I left them for I was not feeling okay when my co-teacher texted me to come.

When I arrived in the faculty office, I saw the mother of my student smiling sweetly at me as if smile that is thanking for the chance I favored to her son. I was met by the test administrator outside the door and then he instructed me to check what my student was holding. On the spot, I saw my student copying the answers from his big screen cellular phone. I confiscated his gadget and got his test paper. I have learned that his best friend and classmate took a shot of the departmental test questionnaires and answered them for him, so he could perfectly answered the removal test of Mathematics. His mother was instructed to get inside the faculty office, and we called the college dean and the dean of the student affairs. The mother of my student did not know what had happened. She only learned about it when the heads arrived. After knowing the case of her son cheating during the exam with all the evidences, screen shots with answers sent to him by his best friend and classmate she cried.

My student’s mother sobbed more after the deliberation result of the panel of the verdict of her son which is declared in front of her: EXPELLED.

The university where I am teaching expelled my student. It is stated in the school’s policy and stipulated in the students manual whoever is caught cheating will be sanctioned for expulsion. I pity my student, but the more he becomes pitiful if tolerate his bad conduct and abuse his mother’s trust. His classmate who also supplied him with the data and answers was also EXPELLED. They can never enroll in our university. They have to wait for another two years before they could be allowed to enroll to other school. There are so many grounds for expulsion in our university not only cheating during the exam but also writing vandals in the school’s premises, using fake student identification ( ID), caught bringing deadly weapons and more.

I do not understand the many changing morale of the students this time. They are greatly influenced with technology. Instead of using technology wisely to change their lives for the better, worse, they are using it in the wrong way, so instead to graduate from a desired course land in jail.

Image by Pixabay Free Images

False Memories, in Legal Definition
October 23, 2016
False Memories, in Legal Definition_The Dangers of False Memories_False Memory Syndrome; How It Happens?

If you recall your childhood, you may remember things that didn’t happen.  ‘Memories’ which were given to you by your parents or other adults who had influence over you.  As an adult when you look back, you might see they were ‘boogieman’ stories or misunderstandings.

There are also False Memories which are exposed in Court, especially when it comes to “eye witness” identification.

In the first article I mentioned the ‘White Car’  where an experiment  to manipulate a memory was done deliberately.

The same process which happened in that classroom where under grads were ‘told’ what they recalled often occurs in legal matters when the Police tell a witness who what they witnessed.

They may show a photograph to a witness or somehow indicate who should be pointed out on the identification parade.

When this comes out in Court, clearly the accused must be released.

Sometimes it is the memory of the witness him or herself which plays the Trick.



A woman’s premises was burglarised by an ‘Oriental looking’ man.   Two weeks after the event she identified a man who sold newspapers.   This man had a kiosk on the path she took to work.

For two years she had passed this kiosk.

Directly after the burglary she could only say; “an Oriental looking man”.   But two weeks later, she indicated that vendor.

This is because her memory of an Oriental Looking man had pasted itself over the man she had seen, and saw.

Had he been the actual culprit she would have immediately identified him, or done so on the following day.  The fact she had not was a clear indication that she had overwritten her memory with the face of this person, confusing two different memories.



A woman was watching an interview on television when a man broke in and raped her.  She identified the man she had been watching on television as the rapist.

The fact the show was live was a clear indication she had mixed up what she was watching on the television with what was happening to her.

During the past decades, reliance on eye witness testimony has dwindled.  There are many cases in which DNA evidence has been used to exonerate a person who has been convicted, often serving years or decades.

This is because when a person is under stress and experiencing things they can not process at the time, they are likely to confuse faces and make an erroneous identification.