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A Tale Of Two Tragedy: The Steve Stephens’ Incident
April 19, 2017
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   The shooting of Robert Godwin Sr., by Steve Stephens which was posted by the latter in Facebook was indeed a human tragedy.

What started as human tragedy has ended into another human tragedy. If the news is to be believed that the possible reason why Steve Stephens has shot Robert Godwin Sr., was due to failed relationship and addiction to gambling then he alone of all the people is to be blame.

The only thing that is not acceptable in this situation is that he took the life of an innocent old man, a father of 10 and a grandfather of 14 grandchildren. That’s the scariest situation that anyone could be in. To be shot during the sunset of one’s life.

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Imagine yourself being in the right place but in the wrong time when all of sudden without any provocation on your part you’ll be shot by a madman for no apparent reasons at all.

Senseless Killing

   The story of Steve Stephens is a story of failure—of failure to master oneself, to control one’s vice such as gambling and the failure to act as a responsible adult and as productive members of society.

One could but recall the series of school shooting incident that happened in various part of the United States in previous years. It was always the maladjusted individual who is always the cause of human tragedy not only to himself or herself but even to others.

What a wasted lives in this recent incident the victim and the shooter himself. These chains of events were precipitated and put into action by Steve Stephens himself.

But in the end justice has caught up with Steve Stephens if not from the hands of the lawmen but from his own hand himself. He shot himself which in the process is plain suicide since he could no longer face and accept reality and so it seems for him that’s the only means of escape.

What a coward he is. Sometimes we human beings are the very cause of our own folly although we failed to acknowledge it and use other people as our scape goat or we ourselves engaged in a blame game.

One thing that we can learn from this tragic incident is the negative effect of vice for that matter. Any vice serves no better purpose in our life.

The negative effect not only of gambling, drugs, alcohol, and smoking are self-evident and plain for everyone to see. There are countless tales on what kind of miseries these vices could bring.

Another thing that one could learn from this incident is the importance of one’s mental health or sanity. We need to maintain a meaningful direction in life beyond the allure of this world lest we lost our right orientation in life.

There is only one life to live and we must live our life very well and to the fullest.

What is highly noticeable in this incident was the forgiving attitude on the part of the family of the victim Robert Godwin Sr., towards the killer Steve Stephens. That’s no ordinary feat to do under the circumstances.

Indeed to err is human but to forgive is divine.




    1. It is sad that Robert Godwin Sr. was killed in that manner. I feel for his children the trauma they will undergo more especially that he was murdered in full view of some of his children.
      As for the killer,Steve Stevens, by killing himself has made the case even very difficult because there is no one to prosecute.

    2. It is just so sad indeed, that an innocent old man be shot just like that without any provocation, much more from a man he doesn’t even know.

      That is why, our president, is also so angry with drug addicts and especially with those drug Lords.

      Who knows, the killer of the old man is also into drugs that he would just kill just like that.

      No man in his right man can do that. It has to be from someone who is mentally disturbed already.

      I hope he rots in jail for doing that.

    3. The first time I have read this news from the favorite online news source I was deeply touched and I pitied so much this old man who is too innocent. He had served as a collateral damage to the frustration of the killer Steve.

      People regarded the killing as a senseless and they demand that justice must be served. But it wasn’t. It ended in another giving off of life. The culprit himself who was seen in a fast food wanted to order some foods, was spotted by a personnel of that fast food center and it was reported right away to the nearby police officers. Then car chasing ensued until the criminal killed himself for helpless anymore.

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