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There is joy in the Lord and God wants us to be joyful in him
December 14, 2017

We should all yearn to share in the joy of the Lord. But to do this we must be obedient to his word. Being joyful in the Lord is not impossible for with God nothing can be impossible. With God being joyful meaning having a fulfilled life and the first step to such a life is to be obedient to the word of God.

There are indeed times when finding joy in our lives becomes very difficult, especially in the world in which we live today. But to overcome such difficulty we must remind ourselves of all the good that God has done for us. When we follow the word of God, he blesses us. Therefore we should thank him for all his saving mercies and graces. Then joy will begin to warm our lives no matter how dreadful life may seem. When we praise God for never leaving us our hearts delight with joy.

God always promises to share his joy with us so that we may share it with others. We are his people and he never wants us to be separated from him. Though we may sin we always have the option of returning to the love of God and he is always there waiting to welcome us. We were not meant to be burdened by sorrow for through Jesus our sorrows turned to joy with his resurrection.

But sorrow can also be joyful even though that may sound contradicting. The apostle Paul was one to rejoice in the things that brought sorrow. He showed us that tears are not only a sign of bad but a sign of good too, for our Lord and Saviour is capable of working miracles in less than perfect situations. In fact we always see Jesus working miracles in the least likely of places and circumstances and when trouble is at its peak. So why should we  rejoice? Simple, because God continues to work miracles in our lives no matter the situation and this is a reminder that we still possess rights to the kingdom of heaven.

So when we find we need joy in our lives all we need to do is praise God no matter how heavy laden we are. He is always there for us to love us and bless us. So let us thank him for all he has given to us and when remember and embrace his love and nature then our sorrow will turn to joy.

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    1. Amen!joy in the Lord for the Lord is greater than anything in this world! Money, leisure, flesh, relationship with other human being can vanished but God is forever.

    2. So do we know who Jesus is? To do so means to desire the world and flesh less and open up our hearts to him. We must let him into our hearts so that he can claim our life and cleanse us of our sin. Yes, temptation may come our way but with Jesus in our hearts sin has no firm grasp on our lives. Our aim must be to dwell in the Lord and celebrate our newness in him.


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