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Who Is Superior Between Men And Women?
Who Is Superior Between Men And Women?

What a question? How does the case of superiority arise here? That is the idea that is probably springing into your mind. I know you have the answer too. Most men will say that men are superior. They will have their reasons too. Some women will agree with the men and they will justify their case too. There are other women who will vote for women being superior. This is a question that we want to discuss here.

Men Being Superior
Those men and women who believe and read the bible will say that men are superior. Their argument will be based on the reason that God made men first. They will argue that God is a man because He made the first man in his image and likeness. So men are superior because they are like God. Women, they will argue was made as an afterthought and so she is inferior to men.

I have no problem with the creation story though I might not agree with this theory. Does it mean that if you create a thing first that it becomes superior to the latter? Is it not that the latter may be perfected to be even more superior to the former. If we go to the garden of Aden, we see the lady taking the first step in disobeying God. If she was inferior, would she have convinced the first man to disobey God?

Women Being Superior
Women happen to be the mother of the universe. It seems that all were because the woman wanted them to be. It is the woman who takes care of all the world. She overworks herself for her family. It is the woman who has the final say in family matters. How can you call this creature inferior? The home belongs to women.

Final Submissions
Will a leg tell the hand that since it is the one that walks then it is superior to it? Oh, no! All are members of the same body with different functions. It is the same with the family. Each member has to work towards a common goal, a happy and prosperous family.

None is therefore superior here. None either, is equal to the other. Each should play his or her part and respect the other.

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    1. Funny post though. But in my opinion I think the men are more superior in most aspect and women are superior in few aspect.
      In most aspect in the sense that from creation man has been made the superior by God.
      Being superior simply means being at higher authority and when you look at today’s world, men are taking lead.
      In some continents like Africa and Asia where women have limited right to authorities, political power and other public things. Men are also superior in the sense that they are the reason why the world grows in population via reproduction though women play also a role in reproduction but they never can do it without the men unless she’s the next Virgin Mary. Among the number of scientists in the world at large, the men take lead.
      If there are ten scientists, 9 are men and 1 is a lady. Therefore the scientific growth of the world we are in today is being made possible by men. This justifies their superiority over women.
      Let’s come over to family issues, the men in most part of the world contribute immensely to their families, they provide food, pay children’s school fees and bear the consequences of the children’s misdeeds. This justifies their superiority also.
      There shouldn’t be an argument over these because it is crystal clear that men are far more superior than ladies.
      No debate should be involved.

      • Being superior in some aspects is what I AGREE. When it comes to who is more superior is what I do not agree. Each has a certain key. The safe needs both keys to open. Men would like to look upon women and yet there are many women who look down on women.

        The story will go round and round till we get tired and keep quiet. It goes without say that the two must complement each other. That is why I might not support gay marriage. One key misses and what they have for each other is burning passion.

    2. First correction in the bible the word MAN does not imply MEN it means men and women as a whole, people should not get that wrong for those who may think otherwise. Then I like the way you have explained about the woman I do wish all men would think like you, but minds vary. It is true that women do most of th3 things in this world. They give birth, they take care of the child, they run the house, and so many other things. But we cannot say that they are superior to the guys or the guys are superior, even though it’s said that the man is the head of the house that does not make home superior either in the bible we are all equal in the eyes of God.he alone is superior and above everyone and [email protected] if I can just say something about your comment, in Africa men behave like that are superior but the truth is when they do things all they think about is themselves that are very egoistic and that are greedy. A man would never want a woman to look better than him so he would rather do things to put her down so that she feels frustrated, or they will discourage her in all ways so that she feels she cannot do certain things. And all this is brought about by the man feeling threatened by the ladies. And sometimes greed will make a man do things and earn material stuff for him to feel superior so we cannot say that the superiority comes from within, it comes from what they have.

      • Anitah you are right there. What ails me most is the competition for superiority between the two. One would like to be superior than the other. How wrong this is. We end up having broken marriages and relationship. If only each of the two would learn to respect each other then life will be smooth.

        I tend to believe that gays are just a way that one wants to run and escape from the other. When all the drunkenness will abet is when sobriety will return. We shall enjoy being in the arms of the other

    3. My friend , none is superior between man and women. Woman is a positive force and man is negative force, along with it I tell you woman means, positive and man means negative. Now think one negative the other positive now tell who is superior, man or woman. Actually in case of man and woman man and woman both the essential parts of each other. When such be the case no one becomes superior both are part and parcel of each other. The Bible story of Adam and Eve is misunderstood there is not a single line in the all the holy books woman is superior or man superior. Woman is more superior due to having the power of creation all human being spring from the womb of woman,

      I conclude that no one is superior but both are part and parcel of each other. We may compare man with woman as we compare gold with silver.

      • A man happens to have @ certain key of life and a woman too. When both keys turn in the lock, the doors of life opens. The fact that a woman cries on the shoulder of a man and wants to be held is not a sign of weakness.

        Most men also look like big babies infront of ladies. They beg, kneel and cry before them. They are not weak either. The two have to behave so to blend.

        I love this topic

    4. In my opinion this topic/question is outdated for men and women are equal. And both men and women can shine it doesn’t depend our your gender, but on the individuel. I’m not ashamed to admit that there are women that can do something (stereotype considered manly) beter than me. Like there are probably women that can kick my behind.

      • Do you know there is no outdated topic.? What you think and how I think are two things which are world apart. This topic is as fresh as fresh milk directly from the cow. Supremacy between men and women has raged on from time immemorial It is still there.

        Worse still women have penetrated and started doing the once men-dominated jobs. We need this topic now and today. It is true that we have an equal standing, but in whose eyes? Is it God, men or women?

        • Okay i admit that this kind of topic is hard to get outdated (was a matter of speech/expression) since this kind of topic keeps circling around. it was purely out of my point of view and maybe western society (like 30%). And i don’t like getting god involved in this kind of thing considering this a human conflict. Yes i do believe in the almighty, just not a fan of holy books since they were written by humans to manipulate other humans.

    5. Men and women are equal in my opinion. Yes there are certain things men can’t do that women can do and there are also things that women can’t do that men do but that doesn’t mean men and women are not equal. Everyone is good at different things that how life is but putting a gender above another is not how today’s society work. Yes the Bible says the man is the head of the household but today there are women that are the head of their house hold and that doesn’t make neither more superior than the other.

      • You agree and I am grateful. But do you agree from your heart or lips? Do you treat your better half as an equal or just like another person? Some things are better said than done.

        There are things that women do better and others that men do better yet men still want to have dominion over the women. The women also have cried for women rights that now men are becoming the endangered species. All things should be done with respect. I think there is no equality between them but a balance of nature

    6. It is obnoxious to take up a discussion on this topic in these modern days. This is meant for oldies who can take up such topic for a discussion.

      This is not relevant to drag the inferences from Bible making it unchaste.

      One thing is accepted that because Man was created first by the God does not mean that he is superior. It gives him only seniority. The woman was created latter means she is a junior. Their potentials and efficiencies in carrying out things may be different. It is for this reason that in every religion it will be observed that a wife should be younger than a husband. This has got both scientific and psychological validity also.

      One more point for observation is that all religions have got both male deities and female deities. They are all worshiped. Is there any religion which has got and dominated by only male Gods?

      We should also see that this gender discrimination is not existing among the Gods even.

      The male God, if worshiped by a female will definitely please and bless her. Similarly, a female deity if worshiped by a male will bless him and fulfill all his desires.

      Thus both are equally affectionate and bless their children with impartiality.

      • I love it when you say it is an outdated post. Nothing in this world is outdated. The mind is just a mind . There are some fashions that were used in the past that are trending today. Topics also do. In fact it is today that this topic is live.

        Thank you for enlightening about the deities. They are what we call as gods. Yet there is a God who reigns supremacy in the world. He is, was and will be.

        Back to the topic. You will see from the arguments that I agree that each is superior and inferior in a way. I sum up by saying that they are not equals either. They should learn to respect and love one another. That is my argument.

    7. In culture context from other countries, man should be always superior over a woman. These countries are not open with gender equality. Some men prefer to women who are not educated. For them, women are considered slaves. It is sad to hear this but it happens in real life.

      On the other hand, some countries are open to changes its both gender roles. We can’t change the culture and need to respect it. In traveling these specific countries, we need to be cautious.


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