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You have to know God in order to love him and he wants us to know him
December 14, 2017

Many times we try to prove to God that we are truly his disciples and to our fellow brothers and sisters in Christ. This is at times worse that its intended intentions because it makes us more busy and our faith and closeness to our Saviour Jesus Christ is over exploited and becomes a sham for saving face. However if we truly know God and all his saving mercies and graces, then witnessing becomes not about what we do but about whom we love. We can do all the good works in the world, it all means nothing if there is no connection to our Lord and Saviour. Sometimes to get to know God requires us to be still and this stillness will lead us to a deeper knowledge of him who blesses us with many graces.

As Christians we are bound to face difficulties and contentions on our journey in getting to know God. But we can face these obstacles bravely by embracing the wonder and awe of God found in his great works of creation which surround us. He gave us salvation through his son Jesus Christ and he is the one whom we should allow to be the head and leader of our lives.

God is the liberator as history as proven. He continues to liberate those who have been oppressed even to this day. He continues to free us from sin and lead us to love. Since he rescues us why don’t we get to know him more intimately? We should draw closer and closer to him everyday so we can enjoy all the blessings he has for us.

Knowing God only happens if we know who Jesus is. We get to the Father through his son. If we know the son, we know the Father. Jesus helps us to understand the Father and his love and when we trust in Jesus, we trust in the Father.

God will take up residence in our hearts when we act according to his word. Sometimes our failures make us doubt him but we should never despair for even though we doubt, he never fails or leaves us. The apostle Paul always encourages us to live a devout life to our Lord because he has given us his Spirit to dwell within us. This Spirit empowers us and strengthens us to live a holy life.

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    1. We must yearn to be renewed in Christ for this is where freedom truly lives. We no longer will be bound by the world but instead live joyfully in the Lord. Sin weights us down and tarnishes our existence. We feel old when sin overpowers us but turning to Christ for forgiveness cleanses us and makes us new again.


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