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The Ten Most Corrupt Countries
January 30, 2017

Although many countries are corrupt, the Top Ten seem to have exceeded.

Transparency International  blames/attributes corruption on what is called the rise of ‘populism’.   People are elected because they appeal to the basest levels of human being.  They are elected,  get into office, which they are not capable of managing.  This has led to an increase in corruption.

Transparency International has published it’s annual Corruption Perceptions Index.

This is based on surveys with the World Bank,  and The World Economic Forum  as well as the Economist Intelligence Unit, which had determined that corruption increased in 2016.

The reason for corruption is often pointed out as the unequal distribution of power and wealth.  This fuels social inequality.  People then turn to populist politicians whom they feel will help them. Once in power,  the populist office holder become more dictatorial.

For example, in Turkey,  Recep Erdogan has tightened his grip on power.  Getting the people behind him he will do what he feels is in his interest.  The same is true of Viktor Orban of Hungary.

This is the List Today:

The most corrupt:

1. Somalia
2. South Sudan
3. North Korea
4. Syria
5. Yemen
6. Sudan
7. Libya
8. Afghanistan
9. Guinea-Bissau
10. Venezuela/Iraq (joint)

One has to see with Syria, they are having a terrible civil war.  Libya has no government, nor does Afghanistan or Iraq; to be honest.

The United States is now listed at number 18. Transparency International states this is because of Trump’s government appointments and his failure to divest himself of his business interests were “rife with potential conflicts of interest”.

This is, of course, no surprise.   Trump has been very careful not to put Saudi Arabia on his list, nor anywhere he has a hotel or other business interests.   He seems to be using the office of President to fill his pockets. Not surprising.

It is interesting to see how ‘high’ America will go on this list.

By the way; Jamaica is 83 out of 176.   Not too bad.

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    1. There are reports that are published about the most corrupt countries and also the nicest countries. I remember seeing reports on both. I remember one report that said Ireland was one of the nicest or “goodest” countries.

      The information gathered about corrupt countries is informative but it is also very sad. The late Ray Charles sang a song with these lyrics: “None of us are free. If one of us is chained, none of us are free.”

      You or we … have a tendency to review these reports and breath a sigh of relief when our country is not in the Top 10. But then, you have to think:
      ~ Is there no way the people in those countries can be set free?

      If you’re in a corrupt country, with a ruthless regime, it’s worse than being a slave in chains!

    2. I was scared we’d be in the top ten. We are in the top ten of the most dangerous cities…Kingston.

    3. It is a good thing that my country is not included.There are so many things to consider about this concern.All I can say that most countries this old government system. It is best described as corruption. The new administration of my government is aiming to stop this.

      If they really wanted to change something.The country needs to have a reformation of the government system. I am sure it takes time. I think it is an ideal way to change things. The issue can never be changed.

    4. thank god india is not in this list …

    5. Speaking corruption, the Philippines has a lot of corrupt officials. In fact, everyone is clamoring to enter politics because they want to enrich themselves through those projects being implemented in the place where they rule.

      But with us having a new president now, so bent in curbing corruption and in fact, have relieved the whole management of its Bilibid prison, where drug lords have their shabu laboratories.

      He has already a strict instruction that government employees should expedite all government trasactions and report those who asks for bribes.

      I Hope this is the beginning of at least the lessening if not for the eradication of corruption in the government.


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