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The Oscars; awards that mean nothing
February 27, 2017

Years ago, the crowds and the hype made it clear that this picture or that one was a must see.    People felt that this one was sure to get the Academy Award, but that one got it.   It wasn’t that great a shock, any more than then the 5 to 1 winner beating the 3 to 1 favourite.

Now, with all the hype and the need to ‘diversify’  one knew ‘the fix was in’ and that despite the audience, the hype,  the quality, La La Land was NOT going to win.

It reminds me of the time when Janet was to get the job.

I live in a Kakistocracy; that is a government by the very worst people.  In my country the government is NOT corrupt, Corruption IS our form of governance.    In short, if you have to apply for a job, you won’t get it.

Good jobs, those with a big title and a lot of money and little work are given to persons who are;

sleeping with those in power, related to those in power, are being groomed for power, or are owed money by those in power.

So X organisation is created to give Sharp a position so he will be in the public’s eye and have a perch from which to run for Parliament.

When Sharp runs and is elected, the post he vacates is given to Fill In who is going to be moved as soon as another person who has to Get Something needs to Get Something.

As Big Man wanted his woman to have a Big Post,  the position was to be given to Janet.

Because I live in this country, and know the way ‘it goes’ before I applied for the position, I checked.  As I have some link to the Kaka that run the country, I knew that Fill In was a Fill In.

I made a phone call to a contact.

I was told, “I’ll call you back.”

The next day, I was told; “Janet is going to get the Post.”

I didn’t apply.

Someone Else decided to apply for the post.  She had more experience.  On every criteria she was the better candidate.   Someone Else went to the first interview, and impressed.  Someone Else went to the second Interview and She impressed.

The Board voted to give the Post to Someone Else.

But the Chairman, who knew how things go, claimed Janet had been selected.

This led to some behind the scenes maneuvering,  but, unlike the Oscars, it never came out in public.   Someone Else never knew she had been chosen.   Someone Else didn’t have to suffer the embarrassment the cast of La La Land did.

Best Picture was announced.  The Cast came up on stage. The audience applauded because they knew La La Land was the Best Movie.

But because ‘the fix was in’ and Hollywood had to ‘Let The Wookies Win’, for the first time in History, there was this ‘mistake’.

Outside of the baby who was born yesterday, we all know that the Awards Had to be Given to non-whites.  Black actors/actresses HAD to win.

It didn’t matter what was the Best, what the Public wanted or didn’t want, Moonlight, like Janet, had to win.

So whatever lies, tricks, explanations are given, everyone knows that La La Land will have the viewing public, and Moonlight will be, like Janet, given the ‘award’, not because of quality or votes, but because ‘the fix was in’.

And this time, it was made evident.

Sometimes someone just has to announce it.   Sometimes, before applications and interviews, are wasted, because Janet was sleeping with a Big Man, she had to get the job, qualifications and ability, insignificant.

Because the Oscars were ‘Too White’ the awards had to be given to non-whites.

Corruption triumphs.


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    1. It would be nice to see the day when ALL positions for employment are actually based on the job candidate’s qualifications and merits. But that ain’t never gonna happen and we know it! So if you got skills, try to find out how to make it on your own.

      As for the Oscars? Did something happen? I stopped watching that particular awards show years back. Long time ago, we might have argued about the “hint of racism” in these ceremonies. But that lady who played the maid in “Gone With the Wind” did got an Oscar, even though she couldn’t go to the celebration part afterwards because Negroes were not allowed. Sidney Potier got an Oscar for “Lilies of the Field”. Denzel Washington has more than one Oscar on his belt notch. Perhaps the person who started the Academy Awards actually did want to give recognition to outstanding actors, directors, etc. But these days, especially these days, we all know that the award shows are about money. And any little “controversy”? It’s probably about money too! That black and white stuff is just “window dressing”.

      • I feel you are seeing the same thing I am. It’s like having various flavours of ice cream and most people buying Rocky Road, (for example) and the store deciding this in unfair to strawberry so people have to buy strawberry.

        When Avatar roped in more money than any other picture and didn’t get the award one wondered where the head of the Academy was?

        I have no intention in seeing a movie about homosexuals. It doesn’t appeal to me. I will prob. watch la la land online because its a ‘feel good’ movie and sometimes… gee… people go to the movies to… um… be … I don’t know…? Entertained?

        To my mind La La Land won… but it was more ‘politically correct’ to give it to Moonlight, so the envelopes were fudged…


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