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If You Have To Apply for the Post, You Won’t Get It
December 10, 2016
If You Have To Apply for the Post, You Won't Get It_culture of corruption

In a previous article I mentioned the fact that in Jamaica, if you have to apply for a position, you won’t get it.

I’m not talking about those low level open door type of things where there is no prestige and the pay is low.

I’m discussing the kind of posts you apply for, submit your Curriculum Vitae and will be interviewed in a conference room or office.

These posts only go to a small category of people;

1. Bed Warmers

When a man is dispensing with last year’s gal so as to take up with this one, and he is a politician or has money, he gets the gal a post; whether in government or business.
It will come with a title and a bag of perquisites.

The gal can’t do the job, obviously, so there will be assistants and various consultants and advisers also hired.

In some cases the gal is the wife of some guy the Person in Charge needs to please, so she gets the post. The other candidates may be far more qualified, but she gets the post.

In other cases, a guy, to protect his pocket, gets a job for his gal so that she has her own money and won’t be bothering him every minute.

2. Blood

Who your father or mother is, or your grandfather, or you uncle or aunt makes an application for a position a formality. You want it? It is yours.

Whether you need to take your shoes off to count over ten, whether you virtually need a handler to keep you walking a straight line doesn’t matter.

When you want the job you make it clear that ‘My Daddy is the Member of Parliament for…” or “My Uncle owns that big company…” and the carpet is rolled out.

3. Favours/Money

A lot of rich people buy a politician. Not that they expect the politician to have much use in anything that interests them, but they expect the politician to insure that they or their children get posts.

High Paying, lots of perquisite posts.

Some people see/hear things they shouldn’t and to make sure their families don’t collect on their life insurance, just ask for something they can get; like…oh… Advisor to the Minister of… or Chairman of…. nothing difficult to be granted.

This is why Jamaica and other such nations are kakiscracies. You can bet the guy who is appointed ‘consultant’ knows less about the field he is to be consulted on then the person who asks him.

You can put your pot on the fire when some big post comes vacant  that the person who is going to get it falls into one of the 3 categories.

If you are a fool and want to make enemies, just be qualified and apply for the post before finding out if it is already promised.

The best thing to do is have a ‘contact’ who can tell you, (six months before the vacancy) that ‘Janet‘ is going to get it. That means you don’t bother apply.

It doesn’t matter if you wrote the law. It doesn’t matter if you have been in the field for ten years. Ability, qualifications, experience mean nothing. If you don’t fall into one of the 3 categories, you won’t get it.

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    1. Man! Life in Jamaica sucks!

    2. It is totally corrupt here. Almost funny. If your husband was MP and you wanted a job, despite the fact you have absolutely no qualifications for it, it is yours. And they’ll give you Advisors and assistants so that all you do is go to the hair stylist and read what they write when you have to make a public statement.

    3. This is the case in many of the countries in the world. If they find that you are vulnerable and are badly in need of the job they try all unwanted things and seek favours for giving jobs or any other kind of security. This is a abusive mentality of the people who are in positions of power. Not only that even the less privileged who may be not in a powerful position also indulge in such activity and take advantage of a man or woman’s personal situation in life. The only solution for this is to raise awareness through different forums and articles highlighting this issue in important magazines and naming and shaming the company or the people involved in such practices which are very unhealthy in a society. If one person sacrifices his one job and tries to highlight the issue properly in the media. Then others would also come forward and this scourge can be eliminated altogether from the society of which we are all part of. Good to see that you have started a debate on this issue through this article. This article can be shared by you with you friends and well wishers and they can also lend a hand in this good cause. The same can be expected from other right thinking individuals in the society. Keep up the good work you have started.

      • The ‘natural’ use of oppression or discrimination or having the handle is endemic. If you ask someone for a glass of water they may do something else before getting it to you because they need to show power.

        However, in a kakistocracy as Jamaica all positions are to be given to those who fall into a category even when they are totally unqualified. This is why nothing works in Jamaica.

        The ‘Director’ of whatever, be it waste disposal or a hospital is a moron who got the job because of some connection. A member of the public will have a meeting with this moron and realise, very early, this is an idiot who knows nothing.


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