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Corruption is not new to everyone, I guess. Since the time my mind is open from the nature of government we are living in, corruption is one of the issues that are hard to get rid of. However, not all but when we watch news about every country, corruption is always on the top reason for every problem.

With this kind of problem, total quality of life will not be given to each people. But then, there are ways to eradicate corruption from its very roots:

  1. Stop corruption in public information. Corruption in one government would be minimized if there will be transparency and fairness in our public reports and records.
  2. Stop corruption in health and nutrition. If people have a healthy mind and body, they would have better ways of thinking and living. But with an empty stomach and having a sick family member who cannot afford a doctor and a medicine, that person could resort to committing a crime. Therefore, the government should focus on laws and programs that address the basic health and food requirement, especially the need of the poor people.
  3. Stop corruption in education. The lack of knowledge can narrow one’s mind and decisions. Hence, the government should intensify education in a country for all levels. If a person knows more, we can think more, and we can do better.
  4. Stop corruption in every laborer. There should be an adequate wage hike for all workers as all basic needs become higher in prices. If workers have enough salary, fraud and corruption can be minimized, especially in the government offices.
  5. Stop corruption of peace. Policemen and soldier must stick to what their duties are. It is to maintain peace and order, not on the other way around. Police officers must avoid taking money from violators of law in exchange for freedom.
  6. Stop corruption of morality. Adult community and the government should protect the young ones from corrupting their minds.
  7. Stop corruption of our natural resources.
  8. Stop corruption on our national heritage.
  9. Stop corruption at home. Parents play a vital role in forming the personalities of their children as they grow up.
  10. Stop corruption of law and justice. Everyone should respect the law, whether it is about plunder, theft, murder or simply jaywalking. There should be fairness to every law offenders. There should be no exemptions.
  11. Stop corruption within ourselves. Know how to manage what you have. Avoid buying unnecessary things.

Maybe the above-listed ways to stop corruption is a basic knowledge to everyone. These ways come into my mind after watching news about some politicians who are involved in such issues.



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