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The Reasons why Mankind is Corrupt
October 30, 2017

There’s many reason why mankind became so corrupt and evil. Some may not understand how can mankind be so evil when they’re made in God’s image. The coming of the world. When entering the world and seeing the disruptive actions so many may start to mimic such behavior. Temptation is one of the reasons why the corruption begins. Desiring of things in which we shouldn’t have. Below are some of the reasons why mankind is so corrupt.

  1. Envy
  2. Greed
  3. Temptations
  4. Anger
  5. Bitterness


Mankind is exposed to all sorts of environments and will mimic the behaviors in the environments. Some enter into darkness and may never find their way out. For some becoming evil and corrupt stems from pain. Going through a lot of pain can make persons bitter and become angry. That’s why it’s best to find ways to stay mentally healthy. Engaging in positive activities can help. Surrounding ourselves around inspirational people can help prevent emotions which can lead to a dark path.

Avoiding the Corruption

Some may feel as if they’re unable to avoid becoming corrupt. There has to be a desire to not want to become corrupt. So many continue to develop corruption and may not have the will power to allow the thoughts of corruption to leave. There are some who simply chose to become corrupt due to greed. Their desire to gain more lead the individuals to the pathway of corruption. Some are so corrupt and refuse to stop being corrupt due to fear. There are some who believe that if they’re any other way then they may not be accepted.

Too many fall victim of corruption. So many have become evil due to their environments. There are some who only follow orders from the most corrupt persons. Dictators are full of corruption and evilness. Their desire to be the most powerful causes the bad behavior. No matter what’s said or done the ones who desire to be corrupt will and the ones who will want to cease the corruption will try very hard to be released from the corruption. It’s really sad to see so many cause so much havoc. Not willing to be good citizens, not willing to build better environments, or willing to allow advancement.

So many desire to punish, discipline, but refuse to look in the mirror and see what they truly are. Pointing fingers when in no position to do so. Causing chaos and displaying their menacing behavior. Telling so many how to live their lives and rarely focusing on their own lives. Trying so hard to alter perceptions. It appears as if not too many are willing to be “good.” So many are close to the pit of hell. Not too many appear to have gladness when there elevation occurs. So many coming up against the very ones who are in a position to generate positive changes. “How Many Have Noticed the Corruption and how Many are Willing to Take a Stand Against Corruption?” (Tanikka Paulk). Doesn’t appear as if too many are willing to do so.

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    1. I strongly agree u said it all with evil greed temptation and anger . Everybody does eat the Apple enventuly. Thank God for our policies to keep this world going around


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