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Respect Is Very Important Anytime, Anywhere
January 19, 2017

When you encounter someone who is being rude or disrespectful, it is hard to know how to react. You may be asking yourself so many questions how to deal this kind of person. You may decide to ignore the person or to stand up for yourself. In doing this, it would make the situation worse. You may ignore the disrespectful person.

There are so many marriages broken. There are also many relationships between man and woman shattered like a dream. The only main reason is they lack respect. If you lack respect to your mate, he or she will surely feel discourage for showing no support to his or her decision. If you are married, you might have not respected your husband or wife in a party attended. You might have just shouted at him or her in front of the people who might also be your friends. Your husband or wife will lose his or her dignity and shame uploads his or her heart. There might be so many instances in the past you put each in dreadful shame because you lack respect. That would serve as one ground for a broken relationship due to shame. A shame is considered an injury others hard to fathom and pardon by both of you.

If your husband is employed in an office where over time is required, you have to respect his opinion why a must for him to do overtime work. Do not immediately conclude that he has another woman. Other wives also go to office where their husband works to make an on the spot ocular inspection if there is really overtime. That particular judgment is so illogical and unreasonable.

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In an office for example, if you are part of that place, you have to keep any important minutes of the meeting. It is always confidential and so impractical if broadcast to others what had come with during your emergency meeting or regular meeting. If your head in the office will know it, you will surely explain why violating some policies in an office, that is if that is part of the polices, but despite not part, it is very unprofessional to tell others. Another, during your meeting, you have to respect the opinion of your colleague about his or her opposing stand to an issue. There are co-workers that tend to put a co- worker down by insulting her opinion. That insult may resort to hurting the pride and feeling of your fellow worker. You have to respect her stand, and wait until your fellow worker done talking. Even if you are the head of that office, it is not wise of you to insult your subordinate. That is unethical and such act means losing the morale of the worker, plus putting the person down.

Even n your home, you always has a family member who does not respect you. You might have requested a younger brother or sister to cook food clean the house, wash their clothes or water the plants, instead of following your request, they never mind about them. They do not respect you. And you will surely feel mad about not being respected. Trouble follows f you lack control of your emotion.

If you are a teacher for example, you have to respect the opinion or answer of your student. Do not just insult your student by saying your answer is wrong, sit down. That is so unprofessional putting the student to a shameful situation. You have to encourage them to talk to improve their thinking and reasoning, and despite answer wrong, do tell politely like this, I think your answer is lacking .You may expound it later. That way, a student would strive hard to get the right answer, but if insult him, he would surely want to cry or drop the subject.

Also, do not forget that you sometimes do not respect yourself in many ways.

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    1. I can be civil to the person who disrespected in any ways. But then, there is always a limitation for everything. If I am in a bad position due to insensitivity of others, then it needs to stop. I cannot bear to destroy my credibility without a fight. I need to protect myself and my family. If the situation is too serious, let our personal lawyers to deal with it.

    2. @Shavkat, hehehe I am so amused of your very good suggestion to let your lawyer answer all the issues and fight back That is what we call your own right, g]human right and human as we are; we need respect; we need to be respected as we do to others.There are people that lack sense of respect. There are also neighbors who do not respect their neighbors. They jut throw their garbage to the lawn of neighbor’s house, which is very bad and that action s an assault causing to a neighbor to lit a fire to win an argument as to why trespass.That trespassing act may reach to the office of the barangay captain or mayor n a locality to give justice to their offensive act of trespassing.What if thrown in the yard or lawn human waste or dead animal? Your ears will surely stand anger hehehe. Let us relax by the way.

    3. With regards to a husband having overtime, it will be just natural for his wife to doubt specially when he comes home smelling beer.

      Yes, it could be that he passed by a store and drank beer to reinvigorate himself after having an overtime, but then he should explain it well to her wife as soon as he arrives home.

    4. @Dina, hahaha you see you are a jealous type my dear hehehe, but I think the feeling is normal for this time there are so many temptations and many addicts that may harm or destroy a relationship.In my case for example,e I think I prefer to remain single for I am a jealous type of person, One time during college, I caught my be with another lady , so without further investigation as to how true or not rue, the situation is, I stone them hehehe. I waited if they file a case ha, they never dare to do it for they are guilty, Verdict: They will rot in hell.

      Because I am educated, so I ignored them the next time around that I met them. The two were kicked out in the previous school where I taught fir I never liked to see their faces anymore. They were both my colleagues in one department, so illegal to my eyes.

    5. Respect is so important . I just connect here my experience in the office last week. two of my students took the final exam ahead f others because they will represent t the university the LeX program hosted by Singapore University. Then the two are also scholars and bright students. Then my co teacher entered and the time it happened was 11:30 and almost all teachers eat their lunch, so one teacher urges anyone to buy rice in the canteen far from our faculty office, then that teacher who had just entered announced you tell that student to buy foods, then sensing what she meant, I abruptly refused by saying, No, my students take the exam, do not command them. Then the teacher replied to the rest of the teachers that I do not allow my students to buy, so replied, yes, never reprimand them to buy they are my students those who like to eat more must go and buy, not my students. Then I concluded, respect them.After that I no longer like to look at the fatty face and huge body of my co teacher . She better eats and eats to stop her hungry stomach and voracious mouth. I hate people lie her, does not respect people taking the final exam seriously, what a shit on her.

      Her action was so disgusting.

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