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Women to stay same or will their status change?
April 21, 2017

Do you think if the women would be same in the next century the way they are today? I was amazed to see that a new rule is being introduced that no one will be granted citizenship of Australia if they fail to clear a test that will show their awareness about women’s condition in this country. They have added this in their qualification criteria for immigrants applying for citizenship with immediate effect and if someone failed to clear this test thrice, they stand no chance.

But when we consider that even with so many laws in place but are they being followed properly or it’s the deep rooted thing in society even in a country like Australia where they have to to test peple whether they follow the good ethics of respecting women in general as a whole. Although they have included children in the list too but basically it’s the issue of women in general.

Technology has changed the world in last decade to the level which was unimaginable until the beginning of this century. But the changes are not applicable in all parts of the world on equal basis while some of the regions have availed the most of the benefits that came with the changes most poor countries from the third world have yet to benefit from them.

If we talk about women they have yet to be included in the race in backward countries. While certain parts of the globe are trying to participate in the race of development their women population the same regions are way behind from their men counterparts. And if we were to believe the World Economic forums on this topic the gap will be still the same in next 100 years.

Let’s keep in mind the recent paper of The International Monetary Fund (IMF) an organization of 188 countries that clearly says that there is a positive connection in between corporate profit earning and participation of women. Many leading world companies have witnessed a better working environment and increased revenue by increasing women’s participation.

In fact, corporate sector the world over has reported that there has been a positive impact on their work environment, decision taking, awareness, ethics and other activities due to increased women enrolment.  And when all these activities increase there is a large impact on productivity and profits as well. So, there is no reason we can avoid women work force in our areas and achieve a better working environment.

We are still on the stage of reserving quota for women in different fields including legislative but it should be a level playing field without talking about reservations as it sounds like we are being forced to do something or the women are inferior and they are being given something in donation.

In my views we should not take decision based on gender, cast, creed but qualification and the world knows our women are competent enough. I also think that there are too many worrying signs that women’s respect has gone down the world over or is not on priority list.

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Respect is the key to the hearts of people
April 12, 2017

What is respect? In particular, the respect is by what we are able to determine whether a person is cultured. Respect means in a positive mood to monitor and evaluate the good human qualities. Unfortunately, in today’s society, it loses a substantial proper place.

Where from comes a lack of respect for one another? In schools children and teachers communication has become familiar. The trouble is that the teachers look casually at such communication and allow students to do so. Parents do not respect their children, do not respect their personal opinion, they are constantly trying to impose own world view, because of that comes anger. Adult children do not show proper respect for their parents. When these request for something their children are reluctant to carry it without any sense of gratitude, joy and enthusiasm, then the parents also become unhappy. Husband and wife do not respect each other as should be respected. In most cases their relations are bases on the values of outside beauty, which hindered to see another man’s true qualities. This means that in case of serious problems in relations, people just break out.

Everything, absolutely everything in the society is based on the respect. If a person has achieved something in life, whether it be some kind of high social status, or a harmonious family, or a good relationship with the people or amazing features and high intelligence, all he got for his expressed respect. However, if the person does not have or lost in the course of life the above-mentioned things, if he fail to work, fail relationships with people, if he is constantly experiencing stress and is troubled, it’s all due to the fact that he does not respect others.

When a person begins to show respect, he has also become dear for those that he respects, and after all, we all deep down want to be appreciated and to feel needed. No one of us desires to be alone, but respect is precisely that feeling, the key that allows us to enter into another person’s heart and see his inner world.


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We are not Gods, just a human beings.
March 25, 2017

When we tell ourselves that nothing terrible will happen, it seems to us that, regardless of the circumstances, we can everything to correct and change. And when we think that everything is bad, we meet difficulties in every our step. We all are changing constantly. Every day is a new day. And today we are a little different than we were yesterday. Knowing how to adapt and move along with the flow of life is our strength. Those who grew up in unfavorable families, often develop the exaggerated sense of responsibility and a strong habit of criticizing themselves.

When you are feeling what the words you use to describe yourself? I think, you condemn yourself, you hate yourself – you think that you are a loser or a fool and like this. You should respect yourself and if it is hard to do, develop it little by little. Also develop your perception of value. Because when we are feeling not good enough, we constantly find reasons to feel unhappy and humiliated. Moreover, in this way you allow different diseases reside in your body, you put aside what could be useful to you; behave irresponsibly with your organism filling it with junk food, alcohol and other harmful products.

In any case, we are all more or less self-confidence, because we are only human beings, not gods. Therefore, first of all, I suggest stop to strive to be perfect human beings. Very high standards are pushing your brain and interfere to see the wounds that require our attention. Instead, you could develop your creative skills, unique features and characteristics that distinguishing you. Each of us has a role on this Earth. There are no analogues. And when we are too critical for ourselves, we cannot see our true tasks and meaning.

Criticism is one of those habits, which is time consuming and brings more harm than good.

When you get rid of the criticism, it will improve your mood, you will be more pleasant to communicate, you will see more positive things around you, you will be more motivated and all life will be of better quality.


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Our society lacks respect for mothers
March 9, 2017

I feel that our society lacks respect for mothers. In this achievements, winnings, careers, success worship,a woman who just sits at home and grow children, surround them with love, warmth and goodness – to us she looks like some kind of inferior, boring, uninteresting.

When we meet someone new, we ask: “What do you do in life?”. We ask: “Who is she? What does she do in life?” And if a woman says, “I took care of children.” we think for ourselves: “Ah, she is just sitting at home.” After all, how it’s possible to sit at home only. You need to go, to wade, to argue, to seek, to shine. Many think so.

There was a time when I also contribute to such defaming of women, condemned them. I wanted to make a big career, to chase my big dreams and when there was any company of women and any of them nothing worked outside her home, I felt great advantage, talking about projects and events that have happened to me, about society, and when this woman began to share stories about children, I thought that she has no any interesting things to tell.

I was so afraid of my own paintings, that I one day will have children, sit at home all day, listening to their gaggle, and returning from a job my man will find me in creasy sweater, exhausted, and I will not have what to tell him. And one day, when he will find me bored, he just leave me and get fascinated by another, reached a lot in career, woman.

I have always been a career woman, but after first child, started to come changes inside that I’m tired of those achievements to carry on my shoulders. There always will be people who feel that you are not worthy to listen to, if they will not get the impression that you have an achievements. If you graduated a Cambridge – you’re worthy to listening to. You have a public recognition, you are known – of course, it is worth.

I do not want to offend anyone, but for me any person’s achievements, their career is not the most important thing. For me the important thing is what a man he is today. If he is open, warm, still explores the life and share it today- means that everything that came before it, correctly led him to this moment.

I do not think that our visual achievements make us greater. There are also many internal achievements that are harder to identify. For instance, when we forgive those who hurt us. When instead of revenge we offer a cup of tea or coffee When we embrace who eerily slandered us. When we straighten ourselves after collapsing. And it can do and making everyone. Each of us is valuable.

Therefore, the mother, who sits with the kids – her histories might even surprise us more than someone’s career jumps. And those, who reached a big career, sometimes have not much what to tell you without  own job. In any way, everybody deserves respect.

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What Will Happen When Trust Is Gone?
March 7, 2017

When trust is gone, everything will be nothing. Your conscience will not stop to torture your presence for you are not true to your words. The pain of the person who entrusted you his full trust on you never likes to see your face again. That is what will surely happen if you are not sincere. It may not only happen to a relationship but also to a simple group, few friends, family members and even to you. In friendship, trust is gone if you reveal to others the secret your friend confided to you. Your mouth cannot stop to spread the most confidential secret of your friend and because you are friends she has her full trust that it will not reach to the ears of others. Since you break one rule of friendship never expect to see your friend trusting you again and that offense is also a ground to break your friendship. Your friend may surely say you are not a real friend and human being. The more you add injury to your friend’s heart. It is late for you to realize your fault leads you to losing a friend.

In a family, trust is gone if the money intended to pay for your tuition is spent bonding with your friends and here comes you now asking money again for you cannot take the exam. Your family will also lose their trust on you again if you become unwed mother. There will be many occurrences that may lead destruction of trust between you and your parents. They may not support you again in your desire to finish a course. It takes months and even years to restore back trust you ruin because of your carelessness. There are many petty instances your parents dislike to task you again that involves money and confidentiality. To gain back their trust, all you have to do is make your grades better and rise again through your own initiative should you have been a victim of a false love , for here you are now with a child without a father a child to call his own and a husband to support you and your baby. It will be better for you to be smart and wise the next time should there be temptation that come your way like that experience you have now. You will surely like to die from shame and guilt of losing trust from your family if do the same mistakes a gain.

Moreover, never tell a lie to a friend for you can never gain back better friendship again. Also, never hurt your family through a sinful lie for they are your only hope to build a better future. Their future lies in your hands and yours is just to accomplish what they like to happen to you, that is success yourself to exhaust when you are on that stage of life.

Trust leads to a better life for many will appreciate you and that serves and vouches you when you seek for an employment and marriage. Just be nice to everyone and nice things happen back to you.Trust is like a flowing stream that continues to fall in its strength of silent water.

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What keeps women stick to their unfaithful partners
February 18, 2017

Human nature is such a mysterious thing that it keeps me wondering about how it works. I find many people suffering in their relationships but still sticking to it.

At one side people show love and care about their life partners and at the other side they let them down by being fascinated about others, staring at them or having friendship with hidden intentions with them .Even some times they either show off their love for their partner or put them down in order to draw the attention of their interest.

I think this can be the most insulting situation for the partner who is being used for such a mean purpose, and the person who does this kind of behavior must be a really mean person.

This behavior is common in men and the victims are women who are mostly and commonly taken for granted by their life partners .They are always expected to be loving ,caring ,understanding ,supportive , no matter how they are treated .If they try to object ,complain or show their disapproval to the unfaithful behavior they are made to feel bad ,wrong .Many times they face extreme response if they try to protest.

Now the matter of mysteriousness comes again, after suffering this type of mean treatment for years they choose to stick to the relationship .No matter how many fights they had because of that, they still try to be with the same person who had let them down many times and will do it again according to his convenience .

Few women find the courage to end these kinds of relationships others never dare to do that.

I ask why? what is the reason behind it?

If you are reading this, I would like to ask you what you think. Do you think its normal behavior that a person who is in a relationship keeps wandering or being a little unfaithful with his life partner?

Is it over reaction if the partner of such person objects and gets upset .What should she do? DO you feel fine if your wife or husband have a habit of staring on opposite sex?

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Respect Is Very Important Anytime, Anywhere
January 19, 2017

When you encounter someone who is being rude or disrespectful, it is hard to know how to react. You may be asking yourself so many questions how to deal this kind of person. You may decide to ignore the person or to stand up for yourself. In doing this, it would make the situation worse. You may ignore the disrespectful person.

There are so many marriages broken. There are also many relationships between man and woman shattered like a dream. The only main reason is they lack respect. If you lack respect to your mate, he or she will surely feel discourage for showing no support to his or her decision. If you are married, you might have not respected your husband or wife in a party attended. You might have just shouted at him or her in front of the people who might also be your friends. Your husband or wife will lose his or her dignity and shame uploads his or her heart. There might be so many instances in the past you put each in dreadful shame because you lack respect. That would serve as one ground for a broken relationship due to shame. A shame is considered an injury others hard to fathom and pardon by both of you.

If your husband is employed in an office where over time is required, you have to respect his opinion why a must for him to do overtime work. Do not immediately conclude that he has another woman. Other wives also go to office where their husband works to make an on the spot ocular inspection if there is really overtime. That particular judgment is so illogical and unreasonable.

In an office for example, if you are part of that place, you have to keep any important minutes of the meeting. It is always confidential and so impractical if broadcast to others what had come with during your emergency meeting or regular meeting. If your head in the office will know it, you will surely explain why violating some policies in an office, that is if that is part of the polices, but despite not part, it is very unprofessional to tell others. Another, during your meeting, you have to respect the opinion of your colleague about his or her opposing stand to an issue. There are co-workers that tend to put a co- worker down by insulting her opinion. That insult may resort to hurting the pride and feeling of your fellow worker. You have to respect her stand, and wait until your fellow worker done talking. Even if you are the head of that office, it is not wise of you to insult your subordinate. That is unethical and such act means losing the morale of the worker, plus putting the person down.

Even n your home, you always has a family member who does not respect you. You might have requested a younger brother or sister to cook food clean the house, wash their clothes or water the plants, instead of following your request, they never mind about them. They do not respect you. And you will surely feel mad about not being respected. Trouble follows f you lack control of your emotion.

If you are a teacher for example, you have to respect the opinion or answer of your student. Do not just insult your student by saying your answer is wrong, sit down. That is so unprofessional putting the student to a shameful situation. You have to encourage them to talk to improve their thinking and reasoning, and despite answer wrong, do tell politely like this, I think your answer is lacking .You may expound it later. That way, a student would strive hard to get the right answer, but if insult him, he would surely want to cry or drop the subject.

Also, do not forget that you sometimes do not respect yourself in many ways.

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Who Is Superior Between Men And Women?
Who Is Superior Between Men And Women?

What a question? How does the case of superiority arise here? That is the idea that is probably springing into your mind. I know you have the answer too. Most men will say that men are superior. They will have their reasons too. Some women will agree with the men and they will justify their case too. There are other women who will vote for women being superior. This is a question that we want to discuss here.

Men Being Superior
Those men and women who believe and read the bible will say that men are superior. Their argument will be based on the reason that God made men first. They will argue that God is a man because He made the first man in his image and likeness. So men are superior because they are like God. Women, they will argue was made as an afterthought and so she is inferior to men.

I have no problem with the creation story though I might not agree with this theory. Does it mean that if you create a thing first that it becomes superior to the latter? Is it not that the latter may be perfected to be even more superior to the former. If we go to the garden of Aden, we see the lady taking the first step in disobeying God. If she was inferior, would she have convinced the first man to disobey God?

Women Being Superior
Women happen to be the mother of the universe. It seems that all were because the woman wanted them to be. It is the woman who takes care of all the world. She overworks herself for her family. It is the woman who has the final say in family matters. How can you call this creature inferior? The home belongs to women.

Final Submissions
Will a leg tell the hand that since it is the one that walks then it is superior to it? Oh, no! All are members of the same body with different functions. It is the same with the family. Each member has to work towards a common goal, a happy and prosperous family.

None is therefore superior here. None either, is equal to the other. Each should play his or her part and respect the other.

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