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Our society lacks respect for mothers
March 9, 2017
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I feel that our society lacks respect for mothers. In this achievements, winnings, careers, success worship,a woman who just sits at home and grow children, surround them with love, warmth and goodness – to us she looks like some kind of inferior, boring, uninteresting.

When we meet someone new, we ask: “What do you do in life?”. We ask: “Who is she? What does she do in life?” And if a woman says, “I took care of children.” we think for ourselves: “Ah, she is just sitting at home.” After all, how it’s possible to sit at home only. You need to go, to wade, to argue, to seek, to shine. Many think so.

There was a time when I also contribute to such defaming of women, condemned them. I wanted to make a big career, to chase my big dreams and when there was any company of women and any of them nothing worked outside her home, I felt great advantage, talking about projects and events that have happened to me, about society, and when this woman began to share stories about children, I thought that she has no any interesting things to tell.

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I was so afraid of my own paintings, that I one day will have children, sit at home all day, listening to their gaggle, and returning from a job my man will find me in creasy sweater, exhausted, and I will not have what to tell him. And one day, when he will find me bored, he just leave me and get fascinated by another, reached a lot in career, woman.

I have always been a career woman, but after first child, started to come changes inside that I’m tired of those achievements to carry on my shoulders. There always will be people who feel that you are not worthy to listen to, if they will not get the impression that you have an achievements. If you graduated a Cambridge – you’re worthy to listening to. You have a public recognition, you are known – of course, it is worth.

I do not want to offend anyone, but for me any person’s achievements, their career is not the most important thing. For me the important thing is what a man he is today. If he is open, warm, still explores the life and share it today- means that everything that came before it, correctly led him to this moment.

I do not think that our visual achievements make us greater. There are also many internal achievements that are harder to identify. For instance, when we forgive those who hurt us. When instead of revenge we offer a cup of tea or coffee When we embrace who eerily slandered us. When we straighten ourselves after collapsing. And it can do and making everyone. Each of us is valuable.

Therefore, the mother, who sits with the kids – her histories might even surprise us more than someone’s career jumps. And those, who reached a big career, sometimes have not much what to tell you without  own job. In any way, everybody deserves respect.

    1. I agree with you, I have met other mothers who are not proud to be a mother. It’s such a sad situation, I wish that other people would see that being a mother is the best job out there and there is nothing to be ashamed of!

    2. I appreciate the frankness in the article. I would only tell homemakers one thing it is not easy to bring up children or take care of the house. The love which a family and the children get from these mothers is invaluable. Ultimately in life money is not everything, no doubt it is important but more than that warmth and being humane are more important which I find in the homemaker. They take care of the house A to Z and also do all the chores day in and day out 24 hours a day. Without expecting anything in return but only love and affection. That is a great quality. Which only fools do not appreciate and it a pity.

      It is at a premium nowadays. This selfless attitude which if not appreciated by society or people around is shameful. I have many parents who are both working and have a child basically a nuclear family. They want their children to be taught. But they would not want to do anything as they feel work and money is important and tending to the child is not. I ask such parents only one thing if you did not have the time for the child or the house why did you marry and after that why did you have children when they cannot give their own children quality time. They look at places where education is provided to nanny sit for their children which is a lopsided priority and a totally misguided view.

    3. i thikn respect is there but some show it and some dont and some forget it

      respect shows in different ways, but you cant say in our society there isnt because in all the societies you will find some kids dont have respect to any body not only to mothers, but to fathers to siblings or even themselves. and you also will find awesome kids respect their parents in all the world. wither they studied or didnt go to school, manners are things you know sometimes from life. so i like your post but still we got lots of respect

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