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Poetic Pieces From Tiki “Tanikka Paulk”
October 21, 2017

There it Goes and Goes

Is there a finish?

Not at all whomever thinks so is so wrong

We’re capable of so much


Not at all I’m seeking and I (Tanikka paulk)shall find

No matter how the targets are projected

There is joy in knowing that I’ve been even an opportunity to make differences

So I’m continuing on my journey and God and Jesus Christ continues to remain

No forsaking occurs God doesn’t forsake and neither does Jesus

Movement continues to occur despite the difficulties

I’m blessed even when I’m tested

The journey moves on and how grateful I am for being chosen


My Smile Isn’t Their Smile

Some may become dismayed when being challenged day after day

To think that there are some who live without a smile

To be able to lift my lips and feel joyfulness serves as blessings

Too many have tried to take my smile

Through solitude I’m continuing to glow

Where will the landing occur?

Perhaps none really knows

Soon enough there will be a destination they’ll see

My Heavenly Father remains with me!

The book isn’t complete there are words left to fill

Smiling is a great way to feel fulfilled

Trying to take my smile away will serve no purpose

Too elevated to look back

There is abundance awaiting and the smile continues to move along


The Miami Heated Weather

Doesn’t appear to be any breezes

Miami, Miami, Miami and the humidity

A breeze is welcomed

Yes indeed but even as the heat continues feeling blessed will continue as well

No need to be so focused on the humidity

There will be breezes perhaps soon there will be some rain

Coolness may come one may never know

Miami is humid indeed but there is some fun stuff for the tourist to see

No need to be riddled in sweat

The best is yet to come and some are waiting to see


Poet’s Notes: What has inspired the poetry? So many events, so many thoughts, dreams and visions etc. The poetic pieces which are displayed here are crafted by Tiki my real name is Tanikka Paulk. I’ve been writing poetry such elementary school. I’m continuing to write down the poetic expressions. Some of what is written comes from by purpose. The time before my birth when God chose Tanikka Wilson (my maiden name) to be “anointed.” Called by God the Father of Jesus Christ. No need to prove as such because the confirmations have been established. “The Poetic Pieces are Crafted by (T. Paulk) tiki33 ShaPaulk all the Same and There’s More Pen Names.

The Poet Says Hi Hello my Name is Tanikka Paulk

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    1. Nice poetry

    2. Poetry sure is buietiful when it has a positive message behind it

    3. I’m so glad that writing or poetry isn’t dead it’s awesome to express yourself in your own words


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