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Blessings are Stored up up up!
November 12, 2017

Blessings are Stored

What is stored up for me=(Tanikka Paulk) shall be

So many may want to take away but soon enough the blessings will be handed to me=(Tanikka Paulk)

For some they’ve uncovered just what I’ve been seeking

Soon enough there will be breakthroughs and so much more

Of course the blessings are deserved

Too many may want to receive what isn’t meant to be

What God has stored up!

No man shall take away there is so much to earn and I’m on the way

My journey isn’t complete and there shall be no defeat

They’ve tried to stop my glory but God has allowed me=(Tanikka Paulk) to continue

The blessings are meant to be just wait and see


My Hopes and Dreams Belong to me=(Tanikka Paulk)

So many have tried to intervene in my dreams

Not even knowing what I’ve been through

Some continue to do what they do

Causing all sorts of scenes having to deal with the mean

So many who refuse to follow their own dreams

What they’re doing won’t work at all

There are some who’ve fallen can’t are unable to get back up

Trying to pull me=(Tanikka Paulk) simply won’t work

I’m headed somewhere despite what’s been said

I’m leading and some are simply headed to a pit unlike anything they’ve ever imagined


From a Poet: Writing poetry is certainly a blessing and so many may not understand just how rewarding writing poetry can be. There is so many rewards awaiting and some may be so in tuned with competing with poets but a true poet will continue despite what occurs. To be able to express what’s stored inside is a blessing. Some only could imagine being able to put the words together to flow in such a manner. Not all poets are the same there are many poetic styles. “Don’t Think That I’m not Headed Somewhere. There’s way too Much for me=(Tanikka Paulk) to Achieve.” By: (Tanikka Pualk). I’ve been writing poetry for many many years. Started in Elementary School. Creative writing also peaked my interest. I’m a writer and although the writing journey hasn’t been easy I’m not discouraged at all. My determination allows me=(Tanikka Paulk) to continue and no matter what’s been said I’m truly blessed.

The Poet

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Photo Belongs to Tanikka Paulk

Poetic Expressions are written by: Tanikka Paulk Belongs to Tanikka Paulk


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Poetic Pieces From Tiki “Tanikka Paulk”
October 21, 2017

There it Goes and Goes

Is there a finish?

Not at all whomever thinks so is so wrong

We’re capable of so much


Not at all I’m seeking and I (Tanikka paulk)shall find

No matter how the targets are projected

There is joy in knowing that I’ve been even an opportunity to make differences

So I’m continuing on my journey and God and Jesus Christ continues to remain

No forsaking occurs God doesn’t forsake and neither does Jesus

Movement continues to occur despite the difficulties

I’m blessed even when I’m tested

The journey moves on and how grateful I am for being chosen


My Smile Isn’t Their Smile

Some may become dismayed when being challenged day after day

To think that there are some who live without a smile

To be able to lift my lips and feel joyfulness serves as blessings

Too many have tried to take my smile

Through solitude I’m continuing to glow

Where will the landing occur?

Perhaps none really knows

Soon enough there will be a destination they’ll see

My Heavenly Father remains with me!

The book isn’t complete there are words left to fill

Smiling is a great way to feel fulfilled

Trying to take my smile away will serve no purpose

Too elevated to look back

There is abundance awaiting and the smile continues to move along


The Miami Heated Weather

Doesn’t appear to be any breezes

Miami, Miami, Miami and the humidity

A breeze is welcomed

Yes indeed but even as the heat continues feeling blessed will continue as well

No need to be so focused on the humidity

There will be breezes perhaps soon there will be some rain

Coolness may come one may never know

Miami is humid indeed but there is some fun stuff for the tourist to see

No need to be riddled in sweat

The best is yet to come and some are waiting to see


Poet’s Notes: What has inspired the poetry? So many events, so many thoughts, dreams and visions etc. The poetic pieces which are displayed here are crafted by Tiki my real name is Tanikka Paulk. I’ve been writing poetry such elementary school. I’m continuing to write down the poetic expressions. Some of what is written comes from by purpose. The time before my birth when God chose Tanikka Wilson (my maiden name) to be “anointed.” Called by God the Father of Jesus Christ. No need to prove as such because the confirmations have been established. “The Poetic Pieces are Crafted by (T. Paulk) tiki33 ShaPaulk all the Same and There’s More Pen Names.

The Poet Says Hi Hello my Name is Tanikka Paulk

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Photo Belongs to (Tanikka Paulk)

Flower Images Credit: Pixabay Free to use Even Commercially


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Never Know What Tomorrow Will Hold

Never know what tomorrow will generate

In each day there should be hope

Tomorrow can generate abundance

Never know huh?

If we’re patient then we’ll see exactly what we’ve been waiting for

Just hold on and do what’s necessary to get there

To get there, to get there, to get there

For now all one can do is wonder

Nothing wrong with wondering soon enough what we’re suppose to have will be revealed

Oh tomorrow not really meaning tomorrow

Sometime “in the future” perhaps

Thoughts and dreams of a better way

A way filled with everlasting love

Tomorrow, Tomorrow, Tomorrow

All one can do is wait and remain hopeful

Well until tomorrow


To be Free and Victorious

Free from what some may ask?

Free from all of the pressures laid upon my shoulders

Free from all of the negativity surrounding me

Just to be free from all of the things that keep bugging me

To be free and being apart of the victory

Oh to be away from all of the problems that arise like the plaque

To be free and to never doubt

The “pondering” which continues on

The continuous tunes to a song with sweet melodies

Closing my eyes and visualizing what will come next

To be free from a never ending challenge

Someday’s are filled with brushing off my shoulders

What’s nest?

Just don’t know

There has to be a door waiting to be open

Enter, Enter, Enter

Perhaps there will be an entrance

Then there will be complete freedom

Sounds like a slave trapped on an plantation

But no That’s not what it means


Hood Tunes and Lyrics

“Where’s my money so and so”

Oh Where? Oh Where?

Tired of all of This Bliss not What Tony really meant but. . .

“Joe pull up ya pants”


“Don’t make me tell ya again here”


That’s what Joe said


Well see ya later because I’m going to Rod and dem house

“Alright then”

“Man oh man tired of living in a trap”

What will become of “Us?”


Found a Letter and What did it say?

Oh the letter was waiting just for me

The words expressed flowed so elegantly

A smile was generated by the passion of the words

So thrilled to read words from the heart

My eyes were glued to “every word” which went through my mind

Thanks oh thanks the letter was right on time

Must keep the letter in a safe place

Don’t want anyone reading it

Just for me, just for me, just for me

My letter don’t want anyone to see


There’s a lot of poets and each poet has their own unique style. Words can have a lot of meaning depending on the reader. A lot of musicians are poets just listen to the way their words flow in their songs. Some instruments are like poetic pieces. Some may not “feel poetic” but poetry can come from anyone willing to just allow the words to flow. The poetic pieces are pieces from the heart. A lot of great poets out there and more to come.

All Poetic Expressions Written

By: Tanikka Paulk
Photo Credit: Pixabay Free to use Even Commercially


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Expressiveness Written on Digital Paper
February 9, 2017

Thoughts of Summer Rains

The rain pours down and the sounds aren’t often found

When the rains appear there’s great appreciation

Blessed to have rain in the summertime to cool and ease my mind

Oh what joy to hear the rain tapping against my window pane

The sensations all throughout

That’s what “Summer” rain is all about

Aren’t we all blessed to experience the sweet melodies from the rain?

Indeed we all are

Disappointment comes when the rain ceases

Another day the rain shall come

There’s the awaiting


Love my Skin

Love my skin God gave it to me

So grateful for the tone

Blessed to be me!

God created That skin

Feel good within

Some days the skin is smooth to the touch

Some days not so much

Either way I’m loving my skin

As there’s glances in the mirror

‘There’s a smile” because of what God has given me

Shouldn’t we love the skin God has given each one of us?

Loving, love, and embrace my skin


There’s Greater Ahead Just Hold on

Hold on, Hold on, Hold on Please Hear me

Just be patient and we’ll all see

There’s good even when it appears darkness has made its way in

Hold on and wait for greater

May come soon or may come later

Don’t fret and “don’t lose hope”

In time what shall be will be

Being able to wait is a gift in itself

No despair because greater awaits there

Moving along and “getting closer” and closer to a higher level

So just hold on and the good will surely come


(All Poetic Pieces Written by Tanikka Paulk)

Life can sometimes produce the unexpected. There’s a lot to deal with but nothing absolutely nothing experienced is too much to bare. Some may have patience and others may need to learn how to be patient. What we need we’ll receive the wants we’ll have to “work towards.” The good awaits. There won’t be all troubles but there will certainly be some troubling times. No need to be riddled with worry because the troubling times will pass.

Hope should always be in the mind we should surrounded by hope. Although it may be difficult to feel cheerful when there’s so much weighs upon our shoulders. Allow the experiences to just pass on through. Whether good or bad. The experiences can also help with achieving greatness. “Just enjoy what’s present and in the future there will be more, better, greater.”

Photo Credit: Pixabay Free to use Even Commercially

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