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I’m Proceeding Without the Antics

Why should there be focus on the antics? There shouldn’t be any focus on the stupidity. There are so many continuing to cause problems but I’m continuing to proceed so that there are more accomplishments, goals, and projects completed.  Are they trying to make me=Tanikka Paulk lose my focus? Perhaps that’s what they’re trying to do. My goal is to remain confident and continue to build upwards. The competitors will try things in order to get their competition down. That’s why it’s so important to remain positive and pray. There are some who refuse to pray perhaps because they don’t in believe in prayer but prayer helps.

To think that there are so many People willing to stop a writer from continuing. They take every word written personally. There is hope although there are occasions when the bugs are so more than pests. I’m choosing to focus on areas which add productivity. To focus on the antics would be that there’s less productivity and can one really afford to be less “productive?” There will be a time when it appears as though there’s slowness. The ones wanting to remove the focus perhaps have lost their confidence. “There are many reasons why the journey continues.” (Tanikka Paulk).

There is inspiration just looking closer is necessary. “It’s important to be surrounded by the visionaries.” (Tanikka Paulk) The ones continuing to try and discourage won’t add any value to the journey. There are some so determined to break the chain of prosperity that they’ll send out the attacks even when it’s time to rest. The word has kept me=Tanikka Paulk. My faith hasn’t left me-Tanikka Paulk. There’s the drive to reach heights beyond measures. My eyes have seen what some may not see. I’m grateful to be able to have opportunities which some may desire.

My dreams remain with me=Tanikka Paulk. Yes there are many who’ve tried to take credit for my work. They’ve tried to remove my information but somewhere there will be proof. “There is a smile because I’m aware just how God has favored me=Tanikka Paulk.” By: Tanikka Paulk. There’s a purpose to fulfill and I’m the mission to fulfill it. The thoughts are so important my attitude towards what has occurred has brought more understanding. There are many interested in my path. They want to head where I’m headed. Some may wonder what’s next.

Every person has be given a gift. There should be desires to nourish the talents. The competitors may seem like the devil but they can’t take away what God has already ordained. Yes, they’ll try, but the chosen should continue to proceed. There are some refusing to live their “dreams” because of what so many will try to do. The crowd will say plenty but what value will they add. There should be more encouraging but there seems to be so many trying to stop the dreams. “What is meant for one person isn’t meant for all. Meaning that God gives each person their individualized gift and talents.” (Tanikka Paulk).

Image Credit: Pixabay Free to use Even Commercially

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Art of Listening & Leadership – Bill Clinton Shows the Way

I attended a two days “Leaders in London” Conference end of last year. The speakers’ line-up was impressive. Tuesday started with Mr Mikhail Gorbachiv (in person), Professor Marvin Zonis, Alan Leighton, Terence Conran, Lou Gerstner, Professor Clayton Christensen of Harvard and many others including the one and only Bill Clinton (live via Satellite).

On the Art Of Listening and Leadership – “Something I have been trying to learn for the last 25 years” I want to share with you the lesson and the leadership by example that Bill Clinton tough us all in the conference on the art of listening.

After he made his speech, he started taking questions. I asked one too, the President and the audience were visibly amused by my name especially after assuring them that “I am the nice one”.

Among the attendees there was a lady who didn’t speak good English and earlier in the day when she was given the microphone to ask a question, she went on and on for 5 minutes and no one understood what she was trying to ask or say and we all laughed. When it came to Clinton question time, she raised her hand again to ask a question, the moderator warned her to be quick and to the point. The lady took the Microphone and started to rumble on and on. Again it seemed that no one understood what she was saying, people started to laugh, boo, clap their hand for her to stop. After a few minutes of this saga the moderator cut her microphone off and gave the question time to someone else. People were cheering his decision to move on, after all no one wanted to be embarrassed in front off the great president.

While all this saga was taking place and all of us laughing and disapproving of this behaviour from the lady, only one person was NOT laughing, Bill Clinton. In fact he leaned forward to the camera and put his hand on his ears and focused intently and seriously. 30 minutes passed while he answered a few other questions from the audience and when the time came to close, he said very politely; Wait Rene, before you close… Earlier on a lady asked me a long question and I would like to talk about that for a minute.

The hall dropped into silence, he continued by saying, in fact the lady made a very important point, and he went on to summarize her point which was about families in the developing world (none of the audience knew that), and he asked to be allowed to answer this important question, which he himself put together from her scattered little stories before we the audience interrupted and stopped her.

Now I began to understand at the hands of the guru of leadership and listening in practice and what he was trying to teach by his actions. When we JUDGE any one or any thing, we stop listening. It seems that the act of judgment trigger some chemicals in our ears that physically stops us from listening. Pre-judgment seems to be the mother of all sins on this planet. There seems to be no other solution to world problems but the forgotten art of listening and stopping judgement. This is what I learned that day and I hope it stays with me forever.

This was also an impressive performance by a world leader who is not only very intelligent but also listens very seriously to what people are saying.

I will never forget this incident which taught me a lot about leadership and what listening is all about and here I am humbly sharing my experience with you hoping that it adds a little to our understanding of the Art of listening.

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Mirror of Self Reflection especially for the youth.

Age creeps up on us all slowly stripping away our youth then one day we look into the mirror and the body does not seem to match the sparkle in the eyes anymore. Then we begin to look over our shoulder at our past and think I wonder what would have happened or what if I had taken this path?

The concept of there only being one life and a limited amount of time to live it is to most people like someone saying there is no Santa Claus. We simply want to believe in forever just like we wanted to believe in happily ever after as children.

You may think I am advocating quitting your job and going trekking in Africa but no that is not where this is going. Living is an art in itself it is not about time management or fit as much in as I can. It is about passion, depth, vision, love and much more.

I wish I could remember the taste of a meal long after I have eaten it, I wish I could see my partners face long after they have left, I wish I could feel my friends hug as she embraced me long after she had let go, I wish I could picture the one time my Mother said I love you long after she is gone, I wish I was so in tune with life, so aware, so enlightened that every moment was my greatest and I could feel it, taste it, and truly live it.

I do not want to wait until someone tells me there are no more moments left I do not want to feel cheated because a Higher Power took my moments away. I want to be grateful a Higher Power gave me the moment to begin with.

As youth slips away and it will slowly I want to be able to look in the mirror and see the happiness of a life lived with depth and passion etched in my face. I want to be able to feel the touch of my lovers hand as it brushed away my tears not just remember it. But unless I am truly aware truly in the moment at the time allowing myself to feel, letting go of expectations, letting go of the need to hold something back, unless that happens all I will have is a vague memory. I want more I want an imprint so strong I can carry it with me and feel it when the moments are at an end.

My wish for you is that you may look in the mirror of self reflection long before youth has disappeared. I hope you will realize life doesn’t need to be filled up with things rather it needs to be soaked up for all it has to offer right now at this very moment. My wish for you is that you may experienced even for a second a state of total being when everything falls away and time stands still and you can taste the air you breath, feel the earth pulsate beneath your feet and hear the whisper of the Angels.

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Spiritual New Age Parapsychology Books

Many people believe that new age books are different from spiritual books, even though there are so many books available that are described as new age spiritual books. If we look at the terms new age and spiritual, we find similarities, where spiritual refers to soul or spirit and new age has been described as ‘of or relating to spiritual and consciousness raising movements’. New age books encompass health, medicine, philosophy, religion and the occult. And yet, the term new age was only coined in recent decades, mainly from the 1970’s. So that begs the question – is there such a thing as a New Age?

Many so-called new age books (and spiritual books) that have been written over these past few decades are emphatic that we are indeed in a new age spiritual era that is NEW in every aspect to what has come before. However, researching older spiritual books and philosophy books shows that humankind has passed through eras of high enlightenment before – inspirational times of metaphysical and spiritual awareness that equals or surpasses our current times. So is this perhaps not a new age as such, but simply a remembering of metaphysical, esoteric, inspirational parapsychology and spiritual powers that all of us possess but have temporarily forgotten. If this be the case, then perhaps a more apt term would be Mind Body Spirit.

Which brings us to another so-called new age term … parapsychology. New age parapsychology is the study of paranormal phenomena and the term parapsychology comes from the Greek para ‘beside, beyond’ and psychology, derived from the Greek psyche ‘soul, mind’. So, here we are back to the spiritual again or, as mentioned above, Mind Body Spirit. And yet, some people still insist that spiritual books, new age books and new age parapsychology are totally separate themes. Perhaps that’s why more and more people are coining the phrase Mind Body Spirit in an attempt to mold these various terms into a more unified category.

If we look more closely at the core messages in the various spiritual books, new age books, metaphysical, esoteric, parapsychology, philosophy and even self improvement books, we often find similarities that are sometimes veiled in different terms that could all be better described as Mind Body Spirit. Yes, even philosophy books, which are essentially the belief or system of beliefs accepted as an authoritative account by a group or philosophy school, have similarities to each other and also to the more recent spiritual new age parapsychology and metaphysical esoteric books. The various philosophy books available today, which are scriptures handed down over many centuries that are the core beliefs of the world’s many religions, also have strong similarities in the original message, although the interpretation of these books over the ages has led to contrasting viewpoints.

Considering the strife that such opposing views of philosophy books over the ages has caused, perhaps this new age of parapsychology, with its metaphysical, esoteric and spiritual messages and books will help break down these old belief systems that have divided humanity for so long, particularly when unified under the more acceptable catch-phrase of Mind Body Spirit. The proliferation of self improvement books alone has brought a spiritual awareness to thousands, if not millions, who seek to grow through better knowing themselves. Old philosophy books are being rewritten in more spiritual new age terminology and marketed under various terms, not only new age and spiritual, but also metaphysical books, esoteric books, new age parapsychology, inspirational books, self improvement and even philosophy books. An increasing number of these books are being grouped, on websites and also in physical bookstores, under the Mind Body Spirit label.

The overriding influence of these books is inspirational, encouraging readers to delve deeper into themselves to discover their true spiritual nature and it is encouraging to see so many spiritual new age parapsychology (Mind Body Spirit) books coming out in increasing numbers each year.

Two such books are listed on www.1-inspirational-quote-book.com although many readers place them into various categories. They are a mixture of metaphysical, spiritual, esoteric and self improvement books, even though they are based in a sci-fi theme. Above all, they are inspirational, told from the viewpoint of an extra-terrestrial race of Beings who are concerned about the direction we are taking. Regardless of the various viewpoints, they will easily fall into the more generalized Mind Body Spirit category and, overall, the feedback from readers has been fantastic, many of them describing the books as ‘inspirational and thought provoking’. As one reader wrote ‘The story slowly engulfed me, drew me in until I was on my own journey. It opened my mind, enticing me to read more. I ask, is this just a novel or a key to our future…?’

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Poetic Pieces From Tiki “Tanikka Paulk”
October 21, 2017

There it Goes and Goes

Is there a finish?

Not at all whomever thinks so is so wrong

We’re capable of so much


Not at all I’m seeking and I (Tanikka paulk)shall find

No matter how the targets are projected

There is joy in knowing that I’ve been even an opportunity to make differences

So I’m continuing on my journey and God and Jesus Christ continues to remain

No forsaking occurs God doesn’t forsake and neither does Jesus

Movement continues to occur despite the difficulties

I’m blessed even when I’m tested

The journey moves on and how grateful I am for being chosen


My Smile Isn’t Their Smile

Some may become dismayed when being challenged day after day

To think that there are some who live without a smile

To be able to lift my lips and feel joyfulness serves as blessings

Too many have tried to take my smile

Through solitude I’m continuing to glow

Where will the landing occur?

Perhaps none really knows

Soon enough there will be a destination they’ll see

My Heavenly Father remains with me!

The book isn’t complete there are words left to fill

Smiling is a great way to feel fulfilled

Trying to take my smile away will serve no purpose

Too elevated to look back

There is abundance awaiting and the smile continues to move along


The Miami Heated Weather

Doesn’t appear to be any breezes

Miami, Miami, Miami and the humidity

A breeze is welcomed

Yes indeed but even as the heat continues feeling blessed will continue as well

No need to be so focused on the humidity

There will be breezes perhaps soon there will be some rain

Coolness may come one may never know

Miami is humid indeed but there is some fun stuff for the tourist to see

No need to be riddled in sweat

The best is yet to come and some are waiting to see


Poet’s Notes: What has inspired the poetry? So many events, so many thoughts, dreams and visions etc. The poetic pieces which are displayed here are crafted by Tiki my real name is Tanikka Paulk. I’ve been writing poetry such elementary school. I’m continuing to write down the poetic expressions. Some of what is written comes from by purpose. The time before my birth when God chose Tanikka Wilson (my maiden name) to be “anointed.” Called by God the Father of Jesus Christ. No need to prove as such because the confirmations have been established. “The Poetic Pieces are Crafted by (T. Paulk) tiki33 ShaPaulk all the Same and There’s More Pen Names.

The Poet Says Hi Hello my Name is Tanikka Paulk

Image may contain: 1 person, smiling

Photo Belongs to (Tanikka Paulk)

Flower Images Credit: Pixabay Free to use Even Commercially


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What truly inspires us passionately and greatness in life ?

What truly inspires us passionately and greatness in life ?

Is your heart flawlessly solid? When you experience something in these circumstances?

The sentiment of our heart that cannot be hurt, however the misery did. Do whatever it takes not to surrender affection too effortlessly and feasibly, Arguably, a substantial number of individuals will love or connect to something beyond reasonable doubt. If conceivable best not to settle on a conclusion or decision on any inspiration and motivation, likewise, we certainly will lament a lifetime.

An irritating and awkward sentence or word that will effortlessly do incredible damage to the relationship of the one that once we adored and cherished. There is no single battle or conflict in our relationship that won’t damage us severely, yet most significantly, it is just only our wounded heart that declines to tolerate or persevere.

There is no one who won’t be irate, feeling is not an experience diversion or redirection, but its only our forgiveness heart that we ought to grasp most. Good destiny, by virtue of the heartfelt; genuine emotions, to be not to desert or betray.

In this world, if an individual who genuinely adores you, he would not mean to damage or hesitate to hurt you. On the off-chance that you are not remarkably essential in their souls, you can feel and notice it. The alleged flawless turn, there are others can not comprehend the profundity of evaluation.

On the voyage of life, there are numerous who are accompanying you along the way, be that as it may, there are just only a handful of individuals who are willingly and readily accompany you throughout your life.  Who is waiting silently. Who never leaves, who can always there and be for you. In this world, don’t anticipate that everybody will welcome us , you will not too easily encounter and experience a couple of people in your lifetime.

We simply demonstrate some thoughtfulness, there are so limited or few individuals will truly demonstrate their sensitivity and affectability of fondness and genuinely mind. Delineation , our warmth and feeling are delicate, yet we are magnificently well to envision and keep our inclination concealing in our heart and not open up to others.

Progressively reality, just when the notion will the hardest for us to be confined once we are enamored with love, when our acknowledgment of being adored by our loved ones , this is our weakest or the hardest minutes for us to choose what is essentially right or illogical solutions when we entangled with a relationship.

Once again, is your heart flawlessly solid? When you experience something in these circumstances?

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Stop limiting belief and just start to write!
April 15, 2017

I received the newsletter from Ruth Soukup from Living Well Spending Less this morning. In the newsletter, she mentioned a friend who would like to grow his business and focus on his blog, but some major childhood insecurities held him back when he thought about writing. Her advice to her friend is to just WRITE as the best way to become a better writer is to write. She also suggested a challenge for her friend to spend the first hour of every day to just write, and not to stop until he has at least 500 words. There should not be any editing or judging, but just writing every day. Her friend did that and told him it was a good challenge, and he is less afraid of writing every day since he started the challenge.


It is an inspiring story. There are many times we have one of these limiting beliefs. Ruth stated a limiting belief is a thought or belief we have about ourselves that holds us back from achieving our full potential. These beliefs might not be true, but they are really holding us back from getting where we want to be.


I watched a webinar by Michael Hyatt yesterday which is about writing a book. He also mentioned there are restrictions that hold us back from achieving what we want, for example publishing a book. These restrictions include fear, uncertainty and doubt. To overcome these restrictions, we just need to start, focus and finish it. Yes, if we do not start writing, we always have the fear as we do not know whether we can really write. If we do not start writing, the fear will definitely become real, as we are not writing at all. If we are uncertain about the path, we should just focus on the direction we want to move forward, and just walk towards it. We will get to know better and clearly once we get down to the path. We should just keep writing and finish it so we will not have any doubt on ourselves.


I do not write much at LiteracyBase because of the word requirements. I do not always have much time to focus on writing without any distraction from my kids and I am not sure if I can reach at least 300 words in a short time, hence I usually do not start writing. But there are many times once I start writing, ideas just keep flowing in and I can just hear the typing sound from the keyboard. Michael Hyatt also said that inspiration does not show up until you do. I agree with that, and there are many times I can hit 500 words in my post without struggling. Without starting, I always worry I might not even reach 300 words.


So, I think it is always good to stop this kind of unhealthy limiting beliefs, and just set the goal or vision, plan for it, start moving forward and focus on it until it is finished. I believe the more we practice, the better we will be, and we should not worry about being perfect too.


Image: Pixabay
Join us at LiteracyBase. Read more of my articles here.
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How to keep yourself inspired and keep writing
April 7, 2017

How to keep yourself inspired and keep writing even if you don’t feel like it?
My answer is very simple and I think that any person can follow it. During the previous months so many things happened to me that I can’t stop talking about them. I have so many things accumulated under my skin and they are burning to come out. Some of the them will blossom into the beautiful flowers and some will erupt out like ugly ulcers. I have lots of ugly ulcers because nothing good happened to me during these last months.

Many people proved me nothing new; I already knew what kind of the devilish people they are, but others surprised me by being cold, intolerant and needy. I never expected my cousins to be so selfish.

We grew together and as young get along perfect, but in adult age suddenly their money and their life worth more than mine. It is not only that my career was doomed as unworthy and ridiculous but also the essence of my being – ‘but you are female, you have to…’

I learned one important lesson this winter – the only thing I really have to, is to die. everything else is up to me. My life, my family, my choice.
Also, when I mentioned my choice they instantly thought I was talking about the abortion – then I had to correct them – my choice is that I don’t do other ‘male’s job’.
Straight frank just like that!

It was my cousin who was a happy recipient of that saying. And I am not sorry. All that say-say but when somebody needs to be a hero they always push a woman to do what is obviously a man’s job.

How can I push around half mobile person when I am almost three times less his size?

They really should do that, but obviously, as a day – his sons are petty cowards.

That’s how you write inspired!
Accumulate a lot of bile!

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Harmony between desires, dreams and the real actions is very important.
March 29, 2017

Inspire to live can even a banal Hollywood movie with a happy ending. To encourage finally catch up can clear sky and sunshine. To help find the motivation really can several minutes video on the Internet. It is just small details, because everyone interprets them differently. Someone finds himself in the beautiful end of the film, for someone sunshine is finally founded clarity. The different interpretations, different reaction leads to different states.  For some people the day brightens unexpected call from an old friend, another man maybe requires much more. Or, come in, remember the past, you are walking the paths ten years ago and smiling, because you have forgotten everything that happened wrong at that moment and remember only the good.

We are much inclined to idealize the past. A little idealization would be quite well to apply in the present. I’m not talking about the rose-tinted glasses, just a little bit of evaluation of goodness, accepting more complex things. Understanding that there can be all kind of things and the beautiful things should be highly evaluated. And try to see, of course, that you should have what to evaluate. It is because we can perceive present time very differently. Even the same disasters may be perceived very differently. One man after lost something very important starts panic, infinite sadness and apathy. Other one can accept it as a challenge to hunt for something better, testing his strength and even feel peculiar pleasure.

I admire such people. Because time is running out very quickly, day after day, one more day, and behold, a few years have passed. It is running magically fast because everything is repeated. Well, work, home, sleep, studies, home, you know it.

Everything settles in the same pattern in our memory. And if you involve yourself in something more diversified, which, according to the memory, it is worth remembering, the image becomes more colorful. And then you remember something more than work and education. And you start to feel better. Because you discover something new, because empathize to those activities, forgetting everything around, and you see how much you can do, how colorful is the world, if only you cross the threshold. And it happens that you forget it all, preserve inside, thinking that behind the window – nothing new, while outside the window – the whole world, which, of course, is within you also. Because if is an action, there is a rebound also, but sometimes we forget it.

Sometimes tiny little thing can go back as divine beauty, and vice versa, prudence might turn against us. As a result, the harmony between the desires, dreams, aspirations and the real action is so important. The inner peace, feeling, silent voice, says that everything is just fine. It is important to do what you desire. And it is important to do what you damn afraid. Because attacking your fears comes to benefits. The love for your work comes to benefits.

Each day placing the only brick honestly and carefully, in the long run you will have built a wonderful wall. Everyday planting one little flower, eventually you will have a fabulous garden. Every day, trying for yourself and those you love, you will produce the great happiness. Slowly, but confident.


Picture by Pixabay.com

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Activities that most inspire and give a joy.
March 29, 2017

I do not know whether it can be called action, but I am inspired by the presence of the here and now. Awareness when just I am. I am at this very moment. The moment appears natural joy in everything, absolutely everything that is going on. I am glad to realizing my potential in the business, serving people, helping people. I am happy sipping tea with friends; I am happy seeing nature, the sounds, I am happy to just breathe. I am happy and I am grateful even to those moments, which sometimes seem to be no pleasant, but it also passing away and they show me what I still do not accept. And when we accept everything, could there be a conflict? What remain are only the joy, gratitude and natural spontaneity.

The most attention, time and energy I devote to self-knowledge. I believe that one of the main questions to which a person has to answer for himself – who he is. And to answer it we need not theoretically, not from books, not from the workshops, but to experience it. This does not mean that now I should sit down and sit until I have responded to this question for myself. I believe that self-knowledge can take place at every moment, ranging from self-monitoring. And it does not matter whether you monitor yourself, your reactions and sensations being in nature, or at business meeting.

First of all, the work for me is self-realization, when you feel, what you want to do, and dive into it with all your heart. It is devotion, responsibility, professionalism, and of course relations with people, with partners and customers when you serve people in any relation. The most important in my job is inner passion, inner fire that wants to do, want to create, and you see that this makes sense. Absolute dedication to what you are doing and open and honest relationship with the team.


Picture by Pixabay.com

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