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How to keep yourself inspired and keep writing
April 7, 2017

How to keep yourself inspired and keep writing even if you don’t feel like it?
My answer is very simple and I think that any person can follow it. During the previous months so many things happened to me that I can’t stop talking about them. I have so many things accumulated under my skin and they are burning to come out. Some of the them will blossom into the beautiful flowers and some will erupt out like ugly ulcers. I have lots of ugly ulcers because nothing good happened to me during these last months.

Many people proved me nothing new; I already knew what kind of the devilish people they are, but others surprised me by being cold, intolerant and needy. I never expected my cousins to be so selfish.

We grew together and as young get along perfect, but in adult age suddenly their money and their life worth more than mine. It is not only that my career was doomed as unworthy and ridiculous but also the essence of my being – ‘but you are female, you have to…’

I learned one important lesson this winter – the only thing I really have to, is to die. everything else is up to me. My life, my family, my choice.
Also, when I mentioned my choice they instantly thought I was talking about the abortion – then I had to correct them – my choice is that I don’t do other ‘male’s job’.
Straight frank just like that!

It was my cousin who was a happy recipient of that saying. And I am not sorry. All that say-say but when somebody needs to be a hero they always push a woman to do what is obviously a man’s job.

How can I push around half mobile person when I am almost three times less his size?

They really should do that, but obviously, as a day – his sons are petty cowards.

That’s how you write inspired!
Accumulate a lot of bile!

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    1. Good or bad experiences in life can make one inspired to write. It is through self-expression that one can ease that burden in his heart.

    2. Experiences in life teach you to be better you and teach you life, and that is how make us humans, we need to try and try and lean and do mistakes and do right, learning is an endless method as long as you are alive. going to see and hear things to make you lean from, dont waste that opportunity


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